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Angular Momentum & Manu Propria - Brand Info

Angular Momentum && Manu Propria is a Swiss Luxury watch brand founded by Martin Pauli in Bern in 1998. Angular Momentum is a company renowned for their creativity and innovative design.When it comes to l‘horlogerie, designers usually like to keep things simple, especially when it comes to the dial. Thanks to Angular Momentum its designers and watchmakers, timepieces are starting to become individual works of art. However, no other brand devotes itself to the detailed beauty of watches more fully than Angular Momentum. Angular Momentum’s hand carved and miniature painted faces are truly works of art.
In 1998, Angular Momentum has introduced a spectacular and sensational new way of reading the time with its patented Revolving-Disk-System and has coupled R.D.S. technology with elegance and a trim sporting look. Today Angular Momentum creates and manufactures a broad array of time pieces, both technical, serial produced and individually manufactured artisan and jewelry time pieces.
Angular Momentum of Switzerland offers a unique service to individuals who wish to have their own personalized timepiece. The Artisan Timepiece Collection features a wide range of individual bespoken timepieces, taylor made for a demanding clientele around the world.
Angular Momentum TIME GALLERY
Founded in Bern in 1998, Angular Momentum is now a Swiss watch brand that has earned widespread fame on the international scene. It is distributed worldwide through 19 countries. In 2006 Angular Momentum opened its first boutique - The TIME GALLERY - in the town where it was created. The address Brunngasse 58 is located at the heart of the historic city district near to the famous clock tower with its astrolabe, manufactured in 1405, just 600 years ago. This showcase, highlighting an undisputed reputation, also represents the bridgehead of anticipated growth in Switzerland and in Europe.
The new boutique is spread over 150 square meters with a 27 meters long showcase presentation desk made out of black glass. It has a broad store front entirely in harmony with the brand’s approach. Functional and adaptable furniture provides a beautiful setting for presenting products by categories or themes. At the TIME GALLERY, the Angular Momentum art of presentation is expressed to the full. In its new “embassy”,Angular Momentum presents the entire range of its creations, creations intended for men as well as for women.
At the TIME GALLERY constantly a wide range of unique artisan time pieces are exhibited, which have been created and manufactured by Angular Momentum’s artisit in the ateliers. Most of those time pieces are one of a kind, exclusively manufactured for the Time Gallery and will never be seen anywhere else in the world.For a unique timepiece which is inherently artistic, Angular Momentum always succeeds. Offering a range of artistic methods which can be used to create your ideal watch, Angular Momentum is constantly finding new techniques and styles.

ÈGLOMISÉ Collection
The art of reverse miniature painting consists of mastering minute details to give the work a presence beyond its size. Carving in porcelain is a rare art and calls for exceptionally good eyes and trained hands. Today Angular Momentum applies the rare decorative skills that create watches as individual works of art. To complete a dial, the artisan spends many hours. At any time a wide selection of Èglomisé time pieces are displayed at the TIME GALLERY.

At the TIME GALLERY a wide and copmplete range of Angular Momentum’s developments - such as the new manufacturer movement Caliber AM.101, three-quarter plate with microrotor - are on display and to be viewed by the customers and visitors.
 At the TIME GALLERY customers and visitors will find the complete range of technical time pieces from the AXIS Collection, fine gentlemen’s time pieces featuring various techniques based on Revolving-Disks, Patent CH686988.
Time pieces as beautiful as those, manufactured in Switzerland in the early 20th century - constantly on display at the TIME GALLERY.
The ILLUM Collection is the first mechanical time piece collection launched during Basel Fair 1999. Since then the collection was overworked and stylistically refined step by step, year by year. Complete collection on display at the TIME GALLERY.
The TIME GALLERY is more than only a show room and retail store for Angular Momentum Time Pieces. Beside of presenting AM time pieces in perfect way, the main task of the TIME GALLERY is to underline the uniqueness of the brand and to communicate and to transport: refinement, cultivationness, sense for beauty, accuracy, aestheticism, feeling of fine craft, quality, innovation and exclusivity.

The TIME GALLERY is meeting point not only for friends, visitors, customers, collectors and watch makers from the Swiss watch academy but also for Angular Momentum‘s ambassadors among them famous jazz musicians and sports professionals, loving and constantly wearing their Angular Momentum time pieces.


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