Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Novelties 2016
Piaget Limelight Gala Milanese Bracelet
Piaget Altiplano 38MM 900D
Piaget Emperador Coussin XL 700P
Piaget Altiplano Cloisonné Enamel ‘Year of Monkey’ Edition

Novelties 2015
Piaget Limelight Stella
Piaget Altiplano 900P Only Watch 2015 Edition
Piaget Mediterranean Garden
Piaget Altiplano Gold Bracelet Collection
Piaget Emperador Coussin 1270S- Ultra-thin Tourbillon Automatic Skeleton
Piaget Art & Excellence Collection
Piaget Altiplano Chronograph
Piaget Altiplano Email Cloisonné Goat

Novelties 2014
PIAGET- The Black Tie “Vintage Inspiration” and the “Traditional Oval” Watch
PIAGET Limelight Blooming Rose
PIAGET Rose Passion High Jewellery and Métiers d’Art collection (Jewellery & Watches)
Piaget – EmperadorCoussin Tourbillon Diamond-Set Automatic Skeleton Exceptional Piece
Piaget – Saint Valentine’s Day 2014 Collection
Piaget Limelight Diamonds Watch Collection

Novelties 2013
Piaget Dancer 2 Tones
Piaget Altiplano 38mm Only Watch 2013 Skeleton 1200S
Piaget Altiplano Automatic Gem-Set Skeleton Watch
Piaget Altiplano Date
Piaget Couture Précieuse Collection
PIAGET Limelight Gala Collection
Piaget Emperador Coussin Ultra-Thin Minute Repeater

Novelties 2012
Piaget Exceptional Pieces Collection - Ref: G0A37128, Altiplano 41 mm Jewellery Version
PIAGET Dancer Skeleton Watch 41 mm Jewellery Version(Exceptional Pieces Collection - Ref: G0A37050)
PIAGET Exceptional Pieces Collection - Ref: G0A00685, Lime Light Haute Joaillerie Classique Watch
PIAGET Exceptional Pieces Collection - Ref: G0A37039 (Emperador Tourbillon Gem Set Cushion-Shaped 49 mm) Limited edition
PIAGET Exceptional Pieces Collection – Ref: G0A37020 (Emperador Perpetual Calendar Gem Set Cushion-Shaped Watch – 49 mm)
PIAGET - Altiplano Hard Stone Dials
PIAGET Couture Précieuse Collection – High Jewellery Watches & Ornaments
PIAGET Tradition
PIAGET ROSE: Watches & Jewellery Collection
PIAGET Limelight Dancing Light Collection - The four seasons
Piaget Gouverneur
Piaget Altiplano Skeleton Ultra-Thin

Novelties 2011
Piaget Altiplano Only Watch 2011
Piaget Limelight Elixir Jewellery Collection
Piaget Bridal Collection
Piaget Altiