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BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph

The BALL Engineer hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph is an appropriate tribute to world,s deepest diving submersible. An Exceptional timepiece in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces, the Trieste Chronograph sets a new standard in the most rugged BALL collection.
In conjunction with US navy engineers, the designers and the crew of Bathyscaph Trieste explored the bottom of Marianas Trench. At nearly 36,000 feet below the sea, the extreme depths of the Marianas Trench dwarf even Mount Everest, which is just over 29,000 feet. Retired a mere 3 years after the record-breaking dive to the deepest point on earth, the Trieste remains the only manned vehicle to ever reach the bottom of the earth.
The Engineer hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph adds to the stellar specifications of the Engineer hydrocarbon Collection. An automatic helium release valve allows gases to escape as the watch resurfaces from the crushing pressure of the depths. Water resistance is increased to 600 meters while the BALL patented crown protection system and screwed down chronograph pushers provide added security. The chronograph functions are fully operable down to 600 meters.
The rugged 43 mm case is composed of Titanium and stainless steel to achieve perfect balance on the wrists, while the massive diver's clasp allows for easy adjustment of length to be worn over a parka or wet suit. The Mission badge from the Trieste dive adorns the dial and its motto"Pensate Profunde"Reminds us to "Think deeply.

BUBEN&ZORWEG Opens "Timeless Gallery" in Singapore

The opening of the "Timeless Gallery" in Singapore is the latest milestone along the expansion path pursued by BUBEN&ZORWEG; together with Citimex International – their partner for the Asian market – the company has designed a unique presentation concept for an elite target audience. The unique objects on display dissolve the boundaries between art, innovative technology and perfect craftsmanship.

BUBEN&ZORWEG, Erwin Sattler and Döttling, all three of which are reputable brands, will jointly present refined masterpieces – from mechanical movements with fascinating complications such as the exclusive Double Tourbillon from BUBEN&ZORWEG to the high-security safe X-007 that not only affords the valuable objects it contains the right degree of protection but is also an ideal method of presentation.

Objects of Time in small limited series
The most beautiful "OBJECTS OF TIME" can be seen in the "Timeless Gallery" as they would appear in the discerning ambience of a luxurious residence – stylish and bold in design, a perfect combination of valuable materials and master craftsmanship. The innovative technology of the "inner life" of these "OBJECTS OF TIME" is reflected in the TIME MOVER® modules, the integrated FINE TIMEPIECES and in ancillary equipment such as a safe, a humidor, a bar or a hi-fi system. Many of the items on display are only available in limited editions – a unique opportunity to marvel at these masterpieces "in the flesh".

Those people whose hearts beat for mechanical movements, who are passionate about uniqueness and a commitment to uncompromising quality will experience the "Timeless Gallery" as a place they will visit with pleasure and again… a place where wishes become concrete reality. Architects and interior designers are also more than welcome – the know-how of BUBEN&ZORWEG and the modular design of the majority of "OBJECTS OF TIME" provide ideal conditions for designing living areas for people who – to loosely quote Oscar Wilde – have "a very simple taste: they choose the very best."

Masterpieces at the top address
The "Timeless Gallery" in Singapore was opened in the central location of ION Orchard on 19 November 2009. Harald Buben and Christian and Daniel Zörweg are unanimous in their evaluation of this new type of interface with a particular clientele: "We have positioned the 'Timeless Gallery' as a boutique to address an extremely discerning audience – people whose passion carries them beyond the boundaries of the mere collector to seek and invest in objects that unite perfect craftsmanship, horological exclusiveness and innovative conception to form compelling works of art. Singapore lent itself to this concept on account of the powerful movements in this particular market. And it is wonderful to see our concept so well-received by the people we want to address."

Ulysse Nardin FREAK Blue Phantom

The FREAK Blue Phantom a complement to the Freak collection is a technical work of art, a symphony in blue in 18 ct white gold. Bridges and metal parts have been treated with a stainless blue titanium based alloy (ion sputtering process). Where necessary, the metal parts have been reworked to accommodate the blue coating, the thickness of which is 1 micron with a hardness of 1500 HV. A spectacular view in this Rhapsody in Blue. The tip of the hour and minute marker are in superluminova and thus enhancing the visibility of the time indication.
Early in 2001, Ulysse Nardin unveiled a watch codenamed “FREAK”. Until now, this watch has represented the pinnacle of both technological and artistic watchmaking. Produced in very small numbers, the original FREAK is sought after by the most elite and respected watch connoisseurs around the world.
No watch company has ever produced a timepiece like the FREAK – one of the most technically innovative watches conceived, designed and produced in the past 100 years. The concept was a technical tour de force, requiring the combined efforts of three of watchmaking’s most renowned engineers. The arrangement of parts was inconceivably unorthodox - it had essentially no true case.

The crystal and the bezel were actually part of the movement; the Freak had no crown, no hands and the movement pivoted to indicate time. It contained fewer parts than the simplest watch today, and remained a Carrousel Tourbillon by necessity. No watch had ever been designed this way.
The development of the FREAK pioneered the use of silicium in the context of necessity - not for decoration or to be different. While developing this novel escapement the Ulysse Nardin engineers explored the various opportunities to be had with the implementation of nanotechnology. Indeed, the accuracy and lightness (accompanied with the ease in designing complicated movement parts) confirmed the unique abilities of silicium for the production of escapement wheels.
The Dual Ulysse Escapement is the most vital part of the watch movement and is made in silicium. The Dual Ulysse Escapement has 2 wheels, allowing natural force transmission: the force and the move have the same direction, alternatively clockwise with the first wheel and counterclockwise with the second. The wheels have 18 active teeth, guaranteeing excellent energy transmission to the oscillator. No lubrication is required - the transmission occurs through a “gear like” mechanism. The impulse is given to an alternator, which passes it further to the balance shaft. This alternator is a gear which turns alternatively in one direction and then the opposite direction.

The innovative principle of the Dual Ulysse Escapement permits a dramatic reduction of the lift angle from the usual 50-52 degrees (Swiss Anchor) down to approximately 30 degrees. The lift angle is the arc run by the balance between its first contact with the escapement and its last contact. The shorter the arc, the lower is the disturbance of the natural oscillation of the balance.

Technical details
Caliber UN-202, 13 ¾’’’
Dual Ulysse Escapement in silicium
28 jewels
Power-Reserve: 7 days
Winding: The mainspring is wound with the case back

Carrousel Tourbillon displaying hours and minutes
Dual Ulysse Escapement 28’800 V/h (4 Hz)
Turning bezel with lock device to set the time

Case, dial and strap
White gold case
Diameter: of case 44.5 mm
Crystal: Anti reflective sapphire crystal
Case-back: sapphire crystal
Band: Alligator leather strap, folding buckle

ochs und junior watches:Brand Profile,History and Products

ochs und junior is a highly individual and different “art” brand from Ludwig Oechslin, probably the most interesting and widest thinking watchmaker of our time.Dr. Ludwig Oechslin is a scientist, philosopher, artist and watchmaker. Previously he has worked on dismantling, restoring and reassembling the famous Farnese astronomical clock in the Vatican, and designed some of the most exciting and innovative wristwatches in history at Ulysse Nardin.

Ludwig Oechslin

Not long ago he began turning his not inconsiderable attention to developing a collection of wristwatches capable of reflecting his very particular approach to the art and science of horology: ochs und junior. ochs und junior represents a platform for Dr. Oechslin’s innovative, laterally thought horological time sculptures – one that stems from a fruitful partnership he enjoys with the Lucerne, Switzerland-based watch and jewellery emporium, Embassy.

Every ochs und junior timepiece incorporates instances of inventive, fresh thinking. Generally speaking, there is a tendency to complexity in the world of watchmaking – which is fine in the few instances where it is warranted. Dr.Oechslin has adopted a philosophy that is at variance with mainstream thinking: his approach is one of simplification, of paring down a complex scenario to arrive its technical essence.

Take, for example, the design for a straightforward, traditional mechanical annual calendar – one that automatically recognises the different lengths of the months and needs the owner’s intervention only at the end of the month of February as it passes into March: such a mechanism usually requires in the region of 40 individual components. The ochs und junior anno cinquanta manages this with just three!

