Sunday, June 12, 2016


Novelties 2016
Edox World Curling Federation Timepieces Collection
Edox Grand Ocean Extreme Sailing Series™ Edition
Edox Grand Ocean Automatic
Edox Grand Ocean Slim
Edox Les Bemonts Perpetual Calendar

Novelties 2015
Edox Chronoffshore 110th Anniversary Limited edition
Edox Les Bémonts C. R.-F. Limited Edition
Edox LaPassion Open Heart Lady
EDOX Hydro-Sub 50th Anniversary Limited edition

Novelties 2014
EDOX Chronorally Titanium
EDOX Les Bémonts Open Vision
EDOX Les Bémonts 130th Anniversary Limited Edition
EDOX Geoscope Limited Edition
EDOX Hydro Sub North Pole Limited Edition

Edox Chronodakar III Limited Edition

Novelties 2013
EDOX Grand Ocean Extreme Sailing Series™ Special Edition
EDOX Ghost Ship Limited Edition
EDOX Grand Ocean Extreme Sailing Series Special Edition
EDOX Chronodakar Limited Edition

Novelties 2012
EDOX Iceman II Limited Edition
EDOX Chronorally Automatic Chronograph (ref. 01116)
EDOX Grand Ocean Chronolady (Ref. 10410)
EDOX Grand Ocean Chronodiver (Ref. 10022)

Novelties 2011
Edox Cape Horn 5 Minute Repeater Limited Edition
Edox New Xtreme Pilot III Limited Edition
Edox New Royal Lady Chronograph Ref. 10405 357B NAIN
Edox New Grand Ocean Automatic Chronograph Ref. 01113 357N NIN
Edox New Class-1 Chronoffshore Automatic Ref. 01114 3 NIN

Novelties 2010
Edox WRC Xtreme Pilot Limited Edition
Edox Class-1 Chronoffshore Limited Edition
Edox Heartbreaker Love Edition
Edox Class-1 Chronolady Collection
Edox new Iceman I Limited Edition

Novelties 2009
Edox New Grand Ocean Chronograph Automatic
Edox Sea Dubai Limited Edition
Edox Limited Edition Class 1 Ice Shark
Edox Classe Royale Limited Edition Jackpot
Edox Dubai Super Limited Edition

Novelties 2008
Edox Class 1 Chronometer Automatic Limited Edition
Edox Royal Lady Limited Edition
Edox Les Vauberts Open Heart
Edox Class 1 Regulator Automatic
Edox Class Royale 5 Minute Repeater
Edoc Classe Royale Automatic Chronograph
Edox Koenigsegg Limited Edition Chronograph

Novelties 2007
EDOX Spirit of Norway
EDOX GMT, Titanium

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