Saturday, February 6, 2016


Novelties 2016
Concord Impresario

Novelties 2015
Concord Saratoga Lady Black PVD and Rose Gold
Concord Saratoga Lady Diamond Petal
Concord Mariner Gent Cobalt Blue Dial
Concord C1 Tourbillon (Titanium Case with Black PVD Finish & Black Dial)

Novelties 2014
Concord C1 Chronograph Gold
Concord Mariner - New Diamond Set Versions
CONCORD Saratoga Lady, Stainless Steel Diamond-Set Case and Set Bracelet, 31mm
Concord C1 NightRacer Limited Edition

Concord Mariner Collection
Concord C2 Big Date Quartz
Concord C1 Chronograph 2014 Edition
Concord C2 Teknologic
Concord Saratoga Automatic Lady, Year of the Horse Edition

Novelties 2013
CONCORD Saratoga Chronograph Black PVD
Concord Saratoga Lady Black
CONCORD – New C1 Chronograph

Novelties 2012
CONCORD C1 BlackSpider Brilliant
CONCORD C2 Chronograph - New Models 2012 ( Ref 0320187 & Ref 0320189)
CONCORD C2 Chronograph Black & White
CONCORD C2 AsphaltBlack Y 12 Edition
CONCORD C2 GraffitiGrey Circuit Limited Edition

Novelties 2011
Concord C1 Big Date Radar
Concord C1 Libertadores Limited-edition Chronograph
Concord C1 Amethyst
Concord C2 Chronograph
CONCORD C1 BlackSpider Limited Edition

Novelties 2010
Concord C1 EternalGravity Model 0320101 Unique piece
Concord C1 MecaTech chronograph
Concord C1 Vintage Chronograph
Concord C1 Code Chronograph
Concord C1 EternalGravity Model 0320101 Unique piece
Concord C1 Chronograph Zest Reference: 0320094

Product archives
C1 WorldTimer (2008)
C1 Pure
C1 Retrograde
C1 Quantum Gravity
C1 WorldTimer (2009)
C1 Chronograph High Jewellery
C1 Chronometer
C1 Tourbillon Gravity
C1 Biretrograde Limited Edition

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