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Paul Picot C Type Plongeur 48 Ben Spies Limited Edition 111

Swiss watch brand Paul Picot announced that after the first Grand Prix of Qatar, from MOTOGP Japan on, Paul Picot rides for the entire world championship on the wrist of the current World Superbike champion Ben Spies! As a luxury watch brand renown by the quality and particular design of its timepieces, Paul Picot is issuing a call to all motorbike aficionados to celebrate Ben Spies’ achievements by interpreting his famous style with a fresh and innovative approach. The characteristic and unique design of this sport watch perfectly match the style and value of Ben Spies world; speed, adrenalin, and high performance.

Ben Spies began to compete with the 125cc class in Texas in the early 2000s, he took part at the American Superstock Championship and in 2003 he joined the Suzuki team. In 2006, he won the AMA Superbike Championship, beating favorite Mat Mladin, winner of 6 of the last 7 Championships. Spies won 6 consecutive races at the beginning of the 2006 season and he was able to accumulate the advantage necessary to contain the subsequent counterattack of Mladin, winning the title with an 8-point lead. In total, he took 7 pole positions and 17 podiums.

In 2007, he again won the Championship over Mladin, but this time with 1 single point. In 2009, he made his debut in the Superbike World Championship being a Yamaha YZF-R1 official team racer. He was the winner of 7 pole positions in the first seven races of the 2009 season. After a Championship fought to the last race, he became superbike world champion in 2009. The Texan rider of the Yamaha Tech3 arrives officially in his first year in Moto GP.... and ranks 5th after his first race.

This partnership will be celebrated by a special limited edition, the famous Plongeur 48 Titanium will be produced in a series of 111 pieces (11 is in fact his competition number). The Plongeur 48 Ben Spies will have special features; the dial will be entirely in carbon fiber and the 9 o’clock counter will mimic a disc brake.

Automatic COSC movement
Water proof 300m
Sapphire crystal
Screw-down pushers.
Retail price 5.850 euros or CHF 7975

Sol Invictus by Cabestan & Marc Alfieri : First mechanical watch in the world to integrate a perpetual winding system powered by solar energy

Jointly developed by Swiss luxury watch maker Cabestan & Marc Alfieri , Sol Invictus is the first mechanical watch in the world to integrate a perpetual winding system powered by solar energy.

This spectacular timepiece incarnates the new generation of exclusive watchmaking : three of the leading names in the industry, Marc Alfieri, Jean-François Ruchonnet and Eric Coudray, worked together to create the unimaginable. Sol Invictus, Invincible Sun, god revered by the Roman Emperor Aurelian, is today the name of this extra ordinary creation.
Marc Alfieri, an avant garde watchmaker, is also a major actor in the large scale deployment of solar panels in France. During a meeting with Jean-François Ruchonnet, this experience led him to the idea of combining the astonishing movement of the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical, with its chain and fusée, drums and vertical tourbillon, and a rewinding system powered by solar energy at a scale never seen before. The vision was to link the Cabestanʼs micromechanics to miniature photovoltaic cells, store energy and then draw upon it as needed, to electro-mechanically set the time and perpetually rewind the movement.

Marc Alfieri, who installs vast surfaces of solar panels capable of generating 100 megawatts of electricity, adapted this technology to Sol Invictus to produce only 100 milliwatts, or one billion times less power. To achieve this, he worked with lʼINES (lʼInstitut National de lʼEnergie Solaire) who recently developed a revolutionary new technique for producing and treating silicium crystals that can be used to produce highly efficient solar cells that are especially suitable for small surfaces and low luminosity. Sol Invictus will have the honour of being the worldʼs first commercial utilisation of this groundbreaking technology.

Two brushless micromotors are employed, one for rewinding the movement and the other for setting the time. Typically used in the medical industry, they have a diameter of only 1.9 mm and a length of 5.5 mm. A miniature controller regulates and amplifies the electrical charge, manages the two micromotors via a programmable oscillator and assures the direction and the speed of the motors. To activate and deactivate the motors, a twin-blade electromechanical contact is used to open and close the electrical circuit. The result is an amazing system for powering the movement, based on an exciting combination of the latest in solar technology and century old electromechanical know-how.

Jean-François Ruchonnet, working with Marc Alfieri, placed his spectacular vertical Cabestan movement in the center of the timepiece. Perfectly balanced at 12 oʼclock and 6 oʼclock, he added two solar panels mounted in metal frames held in place by cleverly designed pivots. The micromotors and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are positioned to be discretely visible underneath the solar cells. In the middle of the movement, the twin-blade contact and its glass casing, based on the designs of 19th century scientist Léon Foucault, is eminently visible. The complex mechanism that links the crown to the movement also includes a striking 30 mm long axle that traverses the movement in its width. Finally, the watchcase is inspired by Marc Alfieriʼs designs, but Jean-François Ruchonnet restyled it, giving it an elegantly curved shape, a single curved crystal, a lateral window at 9 oʼclock and a sapphire case back all designed to increase the visability of the incredible mechanism inside.

Eric Coudray had the task of working with Jean-François Ruchonnetʼs design and Marc Alfieriʼs solar energy system, to integrate the technologies used and make sure that Sol Invictus works perfectly. He started by creating an elaborate system that automatically detects when the barillet needs to be rewound. At the end of its power reserve, a magnet automatically moves next to the glass tube containing the twin blade contacts. The magnetic attraction closes the electrical circuit and starts the rewinding sequence. The energy delivered by the motor passes through a set of differential gears before rewinding the movement by acting upon the chain and fusée. Once finished, the magnet is moved away and the contact opens to stop the motor. A separate motor is used to set the time electro-mechanically. The multifunction crown is equipped with a releasable mechanism that enables the owner to rewind the watch both electromechanically and manually, and to set time electromechanically.

For 7000 years, the Sun has been at the center of telling time, but it has never before been harnessed to assure the perpetual functioning of a mechanical timepiece. Sol Invictus breaks with the norms of traditional watchmaking and pushes back the limits of the imagination: the combination of an ingenious idea and a spectacular movement that becomes reality. A work of mechanical art destined for the worldʼs most demanding collectors. The art of watchmaking pushed to the extreme. And a highly successful collaborative effort that is emblematic of the new generation of watchmakers.

Suggested retail price for titanium model is CHF 595,000. Each timepiece will be produced on demand using the materials and configuration desired by its future owner, making each piece unique.

Technical details

• Hours, minutes, seconds read from three engraved rotary drums
• Power reserve indicator on an engraved rotary drum
• Symbols of the sun used by ancient civilisations engraved on the barrel

• Fully mechanical movement calibre CAB EC 101 with Swiss anchor escapement
• Mechanical tourbillon mecanique regulated on 6 positions with constant torque provided by the chain and fusee system
• Frequency: 21 600 alt/h or 3 hz
• Breguet balance-spring; geneva stud
• 53 rubies
• Steel chain 160 mm long composed of 235 links and 156 rivets
• Winding and time setting controlled using the crown (manual and Electromechanical) or perpetual winding using the solar power system
• Vertical gear system and differential
• Grade 5 titanium case with lateral window (other materials on request)

Power system
• Miniature perpetual energy solar power system
• Twin solar cells developed using proprietary technology from lʼines (institut National de lʼenergie solaire)
• Automatic electromechanical switch with twin-blade contact activated by magnet
• Lithium-ion batteries
• Programmable controller /oscillator circuitry
• Two brushless DC micromotors for rewinding and time setting

Luxury watch maker Cuervo y Sobrinos presents a distinguished line of writing instruments "Mille Miglia"

The prestigious watch brand Cuervo y Sobrinos has demonstrated during the last years an unfailing attachment to the world of the classic car by being involved in several national or international classic cars events and competitions. The world of the vintage cars and the values of the Latin brand with Swiss heart are very close: tradition, elegance, glamour and performance:

The legendary race "Mille Miglia", also called “Freccia Rossa" (red arrow because of the typical logo), denominated « the most beautiful car race in the World” by Enzo Ferrari, was held for the first time June 1927 : Brescia to Rome and back for a total of exactly 1000 miles. Today the “Mille Miglia” stays for Italian passion, elegance, glamour and spirit of adventure.

Cuervo y Sobrinos now announces a very prestigious partnership with this famous competition by creating a distinguished line of writing instruments Cuervo y Sobrinos "Mille Miglia".
Marzio Villa, president of the Swiss brand, has a long and strong expertise in the world of classic cars. This year 2010 he participates for the 4th time in a row with his Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint from the 1956. The 2010 edition of the started on May 5th with a gala dinner for all international participants together with the local authorities and selected clients from Cuervo y Sobrinos.

The race started on May 6th from the Piazza della Loggia in Brescia, a very nice and typical place in the center of the city. It is in this unique environment that Cuervo y Sobrinos was presenting the new writing instruments Mille Miglia to the public. All products are produced in a limited edition; the design is very exclusive and underline the racing character of the products. As guarantee for the high quality of the products, it is worth to mention that production of the Mille Miglia writing instruments has been done by the prestigious pen manufacturer Elmo & Montegrappa.

After a step in Bologna, the participants reached Rome on May 7th, with all cars arriving at the one of the more emblematic building of the Italian capital: Sant Angelo. Cuervo y Sobrinos has created a limited edition of 1609 pieces, a clear tribute to the 1000 miles (=1609 kilometers). The following day back from Rome to Brescia where the race finished on Sunday May 9th. The final ceremony, together with the prizes award, was held in the prestigious Museum Mille Miglia where are all the information, archives and pictures of this historical race. For Cuervo y Sorbrinos the association with the Mille Miglia is a further confirmation that the brand is consistently growing and is becoming an international success story.

