Saturday, August 6, 2016


Novelties 2016
Dewitt - Golden Afternoon & Classic - Japanese Spring
Dewitt Twenty -8- Eight Skeleton Tourbillon High Jewellery
Dewitt Classic Jewellery Moon Abstraction
DEWITT ALMA, New Edition
Dewitt Lady Pressy
Dewitt Twenty - 8 - Eight Skeleton Tourbillon High Jewellery (T8.TH.025)

Novelties 2015
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon Set with Diamonds (T8.TH.022)
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon (Ref. T8.TH.024)
Dewitt ‘Academia Out of Time’ Unique Piece for Only Watch 2015
Dewitt Academia Mathematical Concept Watch
Dewitt Academia Out Of Time
Dewitt Academia Small Second
Dewitt Academia Chronostream II
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon Prestige (New Versions- T8.TP.002 & T8.TP.003)
DeWitt Princess Marie-Clotilde
Dewitt Academia Grand Tourbillon
Dewitt Twenty-8-Eight Double Time GMT2 Poetic
Dewitt Academia Grand Tourbillon

Novelties 2014
Dewitt Glorious Knight Chronograph with Napoléon's DNA
DeWitt ALMA (Edition 2014)
DeWitt  Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon (T8.TH.011 / T8.TH.014)
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon Prestige
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Seconde Retrograde (Ref. T8.SR.005)
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Full Moon

Novelties 2013
DeWitt - Classic Quantieme
Dewitt Twenty-8-Eight Double Fuseau GMT2 Poetic
DeWitt Classic Jumping Hour
DeWitt Academia Double Fuseau GMT Limited Edition
DeWitt Classic HMS & Classic HMS Jewellery
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Automatic (New Model in 18-carat rose gold and grade 5 Neo-titanium)
DeWitt Furtive Automatic Petite Seconde (Small Second)
DeWitt Furtive Chronograph
DeWitt Furtive Automatic
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight “Only Watch” Skeleton Tourbillon High Jewelry
DeWitt New Academia Steel - Grande Date and Hora Mundi
DeWitt TWENTY-8-EIGHT TOURBILLON Limited edition (New Models)

Novelties 2012   
DeWitt Quantième Perpétuel Nebula Limited Edition
DEWITT Twenty-8-Eight Seconde Retrograde (Ref T8.SR.001)
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon (Ref T8.TH.010) Limited Edition
DEWITT Twenty-8-Eight Automatic (Ref T8.AU.011 / 013)
DEWITT Twenty-8-Eight Skeleton Tourbillon (Ref T8.TH.008 / 009)
DEWITT ACADEMIA MIRABILIS ( Ref AC.MI.001) Limited edition
DeWitt Academia Tourbillon Impérial (AC.TI.001) Limited Edition
DEWITT Academia Chronostream (New Model in 18 carat rose gold & grade 5 Neotitanium)

Novelties 2011
DeWitt X-Watch For Only Watch 2011
DeWitt Academia Quantième Perpétuel Sport
DeWitt Academia Chronostream
DeWitt Golden Afternoon Collection
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Tourbillon Edition 2011
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Automatic Edition 2011

Novelties 2010
DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Regulator A.S.W.
Dewitt Twenty-8-Eight Automatic Limited Edition
DeWitt Twenty-8-Tourbillon Limited Edition
DeWitt Academia Blackstream Chronograph Limited Edition
DeWitt Academia Tourbillon Force Constante à Chaîne 18-carat rose gold Limited Edition
DeWitt Academia Blackstream Triple Complication GMT3 Limited Edition

Novelties 2009
Dewitt Academia Double Fuseau GMT2 Poetic
Academia Tourbillon Force Constante Mecanica Limited edition
Dewitt Academia Seconde Retrograde Serenity
DeWitt Academia Tourbillon Force Constante à Chaîne Platinum Limited Edition
DeWitt Répétition Minutes Tourbillon GMT Antipode

Novelties 2008
DeWitt Concept Watch WX-1
Dewitt Academia Night Chronographe

Novelties 2007
Dewitt Silicium Hora Mundi
DeWitt Academia Tourbillon Différenciel Rainbow Spirit

Dewitt Tourbillon Force Constante(2006)
Dewitt Tourbillon Différentiel (2005)
DEWITT Alma Utopia (2005)  
DeWitt Pressy Grande Complication (2004)
DeWitt - DAME DE PRESSY (2004)

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