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Ernest Borel Watches : Brand Info

Ernest Borel is a Swiss watch manufacturer which produces traditionally styled Automatic and Quartz wrist watches for men and women. The company was established by watch maker Jules Borel in 1856 in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

In 1859 along with his brother in law Pual Courvoisier, Borel established Borel-Courvoisier watch company. They won several awards in the late 19th century including first place in the 1866 Neuchatel observatory timing accuracy competition. In 1927 his son, Jean Louis Borel took over the responsibility of family business of making traditional watches.

In 1856, young Jules Borel in Neufchatel Switzerland - 'a watch kingdom' - began his long career of watches manufacturing. In 1859, he and his brother-in-law Paul Courvoisier established Borel and Courvoisier Company, lots of skillful craftsmen polished watch cases using precision machine tools designed by famous process expert Gusta Pede Pierre, and professional Fedler Visa.

In 1866, a proud achievement was granted in the competition organized by the Neufchatel Observatory. Since then, a series of credits came: in 1876, products were granted Premium Award, in Philadelphia, USA, and in 1878, the Precious Premium Award in the Swiss watches industry obtained, in Paris, France. In the development of the company, a revolutionary creation emerged, the clock/watch was geared by a crown and a push rod/bolt, this invention included a new gear system and time-setting technique, this patent was a milestone in clock/watch history.

In 1860, the company exported the first batch of products to Uruguay, showing its existence in South America. In 1867, they pushed forward to Spain and sales network quickly spread. In 1894, Senior Courvoisier retired. Jules Borel's son, Ernest Borel succeeded to his position, and the company was renamed to Borel-Courvoisier. Four year later, Ernest Borel and Adamir Debrot who was in charge of technique, co-operated to run the company and then changed the its name to Ernest Borel and Cie.

In 1927, Jean-Louis Borel, son of Ernest Borel, entered the company and took the responsibility of this arising family enterprise and re-established it as a co., ltd. in 1936, The board of directors was comprised of Chairman Ernest Borel, director Jean-Louis Borel and technical manager Adamir Debrot and this was an important milestone in the development of Ernest Borel watch. Since then, Ernest Borel had been launching various exquisite products for decades based on its fine tradition, advanced technique and more professional, modern manufacturing mechanism.

In the same time of sufficiently improvement on gear and other bolt, drive pieces etc, the company continuously expend sales region and develops global sales market, product sales channels spread to countries like America, Europe and Asia. Then, expend business vigorously in Japan, China, India and these regions became its main markets.

Ernest Borel Rockey Series II
Logo inspiration
The century old brand Ernest Borel' watch revealed a more brilliant and resplendent chapter due to a romantic legend this product had, and also which presented the foundation of the logo. Ernest Borel encountered a beautiful girl in a noble dance party, her elegant dancing pose draws every participant's attention, a photographer can't help taking photos for the romantic moment. Elegant pose, in the romantic moment, brightened Ernest Borel's inspiration. In order to change instantaneous trigger before the eyes into long lasting spiritual passion, he designed the trademark of Ernest Borel watch based on their dancing pose.

In 1937, Ernest Borel was granted grand prix honorary award in Greece. From 1945 to 1958, 4172 Ernest Borel watches were granted "Bulletin demarche" certificate by Neufchatel Observatory of Swiss. Moreover, two models of Ernest Borel timing meters were also granted top awards by the same observatory in 1958. The lovers' trademark image of Ernest Borel had deeply embedded into customers' mind along with the praises. In the past over 150 years, Ernest Borel consistently held the belief 'solid and durable, accurate and secure, comfortable, elegant and practical'.

The era kept on developing, technique kept on upgrading, and Ernest Borel also follows the fashion to meet the consumer's requirement. Every single material and part was inspected strictly in each process to ensure that each element is perfect. Every movement is inspected strictly by machine and mechanics. The case is fitted air tight and implemented special pressure resistance testing. Every single Ernest Borel is carried out with strict QC procedure before launching. Ernest Borel consistently follows the initial enterprise spirit and the belief of creating perfection, also provides a life style of perfection, fashion and romance.


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