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Jaguar Watches: Brand Info

JAGUAR is a Swiss luxury watch brand owned by Festina group. Swiss watchmaker Peter Haas founded the JAGUAR watch brand in 1938. In doing so he set himself a mission: to imbue each of his collections with the same effortless strength and pedigree of the Jaguar, the powerful feline which incarnates the savage beauty of the savannah. JAGUAR watches is now celebrating 70 years of existence – and its spirit is as young and vigorous as ever. And like the jaguar of the savannah, the brand has survived through time and evolution by continuously adapting to its environment. With its eyes fixed firmly on the future, JAGUAR now pays homage to its founders in a celebration of the company’s heritage, its watchmaking expertise and its distinctive style.
A passion for precision and a meticulous eye for detail are encapsulated in every JAGUAR timepiece. Manufactured in its ultra-modern Swiss factory, JAGUAR watches are assembled with a quintessentially Swiss precision. Expertise handed down from one watchmaking generation to the next, unceasing research into technical excellence, creative finesse and innovative design have earned JAGUAR watches the high distinction of Swiss Made quality. JAGUAR caters to a demanding male clientele which is accustomed to unparalleled Swiss quality with a watch which marks time with unbeatable precision.

In 1989, the JAGUAR brand was bought by Festina, who strongly promoted the brand on the world markets. After the successful relaunch of JAGUAR, Festina then decided to revitalize and reposition the brand. And with the energy of the Festina Group behind it, JAGUAR is now a rejuvenated brand. Over the last 5 years JAGUAR has returned to the sources of inspiration of its founders while cultivating a younger look and extending its international reach.

Today, JAGUAR is a brand offering Swiss Made quality to a wide consumer segment. It offers excellent value for money and the guarantee of impeccable quality. JAGUAR watches are available in steel, laminate, gold-plated steel and 18-carat gold, and have Swiss-made automatic and quartz movements. The skill of the original JAGUAR craftsmen remains alive today, in timepieces with a natural, unpretentious elegance.


LINDE WERDELIN Watches: Brand Profile, History and Products

Linde Werdelin is a Danish high end sports watch brand founded in 2002 by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin.Their idea was to make a new concept luxury sports watch on which a professional digital instrument clips on to provide the right level of information at the right time.The company won Japan's The "Good Design Award" and The international “Red Dot Design Award” 2006 for their new concept watch.

Jorn Werdelin’s great grand father established himself as a fine smith in Aalborg, Denmark. His grandfather, himself a goldsmith, opened the first jewellery shop of the Werdelin family and his father graduated as a jeweller and opened further boutiques in Copenhagen. Young Jorn was surrounded and fascinated by watches. At only 8 years of age, he exchanged his first strap and battery for one of his father’s client. As he grew older, Jorn had become a regular on the shop floor during the Christmas season, becoming more knowledgeable every year about the leading luxury watch brands present in the store, developing a strong marketing sense for this niche high end clientele base.

At 14, Jorn saw the first Cartier Santos Octogonal watch enter his father’s shop. A luxury sports watch like none before, it struck him as a must-have. He worked flat-out for a whole season to be able to buy one from his earned commissions. Soon, he discovered that his childhood friend Morten Linde, also owned a Santos Octogonale. Indeed, Jorn and Morten share such a close sense of aesthetics and passion for watches that, over time, they both bought the same four iconic pieces: the Santos, the Reverso, the Oyster and the Royal Oak. Morten loved watches since childhood. From an early age he was collecting watches and always wanted to become a watch designer. So much so, that in 1993 he travelled to Basel with 4 of his own designs and presented them to some of the major brands exhibiting there which lead to several commissions following his meetings. As a functionalist (don’t call him a Danish designer), Morten is fascinated by watches.They are some of the most complex products, with so many technical and ergonomical constraints: they have to look good with suits, jeans, work in light or darkness, be comfortable and fitted, be precise, resist water, be manufactured in the finest materials and above all be easy to read and use.

A passion for ski and the Alps As counter-intuitive as it may sound, Alpine skiing is not a popular sport in Denmark. It was therefore quite unusual for Jorn’s family to go skiing every winter and even more so as it involved driving across Europe in a white Ford Mustang. Jorn first stepped on skis at age 6. His first ski boots (red like his first skis) make for an unusual office decoration in London. He hasn’t missed a year skiing since and always returning to the Swiss or French Alps, even on his honeymoon!

Having skied on and off-piste, as well as having been dropped from many a helicopter, Jorn and Morten have their favourite ski resorts and these are shared in their Ski Guide Box Sets for Italy, France and Switzerland. Both Jorn and Morten have been skiing since the age of 6 years old with the mountains being a source of amazement and entertainment with friends and family each year, providing the essential mix of nature, activity and family.

The power of two:After graduating with a Master of Science in International Business, Jorn went to work in Paris and London as an investment banker. Morten, having studied industrial design, went on to create furniture, sports watches and Bang & Olufsen stereos at the same time winning a string of awards and recognition including the iconic chairs sitting in Copenhagen’s park.In 2002, whilst recovering from a serious skiing accident where he broke his back in five places, Jorn received a call from Morten suggesting they make a sophisticated yet stylish sports watch together. Combining their passion for skiing and watches, LINDE WERDELIN was incorporated in Denmark and London in 2002 and continues to grow its strong client base who wait in anticipation for their next move.

LINDE WERDELIN is the only watch brand using analogue and digital technologies to their best advantage. The Biformeter, mechanical automatic Swiss made watches, bring style to all occasions. Where most designers concern themselves only with the shape of their products and would only see watches with endless design constraints, Morten sees functionality and opportunities that bring the product a personality. The angled sides of the BIFORMETER watch case, for example, are both functional, enabling the instruments to easily clip on top of the watch, and a strong part of the visual identity for the watch. It uses uniquely detailed and stylish angles that allow the sports instruments to easily clip on top transforming it into a high performance, cutting edge tool. It brings protection, guidance and reexperience to even the most advanced sports enthusiast. Deliberately controlled to include only the most relevant and important functions, the instruments are easy to use, with a logical display of functions, and can even be used without needing to read the instruction manual. Whether skiing in the Alps or diving in the Maldives the LINDE WERDELIN watches and instruments ensure accuracy, usability and functionality at all times.

The LINDE WERDELIN price range starts from £2,230 for the Elemental range up to £10,600 for the 18K Gold range and £1,180 for the Land Instrument.

Official website:

Kari Voutilainen Watches: Brand Profile, History and Products

Born in Finland in 1962 , Kari Voutilainen has a passionate interest in horology spanning thirty years. He completed his initial watchmaker’s training at the world renowned watchmaking school of Tapiola in Finland.He first came to Switzerland in 1989 to attend the International Watchmaking School, where he completed the WOSTEP complicated watch course, a post graduate course for those watchmakers dedicated to the restoration of complicated, high quality rare watches. He was quickly spotted by Parmigiani Mesure et Art du Temps, where over the following ten years he was at the centre of the restoration work of some of the world’s rarest pieces as well as the creation of new and original ‘one-off’ pieces.Giving back to others much of the fruit of his experience, Kari Voutilainen taught for the next three years at the WOSTEP School of Watchmaking, heading the department of complicated watchmaking. He also undertook the complete training of beginners, and added many new courses to the curriculum that he had devised himself.

He is, as his nature suggests, the first to commend the kind and generous teaching of those master watchmakers who have passed on their ‘centuries old’ watchmaking knowledge. Alongside his professional work, Kari Voutilainen has devoted himself, through many long evenings of tireless work over the last fifteen years, to developing the ultimate perfection of new and unique mechanisms, which are represented in his highly elegant watches.Following his passion, and in order to preserve this highly prized tradition, Kari Voutilainen established his own business as an independent Artist Watchmaker in the village of Môtiers in 2002. The beautiful and tranquil region of ‘Val-de-Travers’ gives itself by its very nature to thoughtful and creative watchmaking. Distant markets as far away as China have been conquered by the works of past Masters from this region.

Kari Voutilainen’s natural gift for perfection, coupled with his broad experience and deep understanding of very high quality, antique, complicated watches, are the quintessential ingredients for innovative creation in the art of watchmaking. Not one to satisfy himself by imagined creations alone, he makes all of his creations himself. He is totally involved in every detail whether technical or aesthetic; like a true artist or sculptor, nothing is left to chance.Only this way can his masterpiece timekeepers, based on solid technical foundations and incorporating timeless classical design, pass from generation to generation as the inheritance of a time honoured and proudly maintained tradition.

As with all entirely handmade watches, their number will remain limited; each one is rafted according to specific requirements and has its own individual and personal qualities. It goes without saying that these technical marvels are clothed and protected only by the most precious of metals.It is for these reasons that pieces signed by Kari Voutilainen will make their mark in the history of watchmaking, to the great delight of those collectors fortunate enough to own one.

Official website:

Leonard Watches: Brand Profile, History and Products

This unique and highly recognisable couture brand owes its power to the passion and direction of Alexandre Reymond, the new CEO of Leonard Montres. From the moment of his arrival as the head of Leonard Montres in 2005, his vision for the new ranges was one of pure extravagance. Ever since attaining his watchmaker’s licence in 1975 he has had a history of sublimating the universe of horological design to his passionate creative vision. He brought on board a vast amount of experience in the field of luxury goods, and a limitless passion for the creative aspects of his craft.

In his 15 years of experience with some of the most prestigious clockmakers in the world; Audemars Piguet, Blancpain and Jaeger-LeCoultre, he had developed a twin interest in mechanical perfection and flawless design. Marrying the utmost respect for the heritage of the Leonard brand with the sense of personality that is the hallmark of every true artist, he immediately set about repositioning the identity of Leonard Montres. Taking a fresh look at the Leonard brand, and its inspired high-conceptual themes, Alexandre Reymond designed a collection in the tradition of luxury and excellence that is the hallmark of the finest couturiers. Indeed, just like the finest high fashion couture, a Leonard timepiece must be instantly recognisable anywhere and everywhere. As a result, the Leonard range of exclusive timepieces has an exceedingly strong visual identity.

