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TW Steel - Big in Oversized Watches

With its name meaning ‘The Watch in Steel’, TW Steel is firmly established as a big, bold, global lifestyle brand.  Its timepiece collections are reflective of and available for all tastes and occasions with innovative design and luxurious styling paired together with Swiss build quality and an exceptional price point.  TW Steel offers a defined sense of individuality and shows to the world that as a bold and ambitious personality, you wear a statement watch that truly reflects who you are.

Proudly Dutch, TW Steel is led by its entrepreneurial CEO and co-owner Jordy Cobelens – whose talents have been recognized with Ernst & Young’s ‘Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2011’ in The Netherlands.  While Jordy Cobelens oversees the building of the TW Steel brand, his father and co-owner, Ton Cobelens, serves as the Chief Design Officer.  Having launched in 2005, TW Steel has attained a global appeal while creating an internationally recognized and respected brand name offering truly affordable luxury available in over 100 countries.

TW Steel started out in The Netherlands with the brand led by its entrepreneurial CEO Jordy Cobelens. He now spearheads one of the most exciting and innovative watch brands to hit the market in recent times.

A simple four-model collection in 2005 has quickly turned ‘The Watch in Steel’ into a breakout lifestyle brand with the range consisting of approximately 140 individual executions in 2013. Being ‘Big in Oversized Watches’ is more than a mere strap line for the company though. The size of its watches form an essential part of TW Steel’s identity along with the unique use of stainless steel, all models being produced to Swiss quality standard.

It was an idea born out of the creative mind of Ton Cobelens, Jordy’s father, who leads the design process for each new timepiece, while the day-to-day running of the company is left to his son who, despite his age, boasts over a decade’s worth of experience in the watch business, having gained first-hand experience from the ground up in sales, marketing and distribution.

Jordy Cobelens’ drive and vision has helped to firmly establish TW Steel as a major international watch brand. From its relatively humble beginnings in 2005, TW Steel is now available in over 100 countries worldwide across approximately 5000 retail outlets. While the company enjoys a broad-reaching, affordable price-point, the strength of the design, combined with the overall look and feel of the product, has ensured TW Steel sits comfortably in high-end retail outlets enjoying its own unique appeal against more established, aspirational brands.

The distinctive style of TW Steel is primarily recognized by the size dimensions of the watches. The oversized look has proved to be instantly appealing to both male and female consumers. With case dimensions up to 50mm,TW Steel is certainly one of the “big boys” among watch brands. TW Steel both leads and reflects current fashion trends. For TW Steel though, the oversized look is more than just mere hype. It forms an essential part of its identity.

TW Steel is at the forefront of brands executing oversized timepieces – each watch combining a perfect blend of design and innovation. ‘The Watch in Steel’ uses only the highest quality stainless steel for its cases. Similarly, only the finest grade PVD plating is used in executions, offering gold or rose gold plating and black or titanium coating.

TW Steel is pioneering in its approach with the introduction of sandblasted cases on specific models – ensuring both a sophisticated matt finish and scratches from wear and tear are less visible on a sandblasted case.

At the moment the TW Steel collection consists of eleven lines. With this in mind TW Steel offers a wide range of straps to meet consumer tastes. Presented in a range of colours, based on those displayed in the TW Steel strap folder, TW Steel has leather, silicon and rubber straps available subject to the collection. The objective of TW Steel to develop a watch which radiates luxury, style and quality at reasonable price has undoubtedly succeeded.

TW Steel watches are made from the highest quality stainless steel. Watches featuring PVD plating only use the best standard available. TW Steel watches feature Miyota movements – the highest technology from Japan. All TW Steel models are produced to Swiss quality standard.

TW Steel’s CEO label, which stands for ‘Collection Extra Ordinary’, offers a true sense of affordable luxury to the discerning consumer. Developed to further refine existing TW Steel collections, the CEO label takes the brand to a higher level in its execution of each model, a perfect example being the luxurious Swiss Made CEO editions. The TW Steel CEO watch beautifully combines the values of leadership and aspiration, which served as the initial inspiration, while continuing to offer the wearer a bold statement reflective of their lifestyle choices.

