Sunday, November 13, 2016

Alexis Garin Watches: Brand Info

Alexis Garin is a Swiss watch maker, better known as the Master of Enamel Creations. A Graduate of Watchmaking School of Le Locle, Alexis Garin makes the link between the watchmaking traditions of past centuries and the new technologies of today.
Alexis Garin Classic
Inspired by the watches of the 18th century, the creator dares to leave conformity behind as he creates the wonderful and harmonious movements that are so pleasing to the eye. These skeleton watches are the outcome of a very precise and detailed research combined with a lots of hard work.
Alexis Garin - Garin 1
The entire timepiece collection is fitted with high-end, automatic movements and provides 48 hours of power reserve. The delicate, gold rotor is available skeletonised or high-heat enamelled.
Alexis Garin Tourbillon New York Grand Luxe
The Classic line is mounted in gold with high-heat enamelled dials and owes its striking elegance to an elaborate hand craftsmanship.
Alexis Garin Perpetual Calendar
The tourbillon manual winding model provides 95 hours of power reserve. Available in either Skeleton or Classic, the intricate tourbillon bridge is finely crafted in gold, skeletonised and high-heat enamelled. All of the automatic and tourbillon watches are housed in rose or white gold.
Alexis Garin Skeleton

Contact details

Alexis Garin
Vy Perroud 241, 2126 Les Verrieres

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