Born of a haute couture aesthetic, forged with the skill and emotion of it’s creator, a Leonard watch has true inner strength and beauty, and this range exhibits a highly original style that is entirely its own. Leonard Montres is a groundbreaking brand, with an attention to detail and a breathtaking aesthetic vision which lifts it head and shoulders above its peers.

Ever passionate about the marriage of style and watchmaking excellence, to Leonard Montres a timepiece is a luxury accessory which should be able to adapt to the mood of its wearer, to their clothes, or to the season. Like a chameleon, yet subsumed in the desires and whims of its owner, it can change in an instant, like an actor assuming a new role, with a single click. Though spontaneously aesthetic, the metamorphosis is the fruit of a technological decision. Leonard Montres considers the modularity of its strap designs to be a design imperative and a source of added value. The opulent and distinctive visual identity seduces with its organic strength and its unique design idiom, drawn from, and inspired by, the language of flowers.

While the main creative process in its entirety ultimately rests in the hands of Alexandre Reymond and his team, it is in Paris that the range of hues and colours, the basis of this distinctive aesthetic, is decided upon. Beyond the surface aesthetics, a Leonard timepiece is made in the purest tradition of clockwork, for it is in the historical birthplace of the watchmaking trade in la Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland that the manufacture of Leonard watches takes place. Leonard Montres produces two distinctive collections, the ready-to-wear and the hautecouture; Ladies watches are sensual, the Men’s timepieces, virile. Every single watch that bears the Leonard name is also sold in the Leonard Couture shops.

Click here to visit Leonard Product Gallery.

KIENZLE Watches: Brand Info

KIENZLE's history dates back further than that of any other German watch maker operating today. Since 1822 KIENZLE has been making a significant contribution to establishing and expanding the German watch-making industry and its worldwide reputation.

Thanks to its highly appealing contemporary design and innovative technology, KIENZLE is the traditional German brand for twenty-first century timepieces that enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation. Following the purchase of the brand by the KIENZLE AG, Hamburg, the management set about re-establishing KIENZLE as one of the leading German watch brands on the international stage.

Precision, reliability, innovation and excellent value for money are the principles underpinning almost 200 years of company history. These competencies will remain the most important values in the company's present and future.

  • 1822: 2,000 pendulum and wall clocks were produced by 20 employees in the company's foundation year (then trading as Schlenker).
  • 1855: “Night watchman's recording clocks” are sold all over the world.
  • 1883: Jakob Kienzle marries into the Schlenker family; the company is renamed SCHLENKER & KIENZLE.
  • 1899: Machine production with around 400 employees.
  • 1910: The first automotive clocks are produced; for Rolls- Royce in England, for example. During the fifties and sixties, nearly every clock fitted in a German car was a KIENZLE. Clients include Jaguar, Daimler, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Renault, Ford and Opel.
  • 1932: The legendary KIENZLE 8-day aviation clock was created in the 1930s by developing the automotive clock further. It was fitted into the instrument panel in aeroplane cockpits.
  • 1939: KIENZLE has 3,500 employees and produces approx. 5 million timepieces per year.
  • 1954: The first parking meters are invented and are manufactured almost exclusively by KIENZLE in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • 1956: Series production of automatic wristwatches begins. The “people's automatic watch” is born, thus marking the breakthrough for wrist watches with an automatic winding mechanism.
  • 1966: One in four wristwatches sold in the Federal Republic of Germany is a KIENZLE.
  • 1972: Annual production increases to over 7 million units. KIENZLE invents the first solar-powered timepiece (“Heliomat”), the first battery-powered timepiece and the first quartz watch.
  • 1974: KIENZLE is the biggest wristwatch manufacturer in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • 1987: KIENZLE sells 300 million timepieces worldwide.
  • 1996: More product and manufacturing innovations, restructuring to become an independent profit centre.
  • 1999: The KIENZLE watch-making division is taken over by an Asian manufacturer.
  • 2002: KIENZLE AG is founded in Hamburg.
  • 2006: Global brand rights purchased. KIENZLE GmbH, Hamburg, takes over management of the brand.
  • 2007: Launch of the 1822- Made in Germany collection. Launch of the EDITION JAKOB KIENZLE, complication watches with manufacture in Germany. Reorganization of the KIENZLE management. Stephan W. Kruse-Thamer is now CEO
  • 2008: Move to KIENZLE-House in Hamburg.
  • 2010: The KIENZLE watch brand concept is halted in order to review and re-prioritize its focus.
  • 2011: A new and international KIENZLE watch collection is launched. It is positioned as the “people’s watch”.

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Ellicott Match One Chronograph: The World's First Chronograph in Stealth Carbon

Match One chronograph has been created by using a number of ultra sophisticated techniques in terms of both design and materials. Ellicot Match One Air force model is the first Chronograph in the world made with Stealth Carbon,a material often used in Stealth aircraft.

This model is a decisive breakthrough in the history of timepieces dedicated to the aeronautical world. Stealth Carbon is a material composed of sheets of carbon held together with epoxy,which makes it undetectable.. The match one model is equipped with a self winding chronograph movement with flyback function, 30 minutes counter, small seconds and date.

The model Match One Air force is available in stealth carbon case with tantalum bezel and back, titanium crown and carbon insert on the side.Dial in carbon. The model Match One Royal is available in pink gold case with tantalum bezel and case back,carbon insert on the side.Dial in carbon.This model is also available in a titanium case with gold or tantalum bezel

Ellicott Tourbillon Springfield

Ellicott Tourbillon Springfield expresses the talent of the brand's master watch makers with an impressive array of exclusive technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Tourbillon Springfield is available in Pink Gold ( Ref ECW 1 PGT) or White gold (ECW 1 WGT)case with tantalum bezel and back.Squeletton dial.The model is also available in a titanium version:Titanium case with tantalum bezel and back or a platinum version:platinum case,bezel and back.

Longines to launch its new watch model, Admiral Chronograph Ceramic at Roland-Garros

As official partner of the French Open at Roland-Garros, the Swiss watchmaker Longines has decided to seek out future tennis champions this year. Sixteen children from all around the world will be playing in a tournament leading up to an exciting mixed doubles final involving Gustavo Kuerten and Mary Pierce, who both won the French Open ten years ago.

After this event, Longines will be continuing its support for disadvantaged children through its sponsorship of the charity foundations set up by Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf, two of the brand’s Ambassadors of Elegance. Finally, at a charity dinner a representative of the famous Swiss watch company will have the singular honour of presenting the Longines Prize for Elegance to a sportsperson whose commitment to helping those in need deserves recognition.

Longines has chosen to look to the future at Roland-Garros this year by focusing on young tennis talent and organising a tournament under the title of Longines Future Tennis Aces. In order to promote sport, respect for others, fair play and tolerance, the Swiss watchmaker will be hoping to find the tennis champions of tomorrow.

In line with its slogan “Elegance is an attitude”, Longines sponsors the "Andre Agassi Foundation For Education" and "Children for Tomorrow" as well as supporting the "Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy", a school that offers the most disadvantaged children a chance in life. Gustavo Kuerten and Mary Pierce, who were both former champions at Roland-Garros ten years ago, have kindly agreed to participate in the event. Moreover, Gustavo Kuerten (who has set up the Instituto Guga Kuerten) is also keen to give disadvantaged children a chance in life. He has decided to sponsor five children who attend Andre Agassi’s school for the duration of their schooling.

Longines has invited 16 children (8 boys and 8 girls between the ages of 10 and 12) from all around the world to come to Paris. Having been selected in their own countries through their national tennis federations, these rising stars are among the best players of their age. At Roland-Garros they will be playing in the Longines Future Tennis Aces tournament on 3 and 4 June. They will be playing singles in two groups – boys and girls – and will play the best of 3 sets, each game being scored on the basis of a 5-point tie-break. The children will be coached by Mansour Bahrami, who set up the Legends Trophy, as well as by Agnieszka Radwanska and Tsung-Hua Yang, who are also among Longines’ Ambassadors of Elegance.

The two winners of the tournament will then team up with Gustavo Kuerten and Mary Pierce for a show final that will take place on Saturday, 5 June 2010, on court no. 7 at Roland-Garros. This match will give the children an opportunity to play alongside two tennis legends and to gain immeasurable experience. To reward and support the young victors, Longines will be offering them an annual reward of $2,000 until they are 16 aimed at encouraging their career in tennis. After the final, Longines will also be donating a cheque for $100,000 to the foundations set up by Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf, which will be presented personally to two children from the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy in Las Vegas. A press conference is planned for Saturday 5 June at 12.45 p.m. at the Roland-Garros Tenniseum when the various charity actions will be presented in detail.

At a charity dinner in the evening, Longines will have the honour of presenting an award to a sportsperson whose commitment to helping the most underprivileged deserves recognition. In awarding the Longines Prize for Elegance, the Swiss watchmaker will be paying tribute to a tennis player who has demonstrated true elegance in his or her heart. Finally, Longines will also be taking advantage of the occasion to launch its Longines Admiral Chronograph Ceramic.

The dial of this magnificent self-winding mechanical chronograph is surrounded by a black ceramic bezel and the model is altogether a perfect example of beauty combined with performance. Longines’ latest model in its line of elegant sports watches is mounted on a stainless steel bracelet whose central links are also in ceramic.

The Admiral series evokes the prestigious dimension of sport in which the aesthetics, precision and beauty of the action excel. This Chronograph model is fitted with the L705 automatic selfwinding mechanical movement, producing 28,800 alternations per hour and offering a power reserve of 46 hours. Its chronograph mechanism has a central seconds dial and 30 minutes counter at 3 o’clock.

The black dial shows the date, hour and minutes, has a seconds subdial at 9 o’clock. It is embellished with a “big 12” and superluminova luminescent applied hour-markers. This model has a case in stainless steel with screwed back and a black ceramic bezel indicating the tachymeter. The screwed ceramic crown and the ceramic push-pieces are sheltered by a protective shoulder. Stainless steel bracelet with black central ceramic links and triple security deployment buckle. Water-resistant to 100 meters.