Jordy Cobelens: Chief Executive Officer
As CEO of TW Steel, Jordy Cobelens is engaged in the on-going development of a burgeoning global lifestyle brand. ‘Cobelens’ entrepreneurial flair was officially recognized in 2011 when he was named ‘Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the prestigious Ernst & Young Business Awards in The Netherlands.’ Born and raised in Amsterdam, it was Jordy's father, Ton Cobelens, who first forged his son's interest in watches as a distributor for a high-end brand in The Netherlands before going on to own a successful advertising agency. With Ton then starting his own watch brand, Jordy soon found himself honing his entrepreneurial skills at school, selling watches to the fathers and relatives of his friends. Ton and Jordy first began working in earnest together with the start of the ‘Swiss’ watch brand. It was during this period Jordy learned the trade, including spending a year working in Germany, dealing with jewelers and distributors, gaining first-hand experience of the watch business on every platform. The company enjoyed strong sales in Holland, Germany and Spain.

Running parallel to his on-going commitments in the watch industry Jordy founded his own record company – JC Records. As an accomplished DJ, Cobelens turned his passion for music into a business while continuing to play at several major festivals in Holland throughout this time.The concept of TW Steel was enough to lure Jordy back into the watch business on a full-time basis and once again work with his father in 2005. Believing in the potential of the brand, Jordy seized the opportunity to head up TW Steel and front its development as it quickly became a leader in the field of oversized watches, its name meaning ‘The Watch in Steel’.

With Ton focusing on the design of these highly individual watches, with approximately 140 TW Steel models in 2013, Jordy has successfully led the brand from the front increasing sales and expanding TW Steel’s global reach. Armed with an ever expanding worldwide distribution network, TW Steel continues to go from strength to strength with Jordy Cobelens’ unrivalled passion for the brand driving its continued success.

Ton Cobelens: Chief Design Officer
Ton Cobelens’ success as TW Steel’s Chief Design Officer is all the more impressive given the Dutchman holds no formal design qualifications. Of more importance in his creative processes are the developments in the market and what people - ultimately potential TW Steel consumers, like and seek from new product.

Born in Zaandam, Cobelens’ career started with a position as a sales executive in his father’s company – operating a local newspaper. It was here he had his first taste of design, responsible for producing adverts, copywriting and crucially selling the advertising space in the first place.This eventually led to a sales management position with some national newspapers and magazines before Cobelens joined an advertising agency as an account manager – developing core skills and experience in each role which have all helped attribute to the growth and success of TW Steel. His move into the watch world dates back to 1980 when he came the Benelux distributor for a couple of high-end brands. It was during this period that he started to design his own watches, developing a range of private label watches for airlines such as KLM, Martinair and Wardair.

While Ton eventually sold this company to start an international advertising agency, specializing in communications for the IT industry, in the latter years of running this business he again found himself back in watches, managing advertising and promotions for the Swatch group in the Benelux. This work revived Ton’s passion for watch design. Selling his advertising agency, he designed and marketed a small Swiss-made watch brand which proved to be popular in his native Holland and other European countries. It was then upon the request from his Dutch distributor in 2005 for an affordable, oversized watch that the concept behind ‘The Watch in Steel’ subsequently emerged.

TW Steel was born with Ton fulfilling the role of Chief Design Officer while his youngest son Jordy managed the day-to-day operations, now in the role of Chief Executive Officer. Ton’s first collection for TW Steel, a four model 1200-piece range, sold out within just six weeks in the Dutch market.Ton oversees all design elements for the TW Steel family, numbering approximately 140 executions in 2013, with his passion for design and development a critical factor in the continued growth and ultimately popularity of the brand.

