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Swiza - Introduction, History and Products

Swiza is one of the largest clock and wrist watch manufacturer from Switzerland. History of Swiza brand goes back to 1904 when Louis Schwab established a factory in Moutier (in the Swiss Jura region) to make alarms with mechanical 1-day movements. He soon demonstrated the creative spirit that will be reflected in subsequent generations at the head of SWIZA. The table-clocks and alarm clocks of the period are already characterised by their blend of refined aesthetics and quality craftsmanship.

In 1935, his son Pierre took over the family business with his brothers, after the untimely death of their father. They develop the company and enable it to acquire a resolutely international stature. The golden age of SWIZA is symbolised by the mechanical 8-day movement powering the clock collections until the advent of quartz in the late 1970s.In 1979, Pierre Schwab jr took sole control of the family firm. In 1991, he conducted a remarkable return to the company’s roots with the acquisition of the MATTHEW NORMAN, brand specialising in carriage clocks with mechanical complication movements.  In 2006 SWIZA was taken over by the Bedonia holding company in order to ensure the development of the rapidly expanding firm.

SWIZA: Today
The iconic white cross over the white SWIZA type on the signature red field in the SWIZA logo is a clear assertion of the brand’s strong links with its Swiss roots. This new visual identity was created during Basel world watch fair in 2015. The event marked a watershed moment in the history of the company, which turned a corner at this precise point in time.

Backed by over 110 years of horological tradition as a manufacturer of alarm and table clocks, in 2015 Swiza started making its presence on manufacturing of wristwatches, luggage, and Swiss knifes.

The company, located in Delémont, owes its new direction to two energetic and complementary men: Peter Hug and Florian Lachat. Peter has a career in the watchmaking and cutlery industries behind him. Florian is a well-known local entrepreneur. Together, they have staked the success of their venture on creating an alliance between time-honored skills and contemporary design.
Peter Hug and Florian Lachat
SWIZA products are intended for daily use, to take on a walk, a bike ride, a picnic or to work. They cater to every age and occupation. Easy to use, reliable, attractive, practical, in some cases, Watch Nowus, Swiss knife SWIZA, Backpack Portas, Luggage Justus connected, they aim to be a reflection of 21st-century Switzerland.

Peter Hug
Peter Hug is the CEO of the Helvetica Brands Group and has a long track record in the watchmaking and cutlery industries. He began his career in sales then purchasing for Migros before returning to study and gaining an MBA from the Bern University of Applied Sciences in 1987. He went on to join the Swatch Group where he spent eleven years; initially as a controller, but before long he was heading up the Mido brand.

In 1997, Peter founded Wenger Watch. He became CEO of the Wenger Group in 2005, a new entity created following Wenger’s buyout by Victorinox. Under his leadership, the business enjoyed several international triumphs, notably the successful launch of a number of innovative products on the knife market. In 2013, he created Helvetica Brands and has given fresh impetus to the hundred-year-old brand Swiza, specialists in alarm and table clocks, by developing two new business lines: wristwatches and luggage.Peter was born in 1961 and is the father of two. He’s a keen sportsman with a particular passion for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, golf and hiking. He also loves to travel, despite his frequent business trips.

Florian Lachat
Born in 1973, Florian Lachat is a man of action. He sits on the boards of several companies in the Jura, and is entrepreneurial yet discreet by nature. He is chairman of the board of the Helvetica Brands Group, a graduate of the HEC Lausanne (Lausanne Faculty of Business and Economics) and has master’s degrees in both law and political science from the universities of Lausanne and Geneva respectively.

CEO then administrator of Lachat, a supplier of raw materials to the construction industry, he set up Lachat Engineering, a business strategy consultancy, in 2004. The following year, he offered his services to the Wenger Group and actively contributed to its success. As a member of the Dalloz industrial group’s senior management team from 2010 to 2012, he played a part in its success in the watchmaking sector. Today he is on the boards of the Banque Cantonale du Jura and PreciPro, a supplier to some of the leading jewelry brands. His latest venture, apart from Helvetica Brands, is Novelty, start-up in the food industry launched in 2014. Florian is a motor racing enthusiast and was Swiss hill-climbing champion in 2009. He has three children and spends most of his free time with them, often accompanying them in their sporting activities.

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