About the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education
The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education seeks to transform public education in two ways. Through its signature project, the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, the Foundation works to provide underserved children in Las Vegas with a first-class education from kindergarten to 12th grade to prepare them for excellence in college and beyond. Through state and national advocacy, the Foundation strives to increase investment in, and accountability for, public schools. To support the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education or to obtain additional information, please visit

Children for Tomorrow
Children for Tomorrow is a non-profit that provides assistance to children and families who have become victims of war, persecution, and violence by helping to heal the psychological wounds within. The Foundation was established 1998 by Stefanie Graf in cooperation with the Outpatient Clinic for Refugee Children and their Families at the University Clinics of Hamburg-Eppendorf. Learn more at

Hentschel Hamburg : Mechanical Watches "Hand Made In Germany"

Hentschel Hamburg is a German luxury watch brand and a specialist in the manufacturing of Hand made mechanical watches. It is the only watch manufactory in the historic port city of Hamburg. The HENTSCHEL HAMBURG UHRENMANUFAKTUR builds exceptionally fine watches for the true enthusiast. Exclusive limited productions and one-of-a-kind-watches which are nearly completely handcrafted.
Image:Hamburg City
Exclusively made by an individual watchmaker for an individual customer. From the first gearwheel to the very last screw, and there are a lot of parts in a watch, until it’s new owner can wear it on his wrist.“Made by hand” is a luxury which only very few manufacturers can afford today, even among the famous brands. And how could it be otherwise, as they are producing many thousand watches per year? Hentschel Hamburg approaches this matter from a different angle. Watchmaking has an almost millennial tradition. Many ingenious watchmakers have devoted their entire creative career to a single movement detail and by this developed, over generations, a perfect and nearly wear-free mechanic organism.
Every detail has an important function. Nothing can be left out without disturbing the perfection of it as a whole. Because of the automation of the watch industry and the widespread employment of computerized fabrication, a lot of traditional watchmaking skills fell into oblivion. These skills are very difficult to master and time consuming as well. Watchmakers who are performing immaculate finishes, like screwed golden Chatons or cut decorations, are scarce and can’t be found easily.

But only because Hentschel Hamburg is putting this century-old expert knowledge into practice, by they able to comply with the highest standards and build a truly fine mechanical watch, which can accompany it’s owner for a lifetime. In this way unique pieces and limited editions are made in Hentschel Hamburg manufactory, which gives you the certainty to wear something truly exquisite on your wrist.

Official website:

Guepard Tersa Ladies Watch : Cette pièce d’exception

Between watch and jewellery, this time-piece of exception fascinates: an execution all in transparency, highlighted by 12 majestic Arab numerals and a box crimped with diamonds. Various choices of completions to the service of only one certainty: that diamonds are, and will remain, eternal.

Technical details
Quartz Ronda 1042
Functions: Hour and minutes

Black or white mother-of-pearl,12 Arab holders or 12 stick holders between the glasses

Steel of pink colour
Crimped glasses and sides(168 diamonds)
Double mineral glass for the top and the bottom

Leather in silk wire sheathed with butterfly loop matched with the box

Models are also available Steel box black matt or brown matt, crimped or not.Interior setting(32 diamonds) or outside(84 diamonds).Setting on the figures of the insert, 80 to 104 diamonds according to the insert.

Model Variations:
  • Ref LTEAF01G2C: "Tersa Lady watch SST, Arabic figures in diamonds, Full diamonds, 2 hands, 3atm, leather strap"
  • Ref LTEAF08G4S: Tersa Lady watch SST pink case, Arabic figures diamonds, Full diamonds, 2 hands, 3atm, leather strap
  • Ref LTEA01G2S: Tersa Lady watch SST, Arabic figures, 2 hands, 3atm, leather strap
  • Ref LTEAB01G2S: Tersa Lady watch SST, bezel with diamonds, Arabic figures diamonds, 2 hands, 3atm, leather strap
  • Ref LTEAH01G2S: Tersa Lady watch SST, Arabic figures diamonds, 2 hands, 3atm, leather strap

Friday, May 28, 2010

Exclusive German watch brand, Essex is now available in the United States

Essex Watch and James Elliot Jewelry boutiques of Scottsdale , AZ and Beverly Hills , CA are announcing the availability of Essex La Primera , professional diver watch collection at the exclusive James Elliot boutiques. Soon to launch, the Essex Diamond Watch series.

James Elliot Jewelry boutiques of Scottsdale and Beverly Hills will be the first U.S. boutiques to carry the Essex La Primera collection of exclusive mens watches. Essex, the brainchild of German design engineer, Rainer Brändlein introduces a fresh collection of quality and style in a timeless wristwatch for today’s active gentleman. James Elliot’s keen gauge on the up and coming segment of active luxury consumers makes this an important cooperative launch. The two designers have forged plans to expand the Essex collection with timeless diamond pieces.

Rainer Brändlein’s philosophy that luxury today needs to be accessible from a single timepiece across the spectrum of modern activities appealed to Mr. Jim Kriegel of James Elliot Jewelry , designer and owner of the boutique in Scottsdale, AZ.

Timeless pieces in today’s luxury market also mean appropriateness for the diverse activities in which today’s active luxury consumer engages. Whether it is at the office, a reception, an evening out, or a marathon, Essex delivers exclusivity and character with a single timepiece.

The Essex La Primera collection features mens luxury professional diver watches including a GMT diver and Classic versions. The collection is presently available in Black, Blue and Green. Other variations will be available next in phase II. These watches, comprised of marine grade steel and waterproof to 1000 meters, highlight the durability required in today’s discerning market. They house Swiss ETA movements for precision timekeeping and quality design. Active customers are attracted to the timeless design and heft of the German industrial construction that make La Primera collection so versatile. They are a statement about the boundaries of luxury yet comfortable for all occasions.

Essex’s cooperative efforts with Mr. Jim Kriegel, go beyond the launch of the brand. The cross over in the design philosophies of Rainer Brändlein and Mr. Kriegel is inspiring collaboration on a diamond collection of Essex watches. These timepieces will appeal to the pure luxury consumer who demands the design versatility of Essex and the exclusivity of diamonds. You can expect more news on their collaboration in the fourth quarter.

In the mean time, Essex is excited about it’s U.S. debut. The Company will be focused on forming relationships with exclusive jewelers in other markets helping to make the Essex brand more widely available in the U.S. For those outside of Scottsdale or Beverly Hills, the La Primera collection is now available online to U.S. consumers exclusively at the Essex Watch website.

Essex Watches are a German watch company founded in 2007 by industrial designer Rainer Brändlein. The luxury brand is available around the world and via their website. The company’s U.S. launch was announced in December 2009 in Men´s Health Magazine, creating quite a buzz in the watch enthusiast world.

Essex watches appeal to the active male luxury consumer and are a reflection of the need for versatility in the luxury market to accommodate today’s active gentleman.

TechnoMarine Cruise Sport line to hit stores this month

Swiss watch brand TechnoMarine kicks off with the Cruise Sport line launching this month in retailers worldwide. The collection was first presented to press and retailers at BASELWORLD 2010 as part of the brand’s exciting re-launch.

TechnoMarine’s 2010 collection is driven by the iconic Cruise model which has been re-conceptualized in a number of new forms for 2010, including ‘Original’, ‘Sport’, ‘Steel’ and ‘Ceramic’ versions. These amazing new watches include a far superior suite of designs, materials and detailing.

The first model to hit the stores this year is the Cruise Sport, a colorful and versatile watch. The collection will be seen also at the trend-setting boutique COLETTE in Paris the coming weeks. Its silhouette is an exercise in clean lines and minimalist currents with an all new silicone strap, unbelievably comfortable to wear. Functionality is further enriched with the interchangeable strap and case cover system, common to all Cruise models.

You can easily plug and play with any colors available in order to make your own watch/color combination according to your mood, your clothes and your taste each day... In less than 1 minute, you can change the color of both straps and case cover to create a brand new look! The catalog of colors available allows you to pick up the right ones according to each personality... Cruise Sport’s mostly black form is punctuated by subtle pops of color along the bezel, minute hand and tachymeter. Water resistant up to 200m and available in a chronograph or 3-hand movement, Cruise Sport embodies TechnoMarine’'s carpe diem’ spirit.
The result of this new 2010 Collection is a mix of bold and daring designs with the intelligent use of color, advanced materials and unrivalled levels of detailing.

The re-launch of TechnoMarine was unveiled at BASELWORLD 2010, with the brand unveiling a new corporate identity, entirely new product collection and marketing focus. This move, driven by Group CEO, Vincent Perriard, represented a complete re-think of the brand, bringing it back to its DNA and setting it up to become a disruptive and exciting force in the watch industry for years to come.

The products were introduced in a spectacular new booth that embodied the new corporate image, logo and also the “Ocean Addict”, new baseline of the Brand.

Angular Momentum Shibuichi Collection

Shibuichi is a special alloy used by traditional Japanese Artisans. Swiss luxury watch brand Angular Momentum has introduced this special alloy to the horology this year and manufactured a collection of Artisan timepieces with watch cases and fittings in classic Shibuichi alloy. The watch cases of this collection are not patinated at all and appear in their beautiful original orange color.

Shibuichi is an alloy which can be patinated into a range of subtle muted shades of blue or green. Its name means „one-fourth“ in Japanese (shi = 4, bu = part, ichi = 1) and indicates the standard formulation of one part silver to three parts copper , though this may be varied according to the desired effect. A 5% silver / 95% copper alloy is also marketed as „shibuichi“ .

