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Olivier Randin La Manufacture Horlogère de Lausanne : Brand Info

Olivier Randin was born in Brazil in 1971 to a German mother and a Swiss father. In the Nineties, he began his watch making career in Basel. After a trip through Latin America, he met Franck Muller, the biggest watch maker at the end of the Nineties. They worked closely together in the depth of watch making artistic creation. In 2000 he created his first watch under the pseudonym Mark of Salom. The watch, engraved by hand, was based on modernism and traditional design.

After Franck Muller, he worked with major luxury watch brands like Roger Dubuis, Cartier, Piaget, Jaeger-Le Coultre and Rolex. Enthusiast of the watch industry’s beauty, he wanted to create his own way and in memory of the watch makers established in the XIX century, he opened the Manufacture in Lausanne. In 2008 Olivier Randin introduced a new collection in hommage of the great choreographer Maurice Béjart.

Maurice Béjart Hommage Collection
Through this creation Olivier Randin supports the Foundation Maurice Béjart and thus contributes to the perenniality of its heritage. For the two persons in charge, Olivier Randin and Jean Marc Moffa, the values transmitted by the choreographer in his ballets are those which the mark wants to promote today. In the contemporary watch making industry, Olivier Randin's models are the best example of fusion of two universes than are the dance and the clock industry.
  • Regard d’OR : Portrait of Maurice Béjart engraved with the hand on a gold dial, crown crimped with an authentic piece of the scene of the Metropolis of Lausanne.
  • Le Ballet Bleu : Homage to the glance azure of Maurice Béjart, case with the signature on the side of Maurice Béjart engraved hand, sapphire crimped on the crown.
  • L’Ombre ou la Danse : Homage to the colors of Béjart Lausanne Ballet, ruby crimped on the crown.
  • Mikoto : Homage to its love for its Abyssins, portrait of Maurice Béjart redrawn with the hand before its reproduction on the dial.
Moveo, Ref OR - MOV
Dial of this watch model is composed of three H/Min/Sec discs. The two external discs express the hours and the minutes respectively on the left and on the right. The disc of the center expresses the seconds. An automatic movement supports this disc and allows a continuous and soft rotation. No adjustment can be done on this disc. In fact, it can turn only when the watch is carried. The movement of the wrist allows automatic movement to take care and thus to make swivel its disc. The innovation is in the type of dial without needle which dissociates the conventional reading of the hour like in the aesthetics of the shape of the chronometer. MOVEO transforms the watch making tradition to make of it, in the originality, a temporary ornament. The central disc is left free with the choice of its owner.
Special features: Jump hours by the left disc, minutes on the right and the central disc expresses the seconds. No adjustment can be done on this disc. An automatic movement holds up this disc and permits a continuous rotation. De facto it ca only revolve when the watch is being worn.

  • Movements: self winding mechanical base ETA and Quartz ETA
  • Discs: Set with white diamonds, rubies, emeralds and personalized central disc
  • Dial: White gold, black enamel cloisonné, Rhodium, DLC or PVD
  • Watch case: White, Pink or yellow gold
  • Case dimensions: 65 mm horizontal and 35 mm width
  • Straps: Black alligator leather or galuchat
Collection Maschera
Brand's latest collection Maschera has been developed through the special collaboration with Marc Pasini,an artist based in Paris.For this Olivier Randin developed a new fabrication technology which enables the brand to make absolutely all colors on a dial.Olivier Randin presents this collection in three pieces in one box.
Maschera Rubata Ref OR-DMAS
Dial designed by Marc Pasini
Stainless steel case
See through casing,
Manual winding movement 6498 with or with out small seconds,
46 hours power reserve, Finishing with black PVD
Water resistance 30 m

Masque de Venise -Maschera Ref OR-MAS
Dial designed by Marc Pasini,
Stainless steel case and
See through casing,
Manual winding movement 6497 with or with out small seconds,
46 hours power reserve,
"Cotes de Geneve" Finishing
-Water resistance 30 m

A brief information regarding some remarkable watch models are given below:-
Spirit of Lausanne 1 Ref OR -SOL 1
-Special order from the Municipality of Lausanne.
-Not for Sale.
-Stainless steel case,
-Mechanical movement,
-See through casing,
-Hand engraved,
-Men and Women Models.

Art Watch Yersin Ref OR-YE
-Limited Edition of 30 pieces.
-Hand engraved portrait and reproduced
-Dial: Choice of colour
-Stainless steel case
-See through casing
-Mechanical Movement.

Black Trade Chronograph Ref OR-BT
-Stainless steel case
-See through casing
-Mechanical Movement
-Hand engraved

Titan's Ref OR-TBK
-Titanium or stainless steel case
-See through casing
-Mechanical Movement
-Hand engraved

Melodia Ref OR-MEL
-Stainless steel case
-See through casing,
-Mechanical Movement

Twelve Hours Ref OR -TH
-Stainless steel case
-See through casing
-Mechanical Movement
-Hand engraved
-Case set with 12 diamonds or 12 sapphires faceted

The Achiever Ref OR - TA
-Swiss Army Chronograph model
-Limited Edition of 100 pieces
-Hand engraved
-Titanium case
-Mechanical movement
-See through casing

Eveil Ref OR-EV
-Motif is engraved by hand on a golden dial
-Mechanical movement
-Stainless steel case

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