Friday, January 1, 2016


Novelties 2016
DAVOSA - Vireo Chronograph and Dual Time
DAVOSA Pontus All Stars Limited Editions
DAVOSA Titanium Automatic (New Edition)

DAVOSA Gentlemen Automatic (New Versions)
DAVOSA Neoteric Pilot Automatic

Novelties 2015
DAVOSA Ternos Vintage
DAVOSA Black Military Vintage Automatic 

DAVOSA Speedline TX

Novelties 2014
DAVOSA Trailmaster Automatic
DAVOSA Grande Diva Manual Winding
DAVOSA Argonautic Lumis C

DAVOSA Glam Vanguard
DAVOSA Vintage Rally Pilot Chronograph
DAVOSA Classic Skeleton Automatic
DAVOSA Black Military Automatic

Novelties 2013
DAVOSA Argonautic Dual Time
DAVOSA Vintage 60s
DAVOSA Ternos Professional
DAVOSA Vanguard Automatic
DAVOSA Argonautic Lumis

Novelties 2012
DAVOSA Black Titanium Limited Edition
DAVOSA Argonautic Gun
DAVOSA Ladies’ Colour Delight
DAVOSA Salome Limited Edition
DAVOSA Black Ternos Ceramic
DAVOSA Gentleman Automatic
DAVOSA Military Automatic

Novelties 2011
Davosa Black Ternos Limited edition
Davosa Argonautic Ceramic Chronograph
Davosa Worldtraveller Chronograph

Novelties 2010
Davosa Argonautic diver's watch
Davosa Rallye Pilot Chronograph

Novelties 2009
Classic Automatic Black Face
The Ladies Best Friend
Titanium Automatic
Lady In Red Limited Edition

Novelties 2008
Skeleton Limited Edition

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