The ochs und junior anno cinquanta Pink Gold

Dr. Oechslin’s three components indicate the date, month and weekday by means of three orange-coloured dots travelling around three circles of apertures perforated in the dial – an entirely novel approach to calendar indication. It quickly becomes second nature to interpret the positions of the dots. As for the movement powering the anno cinquanta, this is a wholly new self-winding calibre designed and built by the great watchmaker, Paul Gerber, a friend and colleague of Ludwig Oechslin. It offers a power reserve in excess of 100 hours.

Dr. Oechslin’s definitive ochs und junior timepieces are much like his prototypes in appearance: he likes the cases to retain visible signs of the workmanship that has gone into making them. The cases of precious metals are milled by Peter Cantieni, the engineer behind the intricate titanium parts used in BMW-Sauber Formula 1 cars. The anno cinquanta comes in red gold, white gold and – a rare thing this in watchmaking – silver (rare because silver is soft and marks relatively easily – but this is precisely what ochs und junior is about: Ludwig Oechslin passionately wants his timepieces to play a part in witnessing their owners’ lived experiences).The dial of the anno cinquanta is fashioned from heat-patinated white gold, a process that produces slightly different results each time. Every dial is a one-off!

Most ochs und junior watches are presented on ecologically tanned leather straps and come in handmade leather wallets.ochs und junior also produces a child-oriented watch: the settimana junior is accompanied by a comic featuring Ludwig Oechslin as the main character. In fact, the settimana junior attracts people of all ages, not just children! Its watertight Peter Cantieni-machined titanium case is presented on a natural rubber strap.

ochs und junior settimana junior

Its dial features a seven-day calendar which, it too, is based on the orange dot principle explained earlier. Why seven days? Quite simply, children tend to think in terms of weekdays rather than months. The next ochs und junior watch to appear will be a ladies’ fob watch featuring a different kind of display: a lunar calendar.

ochs und junior watches can be purchased direct from Embassy ( Details of these intelligent, mould-breaking timepieces can be found by visiting website also gives access to a blog providing up-to-date information on the designs and developments currently being worked on by the ever-innovative Dr. Ludwig Oechslin.

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Juvenia Planet en Or Rose

First released in the 1950’s, Juvenia’s renowned “Planet” collection embodies the allure of the starry skies - everlasting in its splendour, and shimmering with sparkling fine diamond stars on the bezel that seem to orbit the star of time. Below feature some elegant watches for both men and women crafted in 18 carat rose gold from Planet Collection.
Featured Models:
1. P5A4/5.7.360.04: Gents wristwatch. Automatic movement (28,800 vph, 38 hours power reserve) set in 18K rose gold case (36.00mm diameter, 10.4mm thick) with 42 diamonds (1.28ct). White mother of pearl dial with calendar function set with 11 diamond indexes (0.07ct), as well as sapphire crystal top. 18K rose gold bracelet mixed with matt and polish finish, and a folded clasp.10 ATM water resistance.

2. P1R7/5.7.360.04: Ladies wristwatch. Quartz movement set in 18K rose gold case (22.00mm diameter, 7.05mm thick) with 32 diamonds (0.55ct). White mother of pearl dial with 12 diamond indexes (0.04ct) and a sapphire crystal top. 18K rose gold bracelet mixed with matt and polish finish, and a folded clasp. 10 ATM water resistance.
Featured Models:
1. P5A4/7.7.354.04: Gents wristwatch. Automatic movement (28,800 vph, 38 hours power reserve) set in 18K rose gold case (36.00mm diameter, 10.4mm thick) with 12 diamonds (0.26ct). Silver dial with calendar function and 3 hands, as well as 11 cabochon dot indexes and a sapphire crystal top. 18K rose gold bracelet mixed with matt and polish finish, and a folded clasp. 10 ATM water resistance.
2. P1R7/7.7.354.04: Ladies wristwatch. Quartz movement set in 18K rose gold case (22.00mm diameter, 7.05mm thick) with 12 diamonds (0.05ct). Silver dial with 12 cabochon dot indexes and a sapphire crystal top. 18K rose gold bracelet mixed with matt and polish finish, and a folded clasp. 10 ATM water resistance.

U-Boat to Join in Top Marques Watches 2010 Edition in Monaco

Italian luxury watch brand U Boat will be presenting their models at the Top Marques Watches show which is scheduled to be held along with 7th edition of the prestigious TOP MARQUES MONACO (15-18 April 2010), the only super car show in the world.TOP MARQUES MONACO continues for the 3rd year to incorporate TOP MARQUES WATCHES, an exhibition of the leading specialists in the haute time piece industry of vintage and collection watches.

About U-Boat
The U-Boat Left Hook watch was designed in the 1940's in the "Officine Fontana" laboratory of high precision instruments and components. Ilvo Fontana designed a professional wrist watch specific for pilots: The characteristics had to be great sturdiness, immediate reading under all light conditions and high precision. The crown positioned to the left allowed practical advantages such as easier movement of the wrist and security.
In 1999, Italo Fontana decided to resurrect his grandfather's project. from which he took his inspiration and developed a modern day time piece, combining a unique identity with a clear Dimension in Time. Because of the size of the watch and Italo Fontana's proximity to the sea (Lucca, Italy) and love of boating and scuba diving, he originally wanted to call the watch "Your boat", which overtime became "Ur boat" and then "U Boat".

Zolotoe Vremya Watches & Jewellery : Brand Profile,History and Products

Zolotoe Vremya, a watch and jewellery producing Company, is founded on 13th of July 1992 by the best Experts of the First and the Second Moscow Watch Companies.

Production know-how, technological expertise, highly skilled craftsmen and a guaranteed top quality of its products – these are the main factors contributing to a successful watch making. Thanks to the talent of its craftsmen, Zolotoe Vremya is one of the rapidly growing and developing watch and jewellery producing Companies from Russia.

The word manufactura derives from Latin manus meaning a hand and factura meaning the process of making goods. In its proper meaning it is a way of production and a type of enterprise with labour division and labour cooperation, with high standards of craftsmanship and equipment as a must. An in-house full production cycle from gold casting and unsurpassed crafts to a high-quality end product enable Zolotoe Vremya to be called manufactura.

The Company owns two watch and jewellery brands – Золотое Время® (High-End Premium product) and Lегенда® (Позволительная Роскошь - Luxury product).

In 2009, the Company recently opened their first mono boutique in Moscow.

Official website:

Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève: Richard Mille RM 025 Tourbillon Chronograph Diver’s Watch Wins in the Category “Sports Watches”

The ninth edition of the “Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève” at the Grand Théâtre of Geneva was another triumph for Richard Mille ,with his RM 025 Tourbillon Chronograph Diver’s watch being awarded in the category “Sports Watches”. In total ten prizes in various watch categories were awarded in the presence of the City authorities and the State of Geneva, comprising important leaders, owners and managers in Swiss watchmaking, representatives of more than hundred and fifty brands and numerous journalists. This is the second award this year for the watch maker after having received , the award for the RM 019 in the Ladies Watch category, at the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie –Asia Edition in September 2009.

This year’s 2009 edition marked the close of a period marked by multiple uncertainties in the world of watchmaking. Among those introducing the event was the debonair Laurent Picciotto, owner of Chronopassion in Paris, who described the winner of the sports watch category as “a new direction” for its creator. Indeed, the RM 025 Tourbillon Chronograph Diver’s watch by Richard Mille marks the brand’s first round watch, a timepiece for diving that features both a chronograph and a tourbillon waterproof to 300 meters. It is unlike any other Richard Mille creation in terms not only of its exterior appearance but also its ability to deal with one of the harshest environments on Earth in total comfort.

Visually breaking with the iconic Richard Mille case shape, a change born directly from technical necessity for a water resistance of 30 atmospheres (300 meters), the unique tripartite case design uses torque screws that can be individually and precisely tensioned with high accuracy around the exterior circumference of the case, thereby guaranteeing a waterproof closure of evenly distributed pressure along the case edge, essential for a long term seal.

