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Vincent Calabrese Watches: Brand Info

The creations of this self-taught, iconoclastic watchmaker-philosopher represent provocative challenges to mechanical traditions in general and to horological traditions in particular. The number, the diversity and the originality of his creations have earned him international fame as one of the most fertile creative minds in the watch business. Vincent Calabrese is one of the rare watchmakers capable of building movements by hand.
Inherently eclectic by taste and talent, he is capable of creating a diversity of models ranging from a popular watch such as the Commedia or a gold-plated quartz watch, to a specially commissioned, customised and entirely hand-crafted watch in 18-carat gold or even in 950 platinum. He is the father of mechanical poetry and playful watch making and was also the first one to construct a centrally jumping hour indicator.

The Regulus saw the light of day in 1997 based on his flying vortex created in 1985. The clockwork, completely handcrafted, is made of 18 karat gold, including the vortex cage. The casing, consisting entirely of sapphire, was produced without any gluing together and, thanks to the resourcefulness of its creator, makes it possible for the watch to remain waterproof at a depth of more than 30 metres.

The creations of his new brand [NHC] consist of some very exclusive pieces that are unique, innovative, ultra-modern and affordable. [NHC] is well on its way to becoming successful and its partners worldwide are looking forward to being allowed to advertise this timeless and unusual brand. All models come in stainless steel or 18 karat gold and their edition is not limited, nor is their time, for that matter ...
 »52« created in 2006, commemorates its creator’s 52nd birthday. The extensive calendar shows, in addition to the 52 weeks, the months, the days of the week, the date, the reserve power and a double time zone. Room for the seven mechanisms required for this is less than one millimetre thick and all corrections can be carried out quickly thanks to the wind-up crown and without any additional buttons to press.

Redesigned Website
Vincent Calabrese, the renowned watchmaker, is now making use of modern tools of communication such as websites and social media platforms to ensure a sound supply structure and efficient world-wide distribution of his horology creations.

Vincent Calabrese has responded by offering an attractive, classic collection, featuring some of his most celebrated complications. Certain distinctive models will continue to be available by special order.

His new web-site, which will facilitate the purchase of all of his models and their delivery throughout the world, can be viewed at this address: There will be constant updates on the social media providing clear information, along with the opportunity for a one-on-one chat that will answer all your questions.

One of Vincent Calabrese’s notable achievements was the founding of the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI) in 1985, which includes among its members, past and present, such figures as Frank Muller, F.P. Journe, George Daniels and many others. Mr. Calabrese is known throughout the world for his extraordinary creations—for example, Corum’s Golden Bridge and Blancpain’s Tourbillon-Carousel—and he was also the first to produce (in 1985) a wristwatch with a flying tourbillon.

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