A wide range of colours can be achieved using the whole range of alloy compositions, even above 50% silver. It is a common misconception that both copper and silver oxides form but in fact a detailed study has shown that only copper oxides are formed on the copper rich regions of the materials microstructure while the silver rich regions are left largely untouched.For most of its history, shibuichi was mostly used to ornament various fittings for swords nut has also been used on Inro, Netsuke, Sagemono and other Art objects. Similar alloys have been used elsewhere but the use of shibuichi to achieve different colored patinas has remained nearly unknown outside Japan, despite recent interest from artisans in the West.

SHIBUICHI - VERRE ÈGLOMISÉ - TIGER : One-body shibuichi watch case with polished bezel and satinated fluted sides, Shibuichi fittings, crow with cabochon ruby, Mechanical self-winding movement. Verre Èglomisé miniature of a resting tiger on the reverse of the sapphire crystal. Oval aperture at 6 o‘clock for digital time diplay by Disque d‘Heure à Souscription, alligator strap with Shibuichi buckle, case caliber 42.00 mm.

The first known use of these alloys was in cast sculptures during the Han Dynasty in China. A similar alloy was used by pre-Columbian metalsmiths. The pre-Columbians depletion plated the alloy to form a silver rich surface that polished to look like silver. The alloy was adopted in Japan for use in sword furniture.

Shibuichi can be patinated to a wide range of grays, olive greens and even sky blue. Pale greens can be produced by alternately swabbing with clear ammonia and rinsing in warm water. A similar green can be produced on the fine silver surface left from reticulation by swabbing with a 50/50 mixture of ammonia and vinegar. The work is then suspended in a closed warm container with a pad soaked in ammonia. Heavy textured greens can be produced by adding salt to the ammonia/vinegar solution. Baldwin‘s Patina will produce grays and pale olive greens. These colors will also appear after extensive handling.

Shibuichi Collection: Model Variations
SHIBUICHI - VERRE ÈGLOMISÉ - PHOENIX : One-body shibuichi watch case with polished bezel and satinated sides, Shibuichi fittings, crow with cabochon ruby, Mechanical self-winding movement. Verre Èglomisé miniature of a Phoenix rising from fire on the reverse of the sapphire crystal. Oval aperture at 6 o‘clock for digital time diplay by Disque d‘Heure à Souscription, alligator strap with Shibuichi buckle, case caliber 42.00 mm.

EPHJ-EPMT International Fair : The annual event devoted to the high-precision sector, from watchmaking to the whole of the microtechnologies field

Faced with a somewhat unusual growth in interest at this period of the year, the EPHJ-EPMT exhibition will be opening its doors on 8th June with an increased number of exhibitors: around 550 players from the professional milieus devoted to watchmaking, jewellery and the microtech sector, with 20% coming from abroad (France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Japan). Four intense, enjoyable days dedicated entirely to innovation and technology transfer.

Among some of the promising phenomena testifying to the tremendous competitive spirit firing this Mecca of high-precision, the scientific study days this year are mobilising the involvement of around forty conference speakers, as well as the most representative institutions of scientific research in Switzerland: EPFL (Swiss Federal Technology Institute of Lausanne),, a network supported by the Swiss agency for the promotion of innovation, Micronarc, a micro-nanotech cluster in Western Switzerland, and Alliance, a platform drawing together 6,000 researchers from Switzerland's universities. A symposium on counterfeiting, proposing several solutions, including one developed by CSEM, Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology, has already caused a stir on the web.

The increased presence of players involved in training and education also testifies to the present surge of interest. IFAGE, Training for Adults in Geneva and Geneva’s Watchmaking School are organising a series of group visits and HEPIA, Geneva’s applied sciences university, incidentally also exhibiting, will be holding a meeting on surface treatments. Internationally speaking, the EPHJ-EPMT exhibition will be welcoming the grouped presence of several regions or countries. Loyal followers of the exhibition, the Republic and Canton of the Jura is moving in with two joint stands. And representing its own country, a French pavilion will be opening its doors for the second time. The Vaud authorities, also involved in lending a hand to its companies, will be taking an active part in the opening ceremony.

Exhibition: EPFL's mini-robots, maximum prospects.
To see them in motion, to marvel at the precision of their every gesture and their intelligence is to get right into the workings of the EPFL laboratories, the Institutes of Mechanical Engineering and Micro-engineering and the Interfaculty of Bio-engineering. Applications include home automation and domestic heat pumps, machining with mills less than 1 mm in diameter, 3D measurement by structured light projection, micro-robots destined for factory life, invasive surgery and surgery using simulator models, bone substitute for prosthetic devices in knees, etc… Some particularly visual creations are bound to draw the crowds, such as the motorised shoe for rehabilitation walking; the Salamander, a robot controlled by a mathematical model of the nervous system of a salamander!

EPHJ-EPMT international fair:Lausanne Beaulieu, 8th-11th June 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Masterpiece London (24-29 June 2010), A new generation of fair to offer fine & decorative art works & premium collectors’ items

Masterpiece London is the next generation of fair taking place at the end of June - the first to combine fine & decorative art with premium collectors’ items. The fair aims to maximise the visitor experience, combining vintage wine, cars, photography and contemporary design, with treasures from the art and antiques world, alongside an array of fine dining from Urban Caprice.

Masterpiece London is a new event concept and will showcase the ‘best of the best’ from around the world at the inaugural Fair taking place at the former Chelsea Barracks from 24-29 June 2010. Masterpiece London is the brainchild of a select group of prestigious organisations including Mallett, Apter-Fredericks, Ronald Phillips and Asprey and includes some of the most illustrious names in the industry.

This June heralds the arrival of a new generation of fair, the eagerly-anticipated Masterpiece London. This pioneering fair, taking place at the former Chelsea Barracks from 24-29 June 2010, with a Preview on 23 June, is the first of its kind to combine fine & decorative art with premium collectors’ items. Masterpiece London will showcase the very best pieces from around the world, boasting some of the most illustrious names in the industry with a unique fusion of old and new. The Fair will combine fine wine, classic cars, photography and contemporary design, with treasures from the art and antiques world, alongside an array of fine dining.

Masterpiece London offers a diversity of excellence on an unprecedented scale, showcasing an impressive range of covetable pieces from all areas of collecting. Joining the established founders of Mallett, Ronald Phillips, Apter-Fredericks and Asprey will be a further 113 esteemed exhibitors from around the world, including S.J. Phillips, Linley, Agnew’s, Tomasso Brothers, Dickinson, Holland & Holland, Louis XIII and Andrew Bruce & Bordeaux Index.

Alongside these eminent names, Urban Caprice, the catering and production division of London’s favourite restaurant group Caprice Holdings, will bring a spectrum of fine food to the Fair; this will include satellites of The Ivy, Bam-Bou, Scott’s, The Mount Street Deli and Harry’s Bar, and Le Caprice will have a full restaurant on site.

Visitors to Masterpiece London will be struck by the impressive eclecticism of the Fair, spanning from traditional areas of collecting to the more unusual and contemporary. Those interested in these newly-emerging genres will be struck by Adrian Sassoon’s selection of modern and unusual ceramics, whilst Erick Franck Fine Art will be displaying iconic images by Manx photographer Chris Killip and The Paragon Press will be offering some of the finest prints from renowned contemporary artists. Elsewhere, Galerie Pierre M. Dumonteil will be showcasing the second edition of Jean-Marie Fiori’s Duck Bench, an inspired bronze sculpture reinterpreting Chinese tradition through modern urban furniture, alongside an exquisite selection of contemporary furniture from Meta, including an architecturally-impressive Asymptote coffee table.

Also representing an extraordinary selection of rare and valuable premium collectors items are Andrew Bruce &Bordeaux Index with its valuable vintages and premier crus as well as Fiskens, which will be exhibiting a magnificent Aston Martin DB4 GT and Coys, offering a £3 million 1932 Bugatti.

Meanwhile,those in search of dazzling jewels those in search of dazzling jewels, be cutting-edge, will be captivated by the treasures on offer from the likes of A La Vieille Russie Hancocks, S.J. Phillips, Asprey, Sandra Cronan amongst others.

Alongside this,Patrizzi & Co + De Bethune,Vacheron Constantin, Somlo and John C. Taylor will be showcasing some remarkable timepieces,the latter of which will be exhibiting the spectacular Midsummer Chronophage,a new time keeping work of art that offers an alternative way of showing time.

Amongst some of the treasures on show at Masterpiece London is an impressive collection of paintings from Agnews, Dickinson, Offer Waterman, MacConnal Mason, Osborne Samuel and Hazlitt Holland- Hibbert. Whilst Offer Waterman represents a splendid modern British offering, with an enchanting Craigie Aitchison painting MacConnal will exhibiting important pieces from Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, Gustave Loiseau and Raffaello Sorbi with fine art specialists Dickinson, showcasing work by renowned artists Pablo Picasso, George Stubbs and Pierre Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Other highlight pieces at the Fair include those fro impressive furniture sector. Galerie Steinitz will be exhibiting an exceptional Indo-Portuguese marquetry cabinet alongside an important Mahogany and Gilt Bronze Empire Commode from Pelham Galleries and a rare pair of Regency period Morel and Hughes armchairs from Godson & Coles. Whilst Linley will be bringing a hand-crafted desk with an exquisitely carved backdrop illustrating Monaco’s iconic casino.

For those looking for something more classical, Masterpiece London’s strong antiquities offering includes names such as Cahn International AG, Rupert Wace Rupert Wace Ancient Art and Charles Ede, Richard Philp, Sycomore Ancient Art SA ,Galerie Chenel and Tomasso Brothers. Alongside this, and also of international resonance, are Asian art specialists Berwald Oriental Art, Marchant Robert Kleiner, Gregg Baker Asian Art, Vanderven & Vanderven and Michael Goedhuis.

Masterpiece London offers the ultimate in elegance, quality and sophistication and an unprecedented opportunity to buy a truly unique piece of history, be it a pair of fine cased 1815 duelling pistols from Peter Finer, a first edition rare book, map or manuscript from Bernard Shapero Rare Books or Peter Harrington Antiquarian Books, a 17th Century bracket clock from Anthony Woodburn, an example of early needlework from Witney Antiques or the finest British and Continental silver from renowned,dealers such as Koopman Rare Art, S.J. Phillips and N. & I. Franklin.