This is complemented by the integration of the lugs into the case’s ergonomically curved case design with torque screw system, as well as the screwed crown construction and a new design of watertight pushers. Setting this off is the special strap of Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer, a material with virtually universal chemical resistance, able to withstand more than 1,800 chemicals including solvents, amines and plasmas as well as possessing exceptional temperature and elastic recovery characteristics.
The bezel is also unlike any other. It is constructed of three layers, connected with 24 screws, turning unidirectionally following ISO 6425 norms in order to avoid timing miscalculations. In addition, the entire bezel system is screwed to the watchcase making it absolutely stable as well as impossible to inadvertently dislocate or loosen. This unique use of screws allows for perfect adjustment since the bezel is not tensioned into position. For clearer visibility under murky conditions, starting at 12 o’clock, the five-minute markers of the first quarter are highlighted red.

All this attention to detail is just the icing on the cake however; within ticks the caliber RM 025, a carbon nanofiber tourbillon chronograph based upon the famed caliber RM 008, one of the major and uniquely new chronograph designs of the 21st century. The RM caliber 025 unites 2 extremes: the complication of a tourbillon with the notorious complexities of a chronograph movement. The engineering of this new timepiece took more than five years of development since the designers began with a blank piece of paper, leaving all preconceived notions behind. This led to a number of new impulses, such as creating and manufacturing a number of parts such as the column wheel and levers in titanium in order to reduce inertia and lower energy consumption circa 50%. This greatly reduces friction on the spindle and eliminates the jumps and shocks of the chronograph hand during stopping and starting, adding to the watch’s precision.

The production and assembly of the RM 025 Tourbillon Diver’s watch takes many months, with only a select number of watchmakers able to cope with its complex assembly and testing. For this reason, it is only possible to produce a highly limited number of these watches per year. Available in 18-carat red gold/titanium case with 18-carat red gold lugs and a screwed, Richard Mille designed Kalrez® diver’s strap.

Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève Asia Edition 2009 : Richard Mille RM 019 Tourbillon Named Best Ladies Watch

The Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie de Genève – Asia Edition was held in Singapore on September. The event was an opportunity for the passionate public to admire a selection of the finest watches of the year. Several pieces were distinguished, by categories, by a jury made up of collectors and specialised journalists. The Richard Mille RM 019 Tourbillon took the prize in the category « Best Ladies Watch ». The RM 019 is particularly noteworthy for its black Onyx movement plate and its diamond embellished knot, evoking the emblematic interlaced Celtic symbol within its tourbillion movement. In keeping with the spirit of innovation for which the brand is known, the Caliber RM 019 adds a dimension of poetry and romance to its technical prowess, making it one of the most remarkable pieces in the Richard Mille Collection. Following the RM 007 and subsequent versions into which it evolved, the RM 019 comes to take its place as part of a stunning ladies collection Richard Mille holds especially dear to his heart.

In 2008, the Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie – Asia Edition already recognized Richard Mille once with an award – he received the Trailblazer Award for innovative work throughout his entire career.

Richard Mille Mille will be present at the “Salon Belles Montres”2009

For the third year Richard Mille will be present at the “Salon Belles Montres”. The brand remains loyal to this Parisian show and for good reason, as it has become an important date in the calendar for all enthusiasts of fine watch making.

Launched in 2001, the Richard Mille brand gained instant recognition by creating watches with a strong identity, using materials never before seen in watch making while at the same time respecting the best of Swiss tradition and knowledge. Richard Mille is now highly respected and appreciated by watch collectors and connoisseurs.

At the Salon, they will be able to see firsthand a large selection of watches from the range on the Richard Mille stand, including two new models: the caliber RM 023, the first Richard Mille watch to be created for both men and women, and the RM 016 Titalyt whose case has been exclusively treated giving it a unique intense grey color.

These two pieces are true to the brand’s DNA, built with the best highest technicity, strong architecture and hand made finishing touches, all that embodies fine watchmaking culture. Another Richard Mille watch, a marine tourbillon RM 015, closely inspired by the prestigious Perini Navi boats, will be on show on “Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie” stand.

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DeLafée International: Luxury Gifts with edible Gold & Silver from the valley of luxury watch making

DeLafée a luxury product company from Neuchatel, the watch making valley of Switzerland, offers Luxury Gifts with edible Gold and edible Silver.

The Company recently launched “Silver Magic”, a collection of gourmet products with edible silver. Building on the success of its creations with edible gold, DeLafée has created a collection of gourmet products adorned with edible silver for the holiday season 2009. DeLafée’s newest creation combines the delicacy of dark chocolate truffles with the magic of edible silver. In addition to the silver truffles, DeLafée offers lollipops with edible silver flakes, green flowering tea with edible silver and cigars adorned with silver.

Finest dark chocolate truffles adorned with edible silver.
DeLafée’s newest creation combines the delicacy of dark chocolate truffles with the magic of edible silver. This luxurious delicacy is presented in gift boxes of eight or two truffles. Experience the cool radiance of DeLafée’s Silver Bliss.

Heart-shaped strawberry lolliop with pure edible silver
Presented in a brown luxury gift envelope, this lollipop makes an unforgettable for romantic occasions.

Cigar adorned with silver.
This hand-rolled cigar from the Dominican Republic is presented in an engraved stainless-steel tube and an elegant gift box. The tube can be used as a luxurious accessory with any cigar.

Green flowering tea with edible silver
This tea is composed of fresh, young green tea leaves and buds, hand-tied with three stunning flowers - yellow lily, white jasmine and pink amaranth and of course adorned with pure edible silver.

DeLafée International
DeLafée International SARL is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It was founded in 2004 by Sébastien Jeanneret and is privately held. For centuries gold has been used in culinary creations across the world for its esthetic qualities, its symbolic power and sometimes for its alleged magical properties.Today in a valley of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, DeLafée revives these traditions creating unique and epicurean products adorned with 24 karat edible gold. DeLafée’s creations make beautiful, unforgettable and highly symbolic luxury gifts to express love, passion or success. DeLafée offers its golden creations through exclusive distributors, selected retailers and directly on its website

DeLafée International commercializes its products under its registered trademark DeLafée tm. "DeLafée" means "from the fairy" in French. A beautiful and sensual little fairy brings the magic of DeLafée to its customers. DeLafée is prepared in a valley in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. The Jura Mountains are most famous for being the birthplaces of the finest Swiss watches like Rolex, Audemars Piguet or Omega, less people know that this region is also famous for the fairies that inhabit it. As a matter of fact DeLafée is prepared next to a little village called “La Cote aux Fées” in English the “Coast of Fairies”. Its Fairy brings magic into people’s life all over the world from the mountains of Switzerland.

DeLafée gold covered chocolates were offered to all Oscar nominees during the 2006 Oscar Award Ceremony. Some of the celebrities who received DeLafée chocolate with 24 karat edible gold were Gorge Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Sharlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and Pierce Brosnan and many more.DeLafée’s creations offer pleasure for all senses. They make unforgettable and highly symbolic luxury gifts. All products from DeLafée are presented in luxurious, elegant and high quality gift boxes.

DeLafée Golden Bliss: Finest Swiss chocolate pralinés adorned with 24 karat edible gold. A small luxury gift box “Intimacy” with 2 pralinés or a large exclusive “Celebration” box with 8 pralinés. DeLafée’s “Intimacy” is often used by lovers to express their feelings and passion towards their beloved person. DeLafée’s “Celebration” adds to a unique wonderful atmosphere when celebrating special events, like weddings or anniversaries. Made from a "grand Cru chocolate from Ekuador, and goldleaf Delafée's Swiss chocolate offers the perfect blend for a round, satisfying and sensual chocolate experience … DeLafée's gold pralinés are made of a shell of 56% cocoa filled with a creamy chocolate ganache. DeLafée's 24 karat edible gold flakes shine like little stars on the chocolate bars. In addition to their esthetic appeal they are a universal symbol of success, beauty and eternity. DeLafée Heart of Gold Strawberry lollipop with 24 karat edible gold.

DeLafée Heart of Gold: DeLafée Heart of Gold is a sweet indulgence and a suggestive accessory. DeLafée’s gold lollipop is prepared with the finest ingredients and adorned with shiny little flakes of 24 karat edible gold. Its red heart shape makes it a perfect luxury romantic gift conveying love and passion with a playful connotation.

DeLafée Golden Bubbles: Swiss sparkling wine Rosé Brut with 24 karat edible gold. DeLafée’s Golden Bubbles will add unforgettable magic and luxury to your events. This wine is made exclusively from Pinot Noir from the Neuchatel Region in Western Switzerland. It has a light to medium body with an aroma reminiscent of black cherry, raspberry or currant. DeLafée Golden Bubbles is a sparkling wine with a voluptuous flavor and a sweet edge. This wine is perfect for romantic occasions, like weddings, but also for luxurious festivities, like ceremonies, openings, anniversaries or other special events. Serve at temperature between 6 – 8 °C DeLafée’s Golden Bubbles come in two size bottles: 0.375 liter and 0.75 liter.

DeLafée Golden Fire: Finest hand rolled Dominican cigar wrapped in 24 karat gold leaf encased in a luxurious stainless tube. Gold and cigars have been universal symbols success for centuries. By combining both DeLafée takes the impact to a completely new level. This cigar is crafted with a rich blend of Dominican grown tobacco for a wonderful flavor. It is hand-rolled and delivers a nice, bold flavor that the discriminating smoker is sure to enjoy. The cigar is a 100% Dominican filler hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic. It offers a smooth smoke with character.

Golden Harmony, Green flowering tea with pure edible gold:“Golden Harmony” is a beautifully hand-crafted artisan green tea with pure edible gold. Fresh, young green tea leaves are hand-tied to a tea-ball with three stunning flowers: yellow lily, white jasmine and pink amaranth. The flowers will blossom out and the gold will disperse into the magic beverage after placing the tea-ball into a glass tea pot with hot water. DeLafée’s “Golden Harmony” offers a delicate and naturally sweet flavor without bitterness.

DeLafée Pure Gold: Pure 24 karat edible gold in leaf or flake form. Add magic to your own culinary creations with 24 karat gold. Transform your cocktails, gourmet dishes or desserts into unforgettable and luxurious culinary experiences.

Corporate Gifts: Several personalization options are available, including the print of a company logo and the addition of a personal message inside or on the golden products of DeLafée. Companies like MGM Entertainment, Four Season Hotels, Movado Luxury Group, Philip Morris, La Praire and Generali Insurance have selected DeLafée’s golden products.

Official website :

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BALL Watch Engineer Master II Diver GMT

The Engineer Master II Diver GMT brings a golden aura to the BALL collection of divers watches that currently includes chronometers,chronographs and mechanical thermometers.

BALL explorer Guillaume Nery,the young French free diver in the constant discipline of Apnea,was the three time world record holder at 25 years of age. His most recent record was set wearing the Engineer Master II Diver GMT,which he had hand in crafting.
The Engineer Master II Diver collection presents series of watches designed specifically with divers in mind.The rotating inner bezel is the first to use BALL micro gas tubes for uninterrupted light at any depth.The gas tubes glows for up to 25 years with no need for batteries or charging by light.The Arabic numbers constructed of gas tubes,A BALL signature design,ensure both the hour and the elapsed time bezel are quickly and easily visible.
Engineer Master II Diver GMT is a master piece of color.The stainless steel case is coated in Diamond like Carbon which gives it a stunning gunmetal Grey coloring.Metals coated with DLC exhibit impressive hardness,low friction,high resistance to wear and even electrical insulation.Golden accents set off the GMT display to make it easily legible.

Red O-rings,visible when the crowns are unscrewed,form a crucial part of the superb water tight gasket system that ensures water resistance to 300 meters.The crowns operate under water to adjust the time of elapsed minutes ring with no difficulty.
For deep diving,illumination is necessary to read the diver,s time piece.At the depth of 100 meters that Guillaume reaches with out assistance or equipment on regular basis,the ambient light is about 1% of surface light. Scuba divers can often reach depths far lower

With 41 ball micro gas tubes integrated in to rotating bezel ,the diver will never have to worry about illumination again.The dial and hands also features micro gas tubes,for a total of 53 tubes.

NakedWatch : Brand Info

Founded by Edward Olszewski in 2001, the NakedWatch Company is a boutique watch maker that focuses exclusively on skeleton watches, blending old world craftsmanship with contemporary styling. Based in Aspen, Colorado, the NakedWatch Company came to life with a vision: to develop affordable quality skeleton watches that expose the beauty of pure watch movement and make a bold style statement.

The NakedWatch Company did just that in 2002 with the release of their first watch, the Michael, a manual wind industrial watch that provided maximum visibility of its natural, clean movement. From that day forward, the brand has continued to develop skeleton watches that embody their vision. Since the launch of Michael, the NakedWatch Company has added a very dramatic line of automatic and multifunction skeleton watches.

Most notably was the introduction of the Maxwell, a strong multi function industrial style watch. The popularity of the Maxwell has created a loyal following and fueled company's double digit growth since 2004. This growth,and more importantly, the enthusiasm of its customers, motivates the company to continue to create exceptional, yet affordable, skeleton watch products.

Tailored Tourbillon Skeleton
The Tailored Tourbillon Skeleton, launched in 2007 by NakedWatch Company is a stunning achievement for affordable hand-made watches. NakedWatch’s Tailored Tourbillon Skeleton concept allows watch enthusiasts to custom design a timepiece embodying their individual tastes. For the ultimate style statement, the Tailored Tourbillon Skeleton can be crafted from solid gold or rose gold.

The tourbillon movement has long been the bastion of venerable European watch companies. Working with master watchmakers in China, NakedWatch offers a handmade custom tourbillon skeleton watch with a lifetime warranty at a new level of affordability.

Signature Series: Saratoga (2007)
Saratoga features a striking black Ionic Plated (IP) round stainless steel case with bezel screws, screw stop function buttons, a thin stainless dial and stainless hands over a multifunction 21 jewel automatic movement. The Saratoga comes with a custom black IP stainless steel bracelet with deployment buckle and safety clasp. Inspired from a recent visit, the Saratoga symbolizes the flare and natural movement of racing horses, the purity of Saratoga’s renowned mineral springs, and the toughness of the historic American Revolution Battle of Saratoga.

Signature Series: Monaco (2007)
Monaco features a racy black Ionic Plated (IP) barrel stainless steel case with bezel screws, a black dial with sharp Arabic numerals and black hands over a 21 jewel automatic movement. The Monaco comes with a soft black rubber strap with deployment buckle and safety clasp. Inspired by the famous Grand Prix, the Monaco appears ready to scream around the track, transporting the agility and excitement of the Grand Prix directly onto your wrist.

Industrial line: Magnus (2007)
Magnus features a bold square stainless steel case with bezel screws, strong Roman numerals and steel or blue hands over a 21 jewel automatic mechanical movement. Magnus comes with either a black or brown genuine leather strap.

Industrial line: Malcolm (2007)
Malcolm features a subtle barrel stainless steel case with bezel screws, sharp Arabic numerals and steel or blue hands over a 21 jewel automatic mechanical movement. Malcolm comes with either a black or brown genuine leather strap.

Juvenia “Shaduli – Mère des Tigres” Unique Piece

For over thousands of years, Hinduism has fascinated both believers and non-believers with its sheer diversity of literature, philosophies, and practices. Known as the mythical “mother of tigers” from the sacred “Mahabharata” – one of the greatest literary accomplishments of humanity with over 200,000 verses – “Shaduli” is believed to have given birth to all tigers, lions, leopards as well as spotted cats. Inspired by the symbolism of “Shaduli” as well as the passion and elegance of her creations, Juvenia releases its magnificent “Shaduli – Mère des Tigres” unique piece watch.

Juvenia’s “Shaduli – Mère des Tigres” is a true masterpiece that demonstrates the finest in artistry and design excellence. Illustrating the beauty of the tiger in its natural habitat, 3 beautiful tigers are hand-engraved onto the 18K yellow gold flip-out cover to the finest detail. Representing the inspiration and love of “Shaduli”, the picture illustrates a mother tiger playing with her two lovely young cubs in the wild.

The magnificent “Shaduli – Mère des Tigres” also features a stylish hand-winding skeleton movement that is subtly handcrafted, and set into an 18K yellow gold inner case with brilliant diamonds as well as ruby indexes. The outer case is set with brilliant diamonds on the bezel, and features a patterned, circular-shaped hand-engraving all around the case that is trademark to the watch. At the back, the case is superbly engraved with “Shaduli” in old Indian Sanskrit to symbolize the inspiration.

The case’s special design also allows for the watch to attach to a black leather strap with a diamond-encrusted butterfly buckle to form a gentleman’s wristwatch, or interchanged into an 18K gold case to form a pocket watch. With such flexibility in design and excellence in artistry and craftsmanship, the “Shaduli – Mère des Tigres” is a treasure fit for the true connoisseur to savour.

Technical details
  • Gents wristwatch interchangeable to a pocket watch
  • 18K yellow gold cover displays 3 hand-engraved tigers in the wild, circled by elegant engraving
  • Peseux 7001 hand-winding skeleton movement (21,600vph, 42 hours power reserve) set in 18K yellow gold inner case (28.00mm diameter, 4.80mm thick) with 12 rubies (0.10ct) and 48 diamonds (0.31ct), as well as sapphire crystal top and back
  • 18K yellow gold outer case (44.5mm diameter, 6.39mm thick) set with 76 diamonds (1.88ct)
  • Leather strap with 18K yellow gold butterfly buckle set with 27 diamonds (0.36ct), with an interchangeable 18K yellow gold pocket watch case
  • Unique Piece

Angular Momentum Artisan Timepieces with “Verre Èglomisé” Miniature Paintings : The Allegory & Mythology Collection

Swiss luxury watch maker Angular Momentum presents new Collection of Artisan Timepieces with “Verre Èglomisé” miniature paintings on the reverse of a glass dial. This collection is dedicated to Allegory & Mythology.

Allegory & Mythology is often found in realistic painting and especially those from the 17th century have aroused the interest of our artists. Now Angular Momentum has released a collection of Verre Èglomisé Timepieces with miniature paintings on the reverse of glass dials, miniatures painted after works of Dutch Baroque painters among them the famous artist Pieter Pauwel Rubens (1577-1640).

Verre Èglomisé Timepieces with an miniature after paintings of Peter Paul Rubens on the reverse of its glass dial Stainless steel (1.4435CNU) case 42.00 mm with mirror polished rounded bezel, and polished "boulle" corns at 12 and 6 o’clock, mechanical self-winding movements, Plume hands. (All timepieces are Unique Pieces).

(from Greek: allos, „other“, and, agoreuein, „to speak in public“) is a figurative mode of representation conveying a meaning other than the literal. Allegory teaches a lesson through symbolism. Allegory communicates its message by means of symbolic figures, actions or symbolic representation. Allegory is generally treated as a figure of rhetoric, but an allegory does not have to be expressed in language: it may be addressed to the eye, and is often found in realistic painting, sculpture or some other form of mimetic, or representative art.

Simply put, an allegory is a device that can be presented in literary form, such as a poem or novel, or in visual form, such as in painting or sculpture. As a literary device, an allegory in its most general sense is an extended metaphor. As an artistic device, an allegory is a visual symbolic representation. An example of a simple visual allegory is the image of the grim reaper. Viewers understand that the image of the grim reaper is a symbolic representation of death. Nevertheless, images and fictions with several possible interpretations are not allegories in the true sense. Furthermore, not every fiction with general application is an allegory.

As mentioned above, allegory is often found in realistic painting, especially those from the 17th century have aroused our interest. Now Angular Momentum has released a collection of Verre Èglomisé Timepieces with miniature paintings on the reverse of glass dials, miniatures painted after the works of the Dutch Baroque painters among them Pieter Pauwel Rubens,(1577-1640).

Venus at Mirror
One-body 1.4435Cnu Staybrie steel watch case, 41.80 mm with mirror polished rounded bezel, centered polished „boulle“ corns, sapphire crystal on front and back, polished stainless steel Louis XV crown, mechanical self-winding movement, Verre Èglomisé miniature painting of Ruben‘s Venus at a Mirror c. 1615, Oil on panel, 124 x 98 cm.(Collection of the Prince of Lichtenstein, Vienna)

Venus, Cupid, Baccchus and Ceres
One-body 1.4435Cnu Staybrie steel watch case, 41.90 mm with mirror polished rounded bezel, centered polished „boulle“ corns, sapphire crystal on front and back, polished stainless steel Louis XV crown, mechanical self-winding movement, Verre Èglomisé miniature painting of Ruben‘s Venus, Cupid, Baccchus and Ceres 1612-13 Oil on canvas, 141 x 200 cm (Staatliche Museen, Kassel)

Two Satyrs
One-body 1.4435Cnu Staybrie steel watch case, 41.90 mm with mirror polished rounded bezel, centered polished „boulle“ corns, sapphire crystal on front and back, polished stainless steel Louis XV crown, mechanical self-winding movement, Verre Èglomisé miniature painting after Ruben‘s Two Satyrs, 1618-19, Oil on wood, 76 x 66 cm(Alte Pinakothek, Munich)

Juvenia Long Feng “Biarritz” Collection

For over 2,200 years, the Dragon (“Long” 龍) and Phoenix (“Fenghuang” 鳳凰) were adopted as symbols of the imperial household of China. Representing the Emperor, and symbolic of ‘power’ and ‘authority’, it is believed that the “Long” ruled the waters, and controlled the weather to bring good harvests and prosperity to the people of China. Representing the Empress, and symbolic of ‘high-virtue’ and ‘grace’, the “Feng” was believed to represent the power sent from the heavens to the Empress. Coupled together, “Long Feng” (龍鳳) represented supremacy and eternal blessings, and forms the inspiration behind these stunning masterpieces.
Made as a Limited Edition couple of only 9 pairs fit to represent the inspiration, the enamel dial features a beautiful blue “Long” for gents and red “Feng” for ladies that are flawless in splendour. The process of enamelling descends from ancient Egypt, where ancient enamellers would apply enamel to decorate pottery or gold objects for the Pharaoh. These influences then spread to Europe, and expanded to encompass a whole range of different material applications and techniques. Enamel is a vitreous substance composed primarily of silicon that provides the glassy and smooth properties when set, and coloured by different oxides. Enamel also comes in different types: translucent enamel that is used for creating the “Long” and “Feng”, has a transparent and colour-tinted characteristic. Opaque enamel, used to create the clouds, has a more solid-coloured characteristic.

Illustrating the “Long” and “Feng” with artistic excellence and perfection, the design is created by two complicated enamel techniques. By champlève technique, the layout of the design is outlined and hollowed-out to create depressions. Within the depressions, using cloisonné techniques, small wires are used to separate the depressions into tiny clusters. The whole enamel area is then filled with enamel, and fired in a kiln to temperatures of 850-900°C. Completing the first stage, the process needs to be repeated several times to ensure that all the depressions are filled with enamel to the desired effect. Once complete, the enamel is given one final polish for a shiny finish.

Set with a sky of brilliant diamonds, the mythical “Long” and “Feng” are a true work of art symbolic of the Chinese imperial authority. Cased in an 18K white gold case and bracelet profuse with brilliant diamonds, the “Long Feng” watches are truly elegant and luxurious, and bring supremacy to the bearers fitting of a traditional Emperor and Empress.

Technical Details
“Long”: Gents wristwatch. Enamel dial illustrates an outstanding blue “Long” in the sky set with 113 diamonds (0.35ct). Quartz movement set in 18K white gold case (33.00mm diameter, 5.25mm thick) with 126 diamonds (1.33ct), as well as sapphire crystal top. 18K white gold bracelet with 560 diamonds (4.12cts) and a folded clasp. Crown decorated with a sapphire (0.18ct). 3 ATM water resistance. Limited to 9 pieces.

“Feng”: Ladies wristwatch. Enamel dial illustrates an outstanding red “Feng” in the sky set with 36 diamonds (0.07ct). Quartz movement set in 18K white gold case (22.00mm diameter, 4.55mm thick) with 100 diamonds (0.57ct), as well as sapphire crystal top. 18K white gold bracelet with 360 diamonds (1.77ct) and a folded clasp. Crown decorated with a garnet stone (0.07ct). 3 ATM water resistance. Limited to 9 pieces.

Angular Momentum Freehand Pocket watch : First Pocket Watch by Angular Momentum Brand

Swiss watch brand Angular Momentum presents Freehand Pocket watch, the first Pocket watch model from their technical timepieces collection.
Technical details: One-body 1.4435Cnu Staybrite steel watch case, 46.00 mm with mirror polished rounded bezel, laser structured sides, polished “boulle“ corn with ring for chain, 47.500 ct. sapphire crystal on front and back, polished stainless steel Louis XV crown at 01.00H, mechanical self-winding movement, Email Lumineuse “Champlevé“ Dial and “Plique à Jour“ hands, lemon gold plated.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daniel Roth Athys Perpetual Calendar

2009 is definitely dominated by astronomy for Daniel Roth. To mark its 20th anniversary, alongside the Athys Moon 2134, the brand is launching a second timepiece enriching the Athys line: a Perpetual Calendar model with moon phases.

This timepiece that Daniel Roth is launching in this international year of astronomy is equipped with mechanical self-winding Calibre DR114. It displays the moon phase and perpetual calendar indications including leap years, which means it will require no manual date adjustment until the year 2100. This timeless and understated new complication model finds its natural place within the Athys line.

The perpetual calendar
This complication has always been considered particularly significant in the field of Haute Horlogerie, since it constitutes the mechanised reflection of the year in progress. Since the 17th century, this device has proved capable of accounting for the variable length of months during both normal years and leap years. Today, a watch equipped with such a mechanism requires no manual correction of the date until the year 2100.

Why then? Because, according to the Gregorian calendar in forced since 1592, that particular century year will not be a leap year (meaning one that is divisible by 400), just as 1700, 1800 and 1900 were normal years. To date, there is practically no horological mechanism that is “perpetual” to the extent of automatically adjusting those particular years.

The Athys Perpetual Calendar
The exclusive new Daniel Roth timepiece houses a mechanical self-winding calibre (DR 114) with perpetual calendar and moon phases, beating to the cadence of 28,800 vibrations per hour and endowed with a 44-hour power reserve. The classically elegant and legible dial bearing large Roman numerals is entirely in tune with the spirit of the Athys line.

The slightly off-centred hours, minutes and moon-phase display are “surrounded” by the chapter ring and are read off above a transparent sapphire crystal opening enabling one to admire part of the movement. The day of the week and month apertures are located on two sapphire discs at 9 and 3 o’clock respectively. The calendar is displayed by a blued steel baton-shaped hand at 6 o’clock, and in the centre the leap years are shown by a tiny arrow-tipped hand moving over a four-pointed star bearing the corresponding indications.

Like all Daniel Roth movements, the DR114 is adorned with fine watchmaking finishes: complete decoration, hand bevelling, Côtes de Genève, as well as an 18-carat guilloché oscillating weight for self-winding movements.

The case
The famous double-ellipse case in 18-carat white or red (5N) gold is equipped with pushpiece correctors in order to facilitate adjustment operations (and to avoid any risk of scratching the case) for the months and years (2 o’clock), dates (4 o’clock), days (8 o’clock) and finally the moon phases (10 o’clock). As on all Daniel Roth models, each lug is individually soldered. The case-back is secured by 6 pentagonal screws and the sapphire crystals are glareproofed.

FRANC VILA FVt28 Jumping Hours Automatique “Ivy Edition” : First FRANC VILA Ladies Watch

Swiss luxury watch maker FRANC VILA to introduce in Christmas 2009 its first ladies watch: FVt28 Jumping Hours Automatique “Ivy Edition”. The new “Tribute” collection introduces the first FRANC VILA ladies watch, in which Mr. Vila faced the challenge of designing a feminine collection for sophisticated women with strong character.

This Franc Vila “esprit unique” Timepiece is equipped with the automatic FV28 calibre which features “jumping hours” function. Production is limited to Limited edition of 88 pieces.

Technical details
- Blue Edition: DieHard Extreme Steel. 387 diamonds (2.45 cts, quality TW VVS pure): bezel fully paved with diamonds and lugs paved with diamonds. 2 blue sapphires in frontal part of bezel. Special “Esprit Unique” shape with elliptic and circular bezel. Crystal and caseback both in sapphire with double sided anti-glare treatment. Water resistant 100 meters.
- White Edition: DieHard Extreme Steel. 91 diamonds (0.70 cts) in the internal part of the bezel. 2 diamonds in frontal part of bezel.

High Grade Mechanical Self-Winding hand finished complicated movement Caliber FV28. 27 rubies. FRANC VILA Exclusive “Gold Concept Rotor”. Power reserve of 42 hours.Functions :Jumping hours, minutes and seconds.

- Blue Edition: Blue mother-of-pearl with printed floral decoration. 8 indexes set with diamonds. Hours window at 12′. Small seconds at 6′.
- White Edition: White mother-of-pearl with printed floral decoration. 8 indexes set diamonds. Hours window at 12′. Small seconds at 6′.

Genuine Alligator hand stitched strap. DieHard Extreme Steel buckle (not folding)

Limited edition of 88 pieces

Schäuble & Söhne Watches: Brand Profile,History and Product Updates

Founded 1924 in Karlsruhe / Baden, Schäuble & Söhne manufactures timeless mechanical wristwatches, all showing characteristics of traditional handicraft. The watch cases, dials and movements are mainly produced in Baden. The dials are usually individually hand printed, the hand-winding movements are crafted and elaborately refined in company's own workshop.

The three owners of the company manage the different functions in personal. Gunther Schäuble himself creates every model. he primary responsibility for the product design holds Marc Junghans – descendant of the Junghans watch factory’s founder. Marcus Hinkel attends to sales and distribution. The company develops exclusive small series in limited editions: Timepieces for watch-enthusiasts that can be individually modified on demand. Schäuble & Söhne rely on service-orientated direct selling as well as vending in selected showrooms. That is why they can focus on the essential: inimitable mechanical watches with an excellent price-performance ratio.

The third generation of Schäuble & Sons are working on the development of exclusive men‘s accessories. In 1924 Carl Schäuble founded his business selling bespoke merchandise for men. Word of his high quality soon spread requiring Schäuble & Sons to expand his business in 1930. After their workshop got destroyed during WWII, Carl Schäuble and his son Ludwig continued business, first out of a hawker‘s tray, later out of new premises in the heart of Karlsruhe. Grandson Gunther inherited the passion for timepieces from his grandfather Carl. The collection, modification and sale of watches successfully financed Gunther’s academic career, but the fascination and thrill surrounding himself with precious watches never lost its grip on him.
It was years later at an auction of a rare chronographs when the acquaintance with Marc Junghans, a descendant of the legendary watchmaker family, triggered the revival of a family tradition. In 2006 Gunther and Marc joined forces with Marcus Hinkel, an early school days friend of Marc and they incorporated Schäuble & Sons Manufakturwaren GmbH building on the legacy of bespoke mechanical watches out Karlsruhe, Baden in Germany.

Marcus Hinkel: Marketing and sales
Marcus Hinkel is hopelessly addicted to exclusive watches, even though he was not born into a family with a watch background. He does not hesitate to provide the financial basis and to support the enterprise with his 15 years experience as CEO in a renowned advertising agency.
Gunther Schäuble: CEO, product development, public relations
The specialist in watches inherited his passion for timepieces from his grandfather Carl, who founded Schäuble und Söhne in 1924. Schäuble & Söhne benefits from his extensive knowledge of wristwatches, watchmaking and the development of exclusive watches as well as from his useful contacts with handicrafts men in Baden or international.
Marc Junghans: Product design
The Creative Director is a descendant of Erhard Junghans, founder of the famous Junghans watch factory. No wonder his passion for mechanical masterpieces exceeds normal dimensions. The enthusiastic watch collector possesses the experience, the sharp eye and the steady hand that is irreplaceable for the product design of the Schäuble & Söhne watch collection collectors.

Official website:

Rebellion Timepieces : Brand Info

REBELLION Timepieces is a high end Swiss watchmaker based in Lornay, Switzerland.  It was founded in 2008 by an industrialist passionate about watchmaking, high technology and car racing.  They are the only watch brand to have its own racing team, REBELLION Racing.  The expertise in technology and design garnered from the race team are integrated into every unique and complex timepiece.

Rebellion Timepieces made its debut at Baselworld 2008 with a spectacular set of five calibers, including a world premiere: a GMT Jumping Hour. Crafted in small quantities, Rebellion's bespoke, precision-engineered cases and movements offer cutting-edge style to a select few. The five Rebellion watches unveiled were a manual wind with power reserve; a cam-lever chronograph; a column wheel chronograph; world premiere GMT Jumping Hour; and a stunning all-new tourbillon.

In 2009 Rebellion consolidated by appointing prestigious partners such as Laurent Besse for the conception of two new movements and Eric Giroud for the design of a new version of the original case. Baselworld 2009 was an unqualified success, with the establishment of the first markets and points of sale throughout the world. The tenacity and stubbornness of Rebellion’s founders had triumphed, and the same character traits can be found in the world of endurance car racing of Le Mans,another shared passion to which Rebellion is completely committed through the Swiss team, Rebellion Racing.

All of Rebellion’s research, development and production takes place in Switzerland, where the very highest standards are both demanded and obtained. Rebellion has total mastery of all facets of the development and manufacture of their timepieces. Rebellion blends highly sophisticated technical know-how and cutting-edge production facilities – including high-tech precision lasers and complex five-axis CNC machinery - with bold contemporary design and an uncompromising approach to quality.

Rebellion leads; their timepieces do not follow style or trends, and are for those who demand a very exclusive, high quality, high-tech wristwatch. The Rebellion family of contemporary timepieces share common traits in terms of their highly sophisticated technical design and construction, bespoke movements, impeccable quality and elaborate case and dials.All of Rebellion's movements are bespoke and have been designed, developed, produced and assembled in Switzerland under the most quality-conscious conditions using the very latest technology and techniques.

The movements are exhaustively tested in Rebellion’s own state-of-the-art testing laboratory to ensure both their accuracy and reliability. The dials of Rebellion watches are multi-layered, providing a three-dimensional visual feast as well as offering unparalleled flexibility in terms of choice of materials. The latter offers a vast range of possibilities for personalisation.

The solid indices are applied - not stamped - in a material which matches and complements both case and hands. Double anti-reflective coatings on the massive sapphire crystal offer an unimpeded view of the dial. The compound curves and bevelled edges of the crystal, incredibly difficult to achieve, further add to the overall feeling that Rebellion timepieces are a cut above the ordinary.

The milling of each modular Rebellion case takes more than a day using the latest generation of laser cutters and five-axis CNC milling machines. Complex and demanding work, but the result speaks for itself in terms of quality and customisation options.Rebellion wristwatches benefit from natural rubber grips on crown and pushers; automatic rotors are milled from solid 18kt gold; all models including the tourbillon are water-resistant to 100 metres; and all come with natural rubber straps.Rebellion timepieces are crafted in small quantities with precision-engineered cases and bespoke movements offering exclusivity with cutting-edge style.

In 2017, Rebellion announced a strategic partnership with Danish supercar manufacture Zenvo Automotive at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show.  As part of the partnership, Rebellion Timepieces announced a new watch model and timing instrumentation for Zenvo Automotive’s supercars. The partnership extends into technical collaboration with Rebellion Racing which will include shared engineering capabilities, data and testing. Also revealed at the show was a limited edition Predator 2.0 GMT Zenvo timepiece.   This racing-inspired, dual time-zone watch features a dial adorned with a brake and a caliper hour hand.  It serves as the pair’s first act of partnership.

In 2017, Rebellion Timepieces became the Official Timing Partner of the ELMS (European Le Mans Series) thanks to a three-year partnership agreement.

About Rebellion Racing
REBELLION Racing was born in 2008, of the association between SPEEDY Racing and SEBAH Racing. It is the most rewarded Endurance team in the past 10 years.

Since 2011, REBELLION Racing is the only team to have contested the domination of the manufacturers’ teams from Audi, Porsche and Toyota in the World Endurance Championship. REBELLION Racing finished Le Mans 24 Hours in 4th position twice in 2012 and 2014, in front of manufacturers’ team cars. They also finished on the podium of FIA WEC races four times including to podiums in a row in 2016 in Silverstone and Spa-Francorchamps.

From 2011 to 2016 REBELLION Racing was the dominant privateer LMP-1 Team in the FIA World Endurance Championship, winning it 5 years in a row. They have also won prestigious race events in the USA. In 2014, REBELLION Racing introduced their own LMP1 cars the Rebellion R-One, with this car REBELLION Racing adding three more World Championship wins in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Official website:

Rebellion REB-5 Tourbillon Full Diamond

The mystery setting is a technique developed by Van Cleef & Arpels for mounting precious stones without any of the setting claws showing. All trace of metal completely disappears from view and we are left with just the jewels. Thus one has the impression that the stones are free, their glare is magnified and they shimmer like catʼs eyes.

In order to apply this jewellerʼs technique to the REB-5 Tourbillon, the watch case had to be rebuilt to allow for the “invisible” setting of the stones, which were cut with extreme precision and set using minimum tolerance levels. And to ensure all traces of the diamond settings were well and truly hidden the setters worked under microscopes, very much like micro-surgeons.
Together Rebellion and the setting workshop Bunter SA have succeeded in creating a REB-5 Tourbillon with diamonds set totally invisibly. Rebellion and Bunter worked with the very best craftsmen and specialists, who developed and managed the most state-of-the art technology in order to explore new methods and to take this fantasy to its natural conclusion and beyond.

The settings are hidden from view as if by magic, the diamonds sparkling brilliantly without the slightest sign of a fastener in sight. They were cut in such a way as to leave no clue whatsoever that an attachment system is even being used. The Full Diamond symbolizes perfectly the fusion between jewellery and horology: a tourbillon movement and baguette diamonds. There are 307 diamonds making up the case (24.05ct) and another 12 diamonds in the crown (1.02ct); each precious stone is individually shaped according to its specific position; all diamonds are Top Wesselton quality and IF to VVS clarity.

As for the time it took to develop, we are talking about just under 1,000 man hours: design, research and development, the programming of the machines and tools, cutting of the diamonds, visual inspection of each part, setting, assembly and adjustment. These are the many links in the chain of command which culminated in this breathtaking achievement.

Rebellion has gone for a watch, the REB-5 Tourbillon, with a mechanical tourbillion movement, a seven-day power reserve and a case in white gold with a total of 319 baguette diamonds (25.07 carats). The Full Diamond is submerged beneath its precious stones, yet this same blinding light is fully respectful of the original concept and aesthetic of the REB-5 Tourbillon.

The bold lines which characterize the design of the REB-5 Tourbillon are not exactly what one expects to find on a diamond-studded watch, still less one with invisible settings. This was a challenge that was taken up thanks to the creativity, ingenuity, know-how and a touch of madness on the part of its creators. They had a dream and they fulfilled it. The REB-5 Tourbillon Full Diamond is - for the moment - a unique piece.

Technical details

White gold 18 K, with 307 diamonds (24,05 ct)
Sapphire crystals : anti-reflection coating both faces
Display back : white gold 18 K with sapphire crystals
Crown : white gold 18 K with 12 diamonds (1,02 ct)

Mechanical, manual winding with tourbillon manufacture movement, one-minute rotation tourbillon
Dimensions : 46 mm X 56,7 mm X 19,6 mm
Number of components : 45
Number of jewels : 23
Finishing : galvanic black gold plates, gold plated wheels, blued and black old screws, wolf-teeth barrels
Balance frequency : 21ʼ600 A7j (3Hz)
Power reserve : 7 days from two mainspring barrels
Movements verified by in-house state-of-the art testing laboratory

Natural rubber strap with double folding buckle

Unique piece

The Perrelet Double Rotor - Unique & Atypical Watchmaking Speciality

With its unique conception patented by Perrelet, the Double Rotor represents the quintessence of the brand’s identity. It is a reference in the luxury watchmaking universe, and the extraordinary complexity of its mechanism enables one to observe and visualise, on the dial, the automatic winding function. This specificity comes in 4 different families: Turbine, Diamond Flower, Double Rotor Titanium and Classical.

Many brilliant minds were interested in researching the perpetual movement of a mechanism that, once set in motion, would continue to function indefinitely. Abraham-Louis Perrelet had the idea of harnessing the energy produced by the natural movements of the person wearing the timekeeper and, in 1777, developed the first automatic watch in the history of watchmaking.

By placing the movement at the centre of their development projects, the Perrelet engineers developed what was to become one of the mechanisms especially typical of the watch industry, the “Double Rotor”. The Perrelet calibre P-181 with automatic winding, completely exclusive, displays two rotors, one on the dial side and the other on the side of the movement. The combination of the 2 perfectly synchronised rotors feeds the going barrel. So the mechanism has a source of energy, which is continuous and amplified. The rotor situated on the dial side also enables a constant control of the good functioning of the watch.

