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Jaermann & Stübi Watches : Manufacture of Mechanical Golf Counter Watches

Jaermann & Stübi is a modern Swiss watch brand specialized in the production of watches featuring mechanical golf counter complication. Founded by Urs Jaermann and Pascal Stübi, the brand made its debut with a mechanical golf watch model at Basel world 2007. The J&S specialize in premium timepieces with additional functions for golfers and collaborates with St Andrews Links, the Home of Golf, and legendary gold players like Seve Ballesteros, Nick Faldo, Ben Crenshaw, among others.
Jaermann & Stübi Seve Ballesteros II Limited Edition

Urs Jaermann and Pascal Stübi share a passion for watches as well as a passion for golf. The communications specialist Jaermann and the watch specialist Stübi have long cherished the same dream: to create their own watch. Golf, the sport passionately pursued by Jaermann, gave them the idea of developing a luxury watch with a sophisticated golf counter. Their ambition and their passion presented a challenge to them.

The two partners worked enthusiastically until their watch was equipped with a mechanical automatic movement and a mechanical complication and met their exacting aesthetic standards. The innovations in the Jaermann & Stübi watch include counting the strokes per hole during a golf game, calculating the total score and comparing it with the handicap using the bezel. And all this takes place purely mechanically.

Mechanical Golf Counter and Shock Absorber
The in-house teams at Jaermann & Stübi have developed a mechanical counter to record the number of strokes played per hole, giving a total score at the end of 18 holes and a retrograde display of the holes played. At the end of each round, the rotating bezel allows the score to be compared to the player’s handicap. Because, during their swing, golf players exert a force of 20-40 G in a few milliseconds, the brand also focussed on developing a shock absorber specially designed for this sport, dampening impacts and thereby protecting the mechanism and the complication.

Origins of the Brand
Urs Jaermann loves to play golf, but he doesn't have much time for it, and is thus satisfied with unexceptional results in golf tournaments. As an average player, counting strokes often impaired his concentration on the game, so that he wished he had a reliable counting device. His passion for fine watches gave him the idea of a beautiful golf watch with a score counter.

And then, Pascal Stübi and Urs Jaermann met at a seminar they were both attending in 2002. During their conversations, they found that they shared the same opinion on many things, and had plenty of ideas in common, as well. Moreover, the combination of Stübi's experience in the watchmaking industry, particularly in the production of watches, and Jaermann's dream of his own brand of watches became an increasingly engrossing topic, so that they decided to follow their dreams and create their own brand of watches. The first model was to be a luxury golf watch with a stroke counter.

After the idea and theme, movement and design were established, the partners went looking for suppliers. They succeeded in persuading the best Swiss watchmakers to help them turn their idea into reality. Thus, the top master craftsmen developed the movement and the golf counter complication for Jaermann & Stübi in keeping with the tradition of the 19th century, but using state-of-the-art technology and tools. Every Jaermann & Stübi watch is made meticulously by hand in the watchmakers' valleys of the Jura region in exclusive small series, and individually numbered.

In 2007, Jaermann & Stübi launched a watch with a mechanical golf counter and an outstanding automatic movement at the BaselWorld trade fair.The core of the new watch by Jaermann & Stübi is the golf counter complication, a brand-new development for which a patent is pending. The golf counter complication is fully mechanical and has a counter with a display for counting the strokes per hole, a second counter with a display for the total number of strokes and a third counter with a retrograde display of the holes played. The three counters are triggered by pushbuttons on the left side of the watch.

This leaves the wrist comfortably free and the pushbuttons never disturb the golfer's swing. Furthermore, they are not covered by the golf glove. With regard to its standards and design, the golf counter complication can be compared with a chronograph.The movement as well as the golf counter complication are given extra protection against shocks and impacts by a shock absorber integrated in the case.

The watch cases are made of high-grade steel or 18-carat gold. They are water-resistant down to 100 meters, and sealed with a cambered, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that is 1.8 mm thick. The case is hermetically sealed to the watch base with eight screws. Turning the bezel lets the golfer set his handicap and compare it with his score. For the movement, Jaermann & Stübi decided to use the newly developed and especially rugged A10 caliber, which has a power reserve of 42 hours and belongs to the chronometer class.

The two entrepreneurs were pleasantly surprised by the number of watch connoisseurs and golfers who expressed interest in their elegant watch.The year 2007 was an intense one for the two up-and-coming entrepreneurs. It gave Urs Jaermann and Pascal Stübi the reassurance of knowing that they had hit upon the right idea. Since they entered the market in April 2007, Jaermann & Stübi have succeeded in building up an excellent network of distributors, which has now expanded outside Switzerland.

In 2007, the watch was already being marketed by individual dealers in France, Germany and the USA. Specialist retailers and distributors are highly impressed with the product, which displays the player's own score after each round and compares it to their handicap.

The watch with the patented golf counter complication and the modern A10 automatic movement goes down well with golfers and watch connoisseurs alike. It offers functions that are unique and exclusive on the market: counting a player’s strokes per hole, adding up the total score per round and comparing it with the player's handicap. The golf counter is clearly a very useful element, and the complication is so sophisticated and innovative that it also impresses watch connoisseurs. With its range of styles, the entire collection is both elegant and sporty and also fits a woman's more slender wrist.

In 2008, the “St Andrews Links" collection was launched in collaboration with the legendary St Andrews Links golf course in Scotland.
Jaermann & Stübi Royal Open Course Timer & GMT
In 2009, Jaermann & Stübi presented the new "Royal Open" series and as the maker of the first mechanical watch that counts the strokes during the game, adds up the total score and compares it with the handicap, Jaermann & Stübi celebrated 250 years of  stroke play with the limited edition "St Andrews Links Stroke Play 1759".
St Andrews Links Stroke Play 1759
In 2010, Jaermann & Stübi became the official supplier and timekeeper of St Andrews Links, The Home of Golf, and is launched a limited-edition special model for The Old Course. In 2012, the brand launched the Queen of Golf - first golf counter watch for lady golfers - and the Trans Atlantic - the first golf chronometer with a mechanical counter and yard-meter conversion.
Jaermann & Stübi Queen of Golf

Today, Jaermann & Stübi is part of Excellence Holding AG, based in Rapperswil. The company is based in Le Locle, Switzerland, where all of its collections are produced and assembled. It focuses on the manufacture of high quality, mechanical timepieces with additional functions for golfers, and is the official licensee of St Andrews Links, the home of golf.

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