  • The Midsummer Chronophage - new time keeping work of art that offers an alternative way of showing time
  • 1932 Bugatti Type 51 Grand Prix and 1961 Aston Martin
  • Rare and exceptional pink Argyll diamonds
  • £1 million “Queen” Billiard Table
  • A finely etched North Italian half suit of armour
  • Some superb humidors and Gentleman’s accessories from Linley
  • Paintings by the likes of Stubbs, Renoir and Picasso
  • Duelling pistols from the highly-renowned Peter Finer
  • £1 million early 20th Century silver & enamel landau carriage
  • Rare and highly valuable Rolex watches from Somlo
  • First edition maps from Bernard Shapero Rare Books
  • A rare pair of Regency period ebonised and parcel guilt armchairs attributed to Morel and Hughes
  • Contemporary sculptures from the likes of Anthony Caro and Henry Moore
  • An 1803 important mahogany and gilt-bronze Empire commode by Bernard Molitor, Paris
  • A collection of rare and valuable books including a first edition Emma by Jane Austen, William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, published according to the true Originall Copies and a first edition, primary issue of Ulysses
Masterpiece London will take place at the former Chelsea Barracks, Chelsea Bridge Road, SW1 on 24 – 29 June 2010, with the Preview on Wednesday 23 June. The Collectors’ Circle Evening, hosted by Sir Roger Moore in support of UNICEF, takes place on 24 June Tickets to Masterpiece London cost £20 per person and can be purchased online at or by telephoning +44 (0)20 7499 7470.

The opening hours of Masterpiece London are as follows:
Wednesday 23 June, Preview: 11.00-22.00
Thursday 24 June, 11.00-18.00 followed by the Collectors’ Circle Evening at 18.30
Friday 25 June and Tuesday 29 June, 11.00-20.00

Breitling Chronomat 01 Jewellery Version

Chronomat 01 by Breitling, the quintessential mechanical chronograph, now appears in new jewelry versions featuring an original gemsetting style accentuating its unique design.

Launched in spring 2009, the Chronomat houses Caliber 01, a high-performance selfwinding chronograph movement entirely developed and produced in the Breitling workshops. A perfect blend of power and elegance, it has rapidly asserted itself as the new benchmark in the field of mechanical chronographs, indeed as the ultimate chronograph. Breitling now introduces this stellar model in precious new 18-carat white and rose gold versions.

To emphasize the strong, unique and essential design of the Chronomat 01, while preserving its readability and its functionality, the brand has designed a highly original diamond-set motif. The unidirectional rotating bezel is still graced with the exclusive engraved numerals, but the latter alternate with brilliants arranged in three rows and cambered hourmarkers accentuated by four slightly larger diamonds. The result is a dynamic composition with a vibrant, upbeat tempo. The hour-markers on the mother-of-pearl dial are graced with double diamonds.

The Chronomat 01 jewelry model is also available in a second version in which the adornment of the bezel and dial is complemented by diamond-set lugs. Distinctive design, an exceptional movement, sparkling stones, the warm glow of rose gold or the discreet refinement of white gold.

Halda Watch: Brand Info

Halda Watch Company was founded by Henning Hammarlun in 1887. Established in Svängsta, Blekinge in the south of Sweden, It was the first watch manufacturing facility in northern Europe.

Henning Hammarlund was born in 1857 as the third son to Peter and Hanna Hammarlund in the south of Sweden. In 1870 he constructed his first watch movement made out of wood. In 1880 Henning Hammarlund graduated from Geneva Academy of Horology in Switzerland, the most prominent school for watch manufacturing in the world at that time.

In 1887 Halda Watch Company was founded by Henning Hammarlund in Svängsta, Blekinge in the south of Sweden. The first Halda pocket watch left the factory in 1889. The cost was the equivalent to seven months salaries at that time. It took ten months to produce and the production process covered about 3,000 different steps followed by tests. In 1893 The Halda Watch Company was awarded a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Chicago in competition with the best watch producers at that time.

In 1896 Halda Watch Company launched Halda Teletimer, a never before seen method for timing phone conversations. One of the prominent customers was LM Ericsson. In 1897 His Majesty the Swedish King Oscar II was presented a unique pocket watch from the Halda Watch Company. The King’s portrait was engraved at the back of the watch‐case.In 1900 Halda Watch Company passed the milestone of 6,000 watches manufactured.

In 1902 Halda Watch Company launched the Halda taxi meter. The taxi meters were a huge export success. For a period of time in the beginning of the century, the Halda taxi meters were the only approved taxi meters in the city of London. In 1914 the company launched Halda typewriter. The typewriter quickly became popular on the Swedish market.

In 1918 Due to the war, the demand for exclusive pocket watches declined dramatically and the bank withdraw the loans from the Halda Watch Company and putting it up for liquidation. The factory was shut down on Nov. 30th.

The fascination for mechanical products and the innovative entrepreneurial spirit on which Henning Hammarlund once founded the Halda Watch Company, successively created a base for several other successful companies. Many of them are still active today. Among these companies are ABU (Aktiebolaget urfabriken) that manufactures high‐class fishing gear, Halda Trancometer AB that produces taxi meters and Haldex AB, a manufacturer of gearboxes and the mechanism behind FWD.

In 2009 the legacy of Henning Hammarlund and the Halda watches is passed on to Swedish engineer and entrepreneur Mikael Sandström. Based on the firm belief in innovative engineering to the benefit of its users, following Hammarlund’s example of never compromising with quality and function, Sandström has set out to present the world with a watch never before seen.

In 2010 the first modern Halda watch was introduced. The Halda Space Discovery, a watch with a revolutionary concept consisting of the Time Platform and two interchangeable Time Modules to fit any type of environment from space to a classy evening event; a high beat mechanical movement and an advanced electronic watch. It is developed according to a users brief from astronauts and tested in space onboard the Discovery during the NASA STS‐128 mission in August of 2009.

The Halda Space Discovery was exhibited in the Swedish pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai for its “manifestation of advanced and pioneering technical engineering and fine mechanics.”

Official website:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Corum Admiral’s Cup Tourbillon 48 with Diamonds

CORUM has immersed this Admiral’s Cup Tourbillon model into a river of diamonds. The pink gold of its bridges and the platinum of its flange, its bezel, its case as well as its sprung folding clasp are studded with 1,689 shimmering white and black round or baguette-cut gems. This top-rate exterior is worthy of the CORUM-exclusive CO-372 Haute Horlogerie movement. This mechanical manual winding caliber, equipped with a visible tourbillon at 6 o’clock featuring a Corum key integrated into the carriage, is endowed with a 90-hour power reserve.
All its components are hand fashioned and decorated according to the demands inherent to the finest watchmaking traditions. Symbolizing the collection, the twelve nautical pennants illustrating the figures 1 to 12 in the International Code of Signals are hand-engraved on the bezel and set with black and white diamonds. The legendary and generous 48 mm twelve-sided case of this Admiral’s Cup Tourbillon is available with a black crocodile strap fitted with a folding clasp in gold set with diamonds or in 5N red gold entirely set with brilliant-cut diamonds.Produced in 2008 in a limited edition of 15 pieces.

Technical details
Reference: 372.931.85/0F01.0000

Manual winding Tourbillon, CO-372
Frequency: 3Hz; 21,600 vibrations/hour
Diameter: 14 ½’’’
19 jewels
Bridges and bottom plate in 18kt red gold 5N hand engraved and set with diamonds
Power reserve of 90 hours

Hours, minutes in the center

48mm diameter
18kt red gold 5N set with diamonds
Crown in 18kt red gold 5N, engraved with CORUM key and set with diamonds
Screw open back cover with anti-reflective treatment, set with diamonds
Glass: Cambered twelve-sided sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 3 atmospheres (99 feet/30 meters)

Fitted flange in 18kt red gold 5N set with hand engraved nautical pennant hour markers set with black and white diamonds
18kt red gold 5N coated hour and minute hands
Tourbillon carriage is decorated with the CORUM logo
Tourbillon bridge inspired by the shape of the boom of a boat

1,389 white diamonds and 48 black diamonds, total: 6.95ct
48 baguette diamonds, total: 3,46ct
Total: 1’485 diamonds for 10.41 ct

Black genuine crocodile leather, width 24/21mm
Buckle: 18kt red gold 5N 3-part folding clasp with engraved CORUM logo and set with 204 diamonds, total: 1.30ct

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marc Ecko “Prescott” Watch Collection: Downtown meets Uptown

Argyle makes a statement for Summer 2010. The epitome of understated styling with an edge, Marc Ecko Watches introduces a set of timepieces that can be worn from the boardroom to the after party.

With trendsetting style, and fashion-forward appeal, the Marc Ecko “Prescott” watch sports an argyle tone-on-tone applied pattern, the subtle luxury of the smooth leather strap and 47mm stainless steel case with rose gold accents.
“Artistic, industrious, complex and refined, the Marc Ecko man who wears this watch lives a fast, fashionable life,” states Stephen Scholz, Global Brand Director of Marc Ecko Watches. “Through badass vintage movies, eclectic music, hot sneakers, sexy ladies, special edition everything and a great pair of jeans, he appreciates the past and present, while shaping his future.”

Also available as a box set with a companion signature money clip, this timepiece proves Mark Ecko Watches is always reinventing as a fashion leader.

Marc Ecko Watches offers a diverse range of timepieces characterized by aggressive styling, unique details and unlimited possibilities. The collection speaks to 15 to 35-year-old cultural connoisseurs passionate and engaged in fashion, music, sports, technology and social media. A Marc Ecko watch expresses character and individual style, more than just time.

Nautica NSR 07

Nautica introduces the stylish NSR 07, a classic watch with a sporty twist. This vanguard of nautical time instruments mixes the best of both worlds to achieve an ebb-and-flow balance of sport and sophistication.

The NSR-07’s distinctive feature is a nameplate etched with Nautica logo and signature screw detail that solidifies the design and helps integrate the case with the new ridged, soft resin strap. The plate design is a fusion of fun, function and style that captures the essence of the watch.

The city sport timepiece is available in a Japanese 30-minute chronograph with calendar function and date only version. A splash of color makes the second hand more visible and speaks to the active and adventurous spirit of the Nautica brand. The chrono’s unique dial is an intricate matrix of rings and layers anchored in measurement functions including tachymeter.

Both versions of the watch feature a 44mm steel case, available in rose gold or black IP, and signature luminous hands and markers, and are water resistant to 100M.

Monday, May 24, 2010

De Bethune Watches : Brand Info

De Bethune was founded by the well-known watch expert David Zanetta and master watchmaker Denis Flageollet. It is the perfect blend of Zanetta’s creativity, vast knowledge of timepieces and watchmaking history, and Flageollet’s horological genius and years of experience restoring historic timepieces.

For Zanetta and Flageollet, the object of the exercise was to achieve a total symbiosis of the internal and external elements of a watch – creating, above all, high precision watches that are not only a pleasure to look at but are also easy to read, well adapted and agreeable to wear, made from the best quality materials and painstakingly completed and finished. It is this very commitment and uncompromising resolution never to accept anything less than perfection that is so greatly valued and appreciated by all owners and collectors of De Bethune watches, and is the reason why there are many today who aspire to ownership of a De Bethune timepiece.

The design of absolute detail
The external view is of smooth flowing lines where absolutely all the details have been considered – the best use of materials, ease of reading the time, perfectly finish and total wearing comfort. De Bethune has even created a revolutionary system of reticulated lugs, adaptable to any wrist in order to ensure absolute comfort and flexibility.

And to equal the unique look and appearance, absolutely every detail of the internal mechanism has been assessed, updated and brought into line with the brand’s deeply held philosophy of excellence, combining respect for tradition, the development of new horological technology and their unparalleled knowledge of how to use different materials, techniques and finishes in the construction and creation of timepieces.

Added to this, De Bethune’s R&D is famous in the watch industry for its innovations and patented developments – which is why many well-known watch brands have tried to copy them. Inventions such as their famous friction-reducing ruby pallets, the world’s lightest silicon tourbillion and the silicon balance wheel, as well as their moon phase mechanism – to name just a few of the brand’s remarkable innovations. No wonder that they are known in the industry as the “the watchmakers’ watchmaker”. The future of watchmaking is clearly in De Bethune’s hands.

Since its foundation in 2002, De Bethune has achieved 10 patents, 17 world firsts, 10 calibres, 12 unique pieces and 22 special pieces.

Among De Bethune’s major inventions are:

-The famous De Bethune silicon tourbillon – the world’s lightest tourbillon (four times lighter than the classic tourbillon) achieving 36,000 vibrations per hour.

-The equally famous De Bethune silicon balance wheel – a perfectly regulated balance that doesn’t require re-regulating after assembly. Integrated with the spiral, which is fitted with the De Bethune curve (used in all De Bethune calibres since 2004), it forms an oscillating group –taking us yet another step in the long-standing research into isochronisms begun by Christian Huygens in 1675.

-The De Bethune unique shaped flat terminal curve hairspring which is placed on the same plane as the hairspring. This extra-flat curve, which is neither manipulated nor flexed by the regulator, keeps its material characteristics at the same time as having the mathematical qualities of a Phillips’ curve. This last was used in Breguet’s chronograph balance springs and was a major innovation in horology during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

-The renowned and unique 3-dimensional De Bethune revolving moon phases and mechanism.

-The chronometric settings mechanism which enables every owner of a De Bethune watch to easily regulate their watch to exceptional precision.

-A user-adjustable system of inertia regulation for self-winding movements regulated to the wearer’s life-rhythm – which counteracts the wear on the mechanism when too much energy is created and insufficient winding of the mechanism when insufficient energy is created.

-The unique De Bethune triple pare-chute shock absorption system protecting the heart of the system against external shocks.

-De Bethune reticulated lugs adaptable to any wrist. The titanium lugs have a pivotal action that adapts perfectly to wrist movement and to any size of wrist thereby offering maximum and optimum comfort.

Time line:
2002: The start of the De Bethune Manufacture.
First collection based on four different models. Realisation of a unique minute repeater striking watch with perpetual calendar and equation of time.

2003: Launch of two unique pieces: a perpetual calendar with a large date and a strike activated by a water-resistant pusher, as well as the first table-clock with a striking marine movement, double spring barrels and a constant-force escapement. Six new models join the basic collection.

2004: First generation of the titanium/platinum balance and balance spring with flat terminal curve.Appearance of the system of the spherical moon rotating on its own axis. First mechanical calibre DB2004 entirely manufactured within the workshops. Launch of the DB15 collection with perpetual calendar.

2005 : Mechanical calibre with power reserve (DB2014).Introduction of the DBS collection and the first haute joaillerie watch (DBL).Second generation of the titanium/platinum balance and balance spring with flat terminal curve.

2006: Revolution with the first temperature compensated balance and balance spring, with the escape wheel and lever in silicon. Third generation of the titanium/platinum balance and balance spring with flat terminal curve protected by the triple-parachute anti-shock system. Development of two new manufactured calibres: chronograph calibre DB2034 and automatic calibre DB2024 with a central shock-absorber system for the ceramic ball-bearing.Launch of a sports watch case with three models, DB20GMT, DB20QI and DB22, and a look towards the future with a digital watch (DB Digitale). First Dream Watch: co-axial chronograph with cradle case.

2007: Presentation of research into a new annular balance in titanium with platinum mass. Design of an eighth collection: DB24 with a mechanism for controlling the speed of automatic winding on the back.Deposit of the patent for spring barrel with reduced friction.

2008: Dream Watch One with annular balance in silicon / platinum. Dream Watch Two with a silicon / titanium tourbillon weighing less than 0.18 grams and the temperature-compensated silicon / platinum balance. Introduction of the DB25 collection, the first classic watch with an automatic calibre, and the DB26 collection, perpetual calendar with a pivoted cradle case. Presentation of the DB24 with the system for regulating the speed of automatic winding on the back and on the dial. Mechanical calibre with power reserve of 6 days (DB2015).

2009: First commercialised series of Dream Watch One.Presentation of Dream Watch One with silicon tourbillon. Launch of DB26 collection.New jewellery pieces with diamonds and blue baguette sapphires. Three new calibres manufactured: DB2005, DB2016 and DB2009.

2010: De bethune presents their creations at “Masterpiece” Fair at London’s Chelsea Barracks from 24-29 June 2010.

Official Website:

Gresso Grand Wind Skeleton Watch Limited Edition

Luxury mobile phone maker Gresso makes it debut in the fascinating world of haute horology industry by introducing Grand Wind Skeleton wrist watch collection.

It's been for 3 years that the design and movement have been developed. In the pursuit of an ideal realization, over 100 prototypes have been used.Gresso designers and engineers have introduced an absolutely original concept of watches as such through an artful combination of expressive appearance and innovative interior decoration. At the same time, they did not fail to take the company’s stylistic traditions into account, so they endowed the reverse side of the watches with brilliance and originality.
The Grand Wind Skeleton watch has an elegant 45-mm large and 12-mm high case made of 18K gold and accentuate the charismatic design of the watch. In designing the watchcase, Gresso engineers used carbon, a light and incredibly strong material. Carbon is 5 times lighter than steel and 2 times lighter than aluminum, but it equals these metals in strength. Until recently, this material has been used in space industry only.

The name Grand Wind Skeleton is in close connection with the term 'self-winding'. This is what completes the creative idea of the collection - massive rotor of 18K gold is situated on the front of the watch face. A polished silicon plate 0,5 mm height partitions the rotor off the movement. To bring this module to life Gresso had to develop its own movement Gresso G1 based on ETA 2671. Its frequency is 28 800 semi-vibrations per hour, and the power reserve of the watch makes 38 hours.The skeletonized movement is visible from both the external and the internal side of the watch case. The main time marking of the watch dial represents two intersecting circles. Combined with the carbon inlays, they form a molded case, which accentuates the technocratic style of the watch even more.

The bezel of the model is set off with the engraved Roman numerals of XII and VI in the positions of 12 and 6 o’clock, respectively.Two windows on the face side of the watch are opposed to two windows on the back side thereof, with watch wheels engraved in it. Through one of the windows, you can have a view of the movement operating, while in the other window you can see the second hand made in form of a three-blade propeller. This innovative solution is a part of the uncommon movement used in the Grand Wind Skeleton watches to indicate seconds.

The aesthetic perfection is completed by the movement details polished manually and coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon). The movement details are visible through the sapphire crystals represented here in the all-time highest amount of 5 and with the total karatage of 35. The movement is protected by a specially designed shockproof system. The back cover is made of 18K gold and tightly fastened with 6 titanium screws. The strap is made of crocodile leather and furnished with deployment buckle coated with black DLC. The company’s logo and the individual number of each watch are engraved on the back cover of the watch case. The model is produced in a limited edition: 100 watches cased in rose gold and 100 watches cased in white gold.
The Grand Wind Skeleton collection is an aesthetic realization of the avant-garde philosophy. Its vivid style and design reflect the quintessence of permanent quest for perfection, which is so typical for Gresso. Suggested retail price is $60 000.

