Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Novelties 2016
Gc LadyChic Firework
Gc LadyChic Diamond Swirl
Gc Structura - Swiss Made Quartz Chronograph
Gc-3 Papaya

Novelties 2015   
Gc LadyChic Turquoise Python
Gc LadyChic Collection
Gc-3 Mechanical Chronograph Limited Edition
Gc Bold Chronograph, 44mm
Gc Femme Bijou Rose Gold (PVD) Precious
Gc Technosport with Ice Blue Sunray Dial

Novelties 2014
Gc Python Diver Chic
Gc Femme bijou
Gc African Dream Collection
Gc TechnoSport
Gc B1-Class Automatic
Gc Bold Limited Edition

Novelties 2013
Gc Mini Chic
Gc-1 Sport
Gc Camouflage
Gc-3 Valjoux Limited Edition
Gc B1-Class Telemeter
Gc Femme
Gc-1 Sport

Novelties 2012
Gc-3 AquaSport Colour Boost
Gc Classica Automatic
Gc Sport Class XL-S Glam Matte
Gc-4 15th Anniversary Limited Edition
Gc Class Lady 15th Anniversary Limited Edition
Gc-1 Chronograph

Novelties 2011
Gc-4 Executive
Gc SlimClass
Gc XL-S Glam Precious
Gc Mini Chic
Gc Femme
Gc XXL Phantom Set
Gc Skeleton Heartbeat Limited Edition
Gc Sport Class XL-S Glam
Gc Sport Class XXL Blackout

Novelties 2010
Gc New B-1 Class Lady
Gc1 Open Dial Limited Edition
Gc-3 Chrono
Gc Sport Class XXL Ceramic

Novelties 2009
Gc-2 Series for women
Gc Sport Chic Bella Class
Gc-1 Limited Edition Skeleton
Gc Class Automatic 7750
Gc Sport Class Rose Gold Chronograph
Gc SE1 Automatic
Gc Sport Class All Black Automatic
Gc SE 1 Chrono Series
Gc Diver Class Lady Square
Gc SE 2 Automatic Limited Edition
Gc Sport Chic Elegance Special edition

Novelties 2008
Gc Diver Chic Ceramic series
Gc Diver Chic Precious Collection
Gc SE2
Sport Class XL

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