The cases with their fluid, dynamic lines, in steel, gold or titanium, house refined dials that are readily legible and display an attractive central motif. The Double Rotor becomes mobile and turns on its own axis at the slightest movement. When worn on its owner’s arm, this special feature comes into its own. Calibre P-181 can appear to be both technological or poetic, and sportive or classical, depending on which of the 4 families based on the Double Rotor is being considered.

The latest creation is the surprising and amusing TURBINE. This is certainly the most dynamic interpretation of the Double Rotor, since the latter completely covers the dial. Consequently, the Turbine, whose design is protected, delights all observers, as it produces a spectacular optical effect, by means of a lower dial. An effect which, only on this model, is reinforced by the exceptional dissociation of the 2 rotors.

In 2008, a bewitching collection called DIAMOND FLOWER was launched. An original marriage of refined watchmaking and the jewellery art, in which the Double Rotor was inspired by a finely sculpted lotus flower, set with precious stones, providing the unique charm of a sparkling technical refinement, of which every woman would like to be the instigator.

The DOUBLE ROTOR TITANIUM is a little marvel, which features an innovating mix of materials borrowed from other industries. The case, in contrasting polished and satin-finished titanium, houses a carbon fibre dial, with luminescent numerals and an upper Double Rotor made of titanium. Full of character, this model appeals to sporting minds and technological enthusiasts.

Perrelet reserves a CLASSICAL collection for lovers of traditional timekeepers, highlighting the Double Rotor in all its sober elegance. The rotor swinging on the dial side, finely decorated and angled and of smaller proportions, ensures that the observer misses nothing of this special model’s beauty.

A subtle creation, whose mechanical qualities overcome all physical limitations. Without doubt, this speciality will give its fortunate owner the sensation of escaping the gravitational pull of everyday life.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Piaget Valentine's Day Collection (2010) : Possession Pendants & Watches

Much more than a piece of jewellery and far more than a watch, Possession is an outright declaration of love, an intimate companion of those unique moments when the heart leaps and races, when eyes sparkle and smile. For Valentine’s Day, the collection lends its fresh appeal to some truly head-spinning confessions. Serving by turns as both witness and confidant, it delicately escorts the finer feelings tenderly whispered in a loved one’s ear.

Graced with a message engraved on a slender gold ring that just about says it all, the Possession pendant sees love in all its colourful splendour. On the front, a sparkling diamond adorns the name of the collection, while the back stars an emerald, blue sapphire or pink sapphire matching the colour of the leather cord as if to add a further touch of cheerful elegance to the gold-engraved letters. The ring slides gently through the fingers on its interchangeable cord, adding infinite variety to the words coming straight from the heart, whether silently expressed or spoken out loud.
Possession Pendents:
Ref. G33PV500: 18-carat white gold pendant engraved on one side with the word “Possession” and set with one diamond, on the other side engraved with a “ I love You” message and set with a pink sapphire
Ref. G33PV300:18-carat yellow gold pendant engraved on one side with the word “Possession” and set with one diamond, on the other side engraved with a “Good Luck message and set with an emerald
Ref. G33PV400:18-carat pink gold pendant engraved on one side with the word “Possession” and set with one diamond, on the other side engraved with a “ Happy Birthday” message and set with a blue sapphire

A master of the art of proving indispensable and of making each passing moment simply irresistible, the Possession watch constantly reinvents love through the captivating game played by its rotating bezel. Even the Arabic numerals gracefully whirl and twirl as if to reflect unending love. But who is leading the dance? Doubtless this inverted-set brilliant-cut diamond with a raised profile ensuring an easier grip. This addictive waltz can also be lit up by a row of diamonds, or adorned with the dazzling splendour of a full-set dial.
Possession Watches:
Ref. G0A30109:18-carat yellow gold watch set with one brilliant-cut diamond (approx 0.02 ct) ,Piaget quartz movement 157P
Ref. G0A30107:18-carat white gold watch set with 37 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx 0.9 ct) ,Piaget quartz movement 157P
Ref. G0A30083:18-carat white gold watch set with one brilliant-cut diamond (approx 0.02 ct) ,Piaget quartz movement 157P

The Limelight Twice by Piaget Wins the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2009 in the Ladies Watch Category

At the prize-giving ceremony for the 9th edition of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix held in the Grand Théâtre de Genève, Piaget CEO Philippe Léopold-Metzger warmly thanked the jury for selecting three Piaget timepieces within this competition, and for having awarded the the Ladies Watch prize to the Limelight Twice.
Addressing the audience composed of more than 1,500 specially invited guests, he pointed out that Piaget has always distinguished itself by introducing exceptionally daring jewellery watches. Entirely in line with these often extravagant collections, the Limelight Twice creates a surprising and appealing effect stemming from its atypical design. The lines of the case are pure, modern and gentle.

A row of diamonds lights up the white front dial with its distinctive Roman numerals underscoring the off-centred hands at 12 o’clock, while the stunning back dial sparkles with the radiance of its entirely diamond-set sun-burst motif.

Two years after the Magic Hour, which has become one of Piaget’s best-selling ladies’ models, another Piaget jewellery watch is thus honoured by a jury of watchmaking professionals and enthusiasts.

Marcos Heguy, Piaget’s Ambassador to the World of Polo

Piaget’s ambassador to the world of polo, superstar sportsman Marcos Heguy, is such a master of the game that his nickname in his native Argentina is El Mago – the Wizard.

Marcos, 42, comes from Argentina’s most famous polo dynasty, a family that has produced more 10-goal players than any other. Under polo’s handicap system, 10 goals is the maximum rating and there are usually less than a dozen players in the world so ranked in any one year.
He was first awarded his 10-goal rating in 1987. During his long career playing at home and abroad he has won most of the most important tournaments at the top end of the sport. His victories at home include six Argentine Opens, five Hurlingham Opens and three Tortugas Opens. In the US he has won two US Opens and three US Polo Association Gold Cups (a tournament now sponsored by Piaget). Wins in England have included a British Open, two Queen’s Cups and three Warwickshire Cups and Prince of Wales Trophies. In France he won the Deauville Gold Cup twice. In addition to his role as Piaget polo ambassador, Marcos is captain of the Pilará-Piaget team in Argentina’s famous Triple Crown series. He also supervises the new Pilará-Piaget Polo School, a training centre that opened in October 2009 to give instruction and coaching to a new generation of players.

Argentina is the world’s leading polo-playing nation and each year its Triple Crown sees the highest-rated polo teams on the planet do battle in the country’s three top tournaments. The series, which runs from September to December, reaches its climax in the national polo stadium at Palermo in the heart of Buenos Aires in front of some 15,000 spectators. Only the six best Argentine teams, rated at up to the sport’s maximum of 40-goal handicap, are allowed into all the Triple Crown tournaments: the Tortugas Open at Torgugas Country Club, the Hurlingham Open at the Hurlingham Club, and the Argentine Open Championship, the abierto, at Palermo.

For the second season, Piaget, whose involvement with polo dates back 30 years, is sponsoring one of those six top teams: Pilará-Piaget. To field the team Piaget has partnered with Pilará Polo Club, part of a luxury residential and sports complex that also includes a tennis club with Argentina’s national tennis academy and a golf club with courses designed by Jack Nicholas.

Joining captain Marcos Heguy on the squad is Agustin Merlos, another 10-goal star; Agustin’s brother Sebastian, a former 10-goal player now rated at 9; and Santiago Chavanne, handicap 8. Together they form a powerhouse 37-goal team that sports pundits say could well win one or more of the Triple Crown contests this year.

To celebrate its involvement at the pinnacle of the sport, earlier this year Piaget launched new models of its famous Piaget Polo wristwatch, a range first created in 1979. The sporty Piaget Polo FortyFive is the firm’s first Polo watch with a case made of titanium rather than gold or platinum. The backs of the cases are crystal giving a view of the movements.

The chronograph version has a self-winding calibre 880P movement with a 50-hour power reserve. The automatic version has an 800P calibre movement. With its name emblazoned across Pilará-Piaget team shirts in the world’s highest-rated polo series, the new polo school at Pilará, and sponsorship of the Piaget Gold Cup in the US, Piaget is now even more firmly established as one of the most prominent corporate supporters of the sport of polo, the world’s oldest and fastest team game.

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