Technical details
Model:Gresso Grand Wind Skeleton Watch
  • Case: 18K rose or white gold, diameter 45 mm, height 12 mm, 5 sapphire crystals, WR 50 meters
  • Movement: automatic movement Gresso G1 based on ETA 2671, frequency 28 800 vibrations / hour, power reserve of 38 hours, the movement details manually polished and coated with rose 18K gold, the self-winding sector is made of 18K rose gold and placed on a silicon plate on the outer side of the case
  • Functions: hours, minutes on the front side and seconds on the reverse side of the case
  • Dial: black-carbon inlays, the company’s logo in gold, inlaid using the photolithography technique
  • Back cover: coated with 18K gold, fixed by 6 titanium screws
  • Wristlet: black crocodile leather strap, deployment buckle
  • Price: $60 000
  • Production: limited production of 100 watches cased in rose gold and 100 watches cased in white gold

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Halda Space Discovery

The Halda Space Discovery Wristwatch developed by renowned Swedish watch brand Halda marks the introduction of a new generation of timepieces. The revolutionary watch concept is built on the unique Halda Docking System, a Time Platform with two interchangeable Time Modules ‐ a flexible solution that combines the best from the traditional art of watch making and revolutionary electric advancements. The Time Modules are; an advanced electronic Space Module and a Mechanical Module with an extremely high beat mechanical movement. They can be exchanged at the wearer’s will to assure the time piece serves as an appreciated and reliable companion, for anything from classy socializing to thrilling experiences.

The Halda Space Discovery has been developed according to a users’ brief from astronauts, and during the last stages of the product development process, the prototype was tested in space to ensure it really would work in the most extreme environment. It is produced in the limited edition of 128 individually numbered watches.
Classical high beat movement, advanced electronics and stylish design in a whole new watch concept tested in space. Following years of product development, the world is to be introduced to a new watch concept. It is cutting edge electronics and a high beat mechanical movement united in a unique design concept. An exclusive time piece that can only be described as functional and clever elegance. The Halda Space Discovery is designed for the adventurous modern individual, who never compromises on quality of life, and who believes that life is about challenging the known limits and one’s own capability. It is a time piece for the classy explorer. Developed by a team of merited engineers, renowned watch makers and an astronaut, pioneering the use of exclusive materials in a watch, and tested in the most extreme of environments – space, the Halda Space Discovery is simply one of a kind.
Later this spring, the Halda Space Discovery will be presented at the exhibition in the Swedish pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai for its “manifestation of advanced and pioneering technical engineering and fine mechanics.”

The Space Module
The Space Module in the Halda Space Discovery is developed based on insights from the only ones who know what it is like in space – the astronauts. It holds advanced functions like a 3‐axis accelerometer, a countdown based on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Countdown 101, as well as UTC/MET alarms and an Earth Timer. All designed to fit the need for space travel. At the final stage of the production process, the prototype was used in experiments carried out in the NASA Space Mission ST‐128 on board space shuttle Discovery during its journey to space in August of 2009. Following the results of the real life testing, the Halda Space Discovery was upgraded with things like a further fine tuned backlight function and an improved security lock for the wrist link.
The case of the Space Module is made of TECAMAX, a new material certified by NASA and proven to meet tough requirements for durability and precision. It is extraordinarily light with outstanding isolation capabilities and strength. It endures high temperatures and exposure to acid and chemicals. While in space, the crystal in the watch, domed Hesalite Crystal, a material that does not shatter into small pieces upon breaking like other crystals commonly used in watches.

To avoid shattered glass is crucial in the zero gravity environments. On earth, the crystal of the electronic time module will be a domed Sapphire Crystal, as it better resists scratches than the Hesalite Crystal. Each Halda Space Discovery owner travelling to space will have the Sapphire Crystal exchanged for Hesalite Crystal.

The Space Module is a combination of modern innovations and high‐tech materials proven to withstand extreme conditions. During research and development, the prototype underwent extensive testing in a laboratory environment. For example, its buttons were pushed over a million times to simulate 100 years of use. In August, 2009, the Space Module was tested in its natural environment, space, aboard the NASA Space mission STS‐128. Following feedback from the astronauts that used the instrument on the mission, the prototype was fine‐ tuned to perfection and finalized for production in the end of 2009. To honor its mission in space, NASA Space mission STS‐128, the Halda Space Discovery series will be limited to 128 watches with each Space Module marked with an individual number from 1 to 128.

Features: The Space Module of the Halda Space Discovery has been developed by the Halda Watch Co. It is a stylish expression of what a creative union between the latest technology, maximum functionality, incredible reliability and intelligent support can be. In addition to its many functions, it is equipped with a low power consumption microprocessor and a tailor made LCD display with LED backlight.

Technical details
Case material: TECAMAX, a new material certified by NASA and proven to meet tough requirements for durability and precision. Incredibly light with outstanding isolation capabilities and strength, TECAMAX can endure extreme temperatures and exposure to acid and chemicals.
Case dimension: Diameter 45 mm, Thickness 17,60 mm.
Case back: Stainless Steel with a deep etched engraving on case back.
Crystal (for space use): The Space Module has a domed Hesalite Crystal, a material that does not shatter into small pieces when broken unlike other crystals commonly used in watches. This crystal is used in the watch to avoid potential danger for the space travelers.
Crystal (for use on earth): While on earth, the Space Module will be equipped with a domed Sapphire Crystal, which is more suitable than Hesalite Crystal, as it is scratch resistant. For space travellers, the Halda Watch Co. will  change the crystal to a domed Hesalite Crystal.
Water Resistance: 10 atm (equivalent to a water pressure at a depth of 100 meter). Technology

Electronic Movement Calibre: HHS 2009‐1
Software: GSD‐A, SPACE DISCOVERY Version A.
Push Buttons: 3 push buttons with an easy to use interface.
Battery: High capacity 2‐year battery (600 mAh).
Power Save Mode: The Space Module has a built in power save mode to reduce battery consumption. With normal use in Power Save Mode the battery is expected to last about two years.
Accelerometer: The Module has an integrated 3‐axis accelerometer measuring G‐forces in three directions.
Light Sensor: The Space Module has an integrated light sensor that constantly measures light and automatically assess the backlight function.
Sound: An integrated piezo element generates sound for reveille and alarm modes.

-Countdown: A precise countdown function displays time remaining to set occurrence on certain day and time.
-G‐Force measurement: Automatic tracking of acceleration, G‐forces, during lift‐off and re‐entry. Manual operation is also available. Max G‐force notations are stored in a separate memory for further evaluation.
-Mission Time: Countdown for lift off can be set for a precise time. At the set time, the watch automatically begins measuring acceleration during lift off, displaying current G‐forces as they occur. Once acceleration stops, the function automatically displays Mission Elapsed Time (MET). This function is based on the NASA Countdown 101 protocol, the official framework for space shuttle lift‐off. It is also prepared to accommodate the countdown protocol for the new generation of Are rockets.
-Event Log: HLog for events based on date, Universal Time Coordinates (UTC) and individual event number for up to 99 events.
-Earth Time: Displays the time is in various parts of the world. Here you’ll find all the countries of the world, see their local time and their time zone. While in space, this function is used to obtain efficient communication with earth.
-Dual Time: Displays two earth times simultaneously. A calendar displays information for weekday, date, week, month and year for the selected time zone.
-Chronograph: Timer with precision to a tenth of a second.
-UTC Alarm: Alarm relative to Universal Time Coordinates (UTC).
-MET Alarm: Alarm relative to Mission Elapsed Time (MET).
-Reveille: Alarm clock that can be set once or repeated daily or on each weekday.

The Mechanical Module
The Mechanical Module has a high performance New Old Stock (NOS) movement. The H1920‐SA is a modern development of the extreme fast beat movement first developed during the fine mechanics clockwork top era in the 1960s and 1970s.
For the Halda Space Discovery, renowned watch maker Svend Andersen has modified, rhodium plated, calibrated and adjusted the classical movement to modern standard. The H1920‐SA operates at the unusual and high frequency of 5 HZ or 36,000 bph (beats per hour). The movement has a power reserve of about 43 hrs.The beautiful movement of the Halda Space Discovery mechanical module is decorated with Geneva stripes and a special rotor designed by Mr Andersen and engraved with the Andersen and Halda Watch Co. logotypes. Each of the mechanical Time Modules are uniquely marked with a individual number from 1 to 128.

Technical details
Case material: Brushed Stainless Steel with a polished bezel.
Case dimension: Diameter 45 mm, Thickness 15,8 mm.
Crystal: Domed Sapphire Crystal, anti‐reflex treated.
Case back: Stainless steel with a see‐through Sapphire glass.
Dial: Machined and manufactured with two discs and raised index , Luminous indicator.
Water Resistance: 5 atm (equivalent to a water pressure at a depth of 50 meter).

Calibre: H1920‐SA Mechanical Movement with Automatic winding system
Hour and minute counter with a centre sweep second hand
Date positioned at 3 o ́clock
Decoration: Geneva Stripes and rhodium‐plated finish.
Rotor: Special manufactured rotor in Rhodium‐plated silver.
Power Reserve: 43 hours.

The Time Platform
The Mechanical and the Space Modules fits comfortably on the wrist docked in to the Time Platform. The patent pending platform is made out of Stainless steel that makes the construction solid for many years of use. Following the experiences from space, the Time Platform has been upgraded from a double security lock system to a triple security one. The triple security Docking‐system is based on a spring‐loaded security lock that ensures consequence in its’ three step system. It uses the terminology for the security system of the astronauts’ helmets – while in placed the selected Time Module is in “locked” position while free to lift off, the docking platform is set in “engaged” mode.
The Halda Space Discovery rests on the rich heritage of the Halda Watch Co. founded in 1887 by Henning Hammarlund in Svängsta in the south of Sweden. Hammarlund’s watches quickly became known around the world for their high quality fine mechanics and elegance. The mastering of fine mechanics that lay the foundation for the watch making in the Halda Watch Co. was later developed to be used in taximeters and typewriters. The Halda Space Discovery is sold through the Halda Watch Co. and selected dealers. It has been honored with a placement in the Swedish pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai in the upcoming spring and summer for it’s’ manifestation of advanced and pioneering technical engineering and fine mechanics.

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