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ANONIMO Watches - Brand Info

Anonimo was founded in 1997 in Florence, Italy. Anonimo watches have a strong recognisable design inspired by Firenze local craftsmen who supplied the Italian submariners and divers with highly technical diving watches in the early 20th century. In 2001, Anonimo presented the iconic MILITARE collection that quickly became a cult object for collectors over the world.

Today, the crown-protecting device at 6 or 12 o’clock has clearly become the distinctive symbol of Anonimo. The history of Anonimo is closely linked to the Italian brand Officine Panerai. In 1972, when Giuseppe Panerai died, the management of the business was handed over to the famous engineer Dino Zei, officer of the Italian navy. Some 25 years later, in 1997, the Richemont Group acquired the company.

Some talented people from the watchmaker and designer team, including Dino Zei, decided to create their own brand: Anonimo was born. 2013, Anonimo Firenze was acquired by an independent investor, passionate about watches. The company has been named Anonimo SA and moved its head office to Switzerland near Geneva.

Anonimo was founded in Florence, Italy in 1997 by respected designer and entrepreneur Federico Massacesi who had already gained many year’s experience in the field of Luxury Goods for Salvatore Ferragamo SpA. His vision was to create an enterprise specializing in the production of unique Italian timepieces focused on staying true to Florentine watch making tradition. He accepted the challenge therefore to be known worldwide as the most important Italian Company producing high quality mechanical timepieces. Events conspired to set the stage for the realisation of this aim. The takeover by an international group caused a famous Florentine watchmaking house to uproot and move abroad, thus leaving an elite and established team of veteran watchmakers wishing to continue their watchmaking tradition in Florence. Happily this wealth of Florentine watchmaking experience joined forces with Federico Massacesi to form the cornerstone on which Anonimo’s success was built.

Anonimo: Patents
In its constant research and innovation, Anonimo holds exclusive international patents: the Kodiak process, The Crown Vanishing Locking Device applied to the Militare models, the U-Lock system and the revolutionary push-buttons applied to the Professionale Crono 6002.

The Kodiak Process: Leather is rarely resistant to water, particularly when the salt content is considerable. Current waterproofing treatments reduce leather porosity and compromise the transpiration properties. The exclusive Anonimo Kodiak Process allows leather to maintain unchanged its features of porosity and transpiration whilst allowing our straps to be worn in water without damaging the leather. It does not make the leather simply water-repellent but allows hydrols to pass through even after a long lasting immersion affording our straps a positive experience when worn in water. This capability completes the ability of our watches to link fashion with function. The Crown Vanishing Locking Device: The Anonimo patented system, exclusive on the serie of the models Militare, allows for innovative water resistant and crown protection security, whilst providing a unique and functional crown- winding and time- setting apparatus. This particular locking device also resolved the aesthetical and functional disadvantages due to the current crown locking tools and to their lateral encumbrance.

U-Lock System: Anonimo developed an innovative locking system, exclusive to the Professionale models watch case, highlighting the importance that waterproof concepts and functions contribute to company's philosophy. Industry recognition provided Anonimo the opportunity to be chosen to develop a professional relationship with one of the most important deep-sea diving industrial companies in the world, C.N.S. Cooperativa Nazionale Sommozzatori. C.N.S. experienced divers and diving supervisors have spent more than 20 years on many of the most significant industrial diving challenges and has faced an endless sequence of challenging projects at various water depths in many countries around the world. Thanks to the extensive research and input by C.N.S. professionals Anonimo has been charged with the opportunity to implement radical changes and to create features for an enhanced diving watch that has never been available to professional divers, before according to C.N.S. The Anonimo Professionale models feature an extreme strength oversized watch case, ergonomically finished with an advanced locking waterproof system which alleviates torsion on the O-Rings, and is easily repaired in emergency conditions without special tools. The system exclusively operates with great dimension screws and bars that allow the watchcase to open or be released without the watch movement needing to be removed. The locking system of the bezel and back cover works with external female tread bars, easily replaceable, and connected to the back cover, on rotation hinges at h. 9.00.

Professionale Crono Push Buttons: In 2006 Anonimo also introduced the Professionale Crono, a mechanical chronograph featuring a revolutionary couple of push buttons, conceived and designed in collaboration with Boninchi, one of the great watch component manufactures. This innovative watertight system prevents not only unintentional chronograph operation, but most of all it assures their waterproof unlike the traditional buttons.

Because of their professional industrial diving exposure, Anonimo was provided the opportunity to participate in an exceptional diving test with the I.N.G.V. Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia di Roma, (I.N.G.V. is one of the most important and famous European Research Institution in the field of geophysical and seismological researches) in conjunction with C.N.S professional divers in 2001, after extensive testing of the Millemetri diving watch in the China sea. The Geostar project, one of the many experiments coordinated by the I.N.G.V., with important Italian, French and German partners, is a scientific and technological project aimed at the development of an innovative deep sea benthic observatory devoted to continuous long-term geophysical, oceanographic and geochemical observations for a better comprehension of the Earth's internal structure and Geodynamics. This Geostar operation featured the submersion of a SN-1 underwater deep sea robotic module, off the coast of Augusta, Sicily, October 9, 2002, including two Anonimo Millemetri that were attached and submersed to a depth of 2100 meters on this radio controlled vehicle. Millemetri designed and built to work up to 100 atm (1000 meters) brilliantly surpassed its intended capability beyond 100% of its waterproof capability and proved to be fully up to this challenge of this depth and beyond. This successful submersion has been officially certified by Dr. Paolo Favali, in charge of the deep Sea Activities for the I.N.G.V. Anonimo celebrated this event issuing a special edition of the model Millemetri, the TRILOGEO set (70 caskets, 210 pieces), whose elegant box contains three watches Millemetri with black, orange and yellow dial. On their case back Anonimo engraved the date of the performance and the depth achieved.

Dino Zei Biography
Dino Zei was born in Viterbo in 1931.In 1950 he entered the Naval Academy and in 1958, as a Naval Weapons Officer, he graduated in Industrial Engineering at the University of Pisa.His last assignment in the Navy began in 1968 with the double position of Head of the Weapons and Explosives Section of the Navy Commandos and Divers Headquarters Teseo Tesei and Head of the Ammunition Section of the Institute for Weapons, Ammunition and Missiles of the Standing Committee for the Experimentation on War Materials. In 1969 he became Director of the Centre of Studies of the Navy Commandos and Divers Headquarters. In 1972, after Giuseppe Panerai's death, he left the Navy to take up the management of Guido Panerai e Figlio, a Florence-based company engaged in important and extremely delicate work for the Special Units of the Navy. In the same year he established and became Sole Director of Officine Panerai Srl, which took over all the activities and industrial capabilities of Guido Panerai. He became Chairman of Officine Panerai SpA, until the watch division and trademark were sold to Cartier and covered this position for the Panerai Sistemi SpA until 1999, when the business was transferred to the Bologna-based company Calzoni.


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