Global Platform
From a core European platform, comprising initially of The Netherlands, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom, TW Steel has, since launching in 2005, established itself as a truly worldwide brand. TW Steel now enjoys a sales presence throughout the world with distribution including North and South America, the Far East and Australia – notably through the opening of subsidiary and regional offices in Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Sydney, Australia. TW Steel is now available in over 100 countries globally with approximately 5000 retail outlets carrying the brand. In November 2010, the first-ever TW Steel Boutique was launched in The Philippines, located on the ground floor of The PODIUM Mall at the Ortigas Complex in Manila. In August 2012 TW Steel launched its flagship stand-alone store in Hong Kong - located at the prestigious Harbour City Mall.

Sports where TW Steel has been proactive include motorsport, sailing, tennis and football. TW Steel has long been a supporter of motorsport with various sponsorship activities and brand ambassador relationships forged in the sport.

Currently the brand’s global marketing efforts are concentrated on an arrangement with Yamaha Factory Racing, competing as Movistar Yamaha MotoGP™ in MotoGP™. The brand benefits from the global exposure with millions of fans around the world following the series and supporting the team and its stand-out riders, Italy’s Valentino Rossi and Spain’s Jorge Lorenzo.In Formula One™ the brand has previously been a sponsor of the Lotus F1 Team and Sahara Force India Formula One Team.TW Steel has similarly embraced the lifestyle sector with brand awareness being promoted through the fashion and entertainment industries.

Highlights have included an active participation centered around the 2013 UK-launch of the Warner Bros. movie ‘Man of Steel’ – where retail activation aligned the two brands using one of TW Steel’s new Pilot executions.TW Steel global brand ambassador and Grammy Award winning singer
Kelly Rowland entertained travelers passing through Terminal 3 of Dubai International airport in November 2013 with an exclusive performance as part of a ‘Pop Up’ concert featuring fellow TW Steel ambassador DJ Mitchell Niemeyer – the event showcasing the brand’s willingness to surprise and engage through more creative channels.

In the past, the ‘Miss TW Steel’ contest garnered the brand world-wide attention throughout 2008 and 2009 as Portugal’s Miss Olivia Ortiz eventually landed the title in a spectacular gala hosted in conjunction with The Grand Prix Ball at Silverstone in June 2009.

TW Steel announced in May 2013 a new global sponsorship deal with Yamaha Factory Racing – now competing as Movistar Yamaha MotoGP™, the brand becoming an ‘Official Sponsor’ of the Italian-based squad competing in MotoGP™ as part of a multi-year relationship. Movistar Yamaha MotoGP enjoys an enviable 2015 rider line-up, with the team once again partnering 2012 MotoGP™ World Champion, Spain’s Jorge Lorenzo (#99) together with Italian legend and multiple MotoGP™ World Champion, Valentino Rossi (#46).

With TW Steel enjoying branding platforms through its relationship with the team at each race weekend, ‘The Watch in Steel’ further cemented its partnership with the team courtesy of the introduction of an all new TW Steel Yamaha Factory Racing watch collection.

Boasting two Tech and two Pilot executions, these timepieces perfectly showcase TW Steel’s famed design accents while at the same time they infuse the very brand DNA and the racing pedigree of Yamaha Factory Racing and its current YZR-M1 bike into each piece. Yamaha Factory Racing is Yamaha’s wholly-owned full-Factory Team in MotoGP™. The team was founded in 1999 and is now based in Gerno de Lesmo, close to Monza, in a brand new state-of-the-art facility with all technical, logistical, managerial and communications departments housed under one-roof.

TW Steel also enjoys a partnership with VR|46, the lifestyle brand created by nine-time MotoGP™ World Champion Valentino Rossi. In collaboration with VR|46, TW Steel has produced a timepiece collection reflective of the Italian brand’s creator and his lifestyle choices.

Contact details
TW Steel Europe B.V.
Schieland 2
1948 RM Beverwijk
The Netherlands


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