Friday, June 18, 2010


Novelties 2011  
Bertolucci Volta II Collection
Bertolucci FORZA II
Bertolucci FORZA Diamonds Limited Edition
Bertolucci Stria III

Novelties 2010
Bertolucci SERENA GARBO “Valentina”
Bertolucci Forza Automatic Watch Collection For Men
Bertolucci Casual Chic Collection: BELLA COSTA Edition 2010
Bertolucci GIRO in white silvered opalin dial
Bertolucci GIRO Swing Quartz Watch For Women

Novelties 2009
Bertolucci SERENA GARBO Lady Ref 303.
Bertolucci casual chic line-Giro
Bertolucci Stria Luce
Bertolucci SERENA Edition 2009
Bertolucci BELLA COSTA Edition
Bertolucci STRIA Edition 2009
Bertolucci GIOCO
Bertolucci VOLTA Watch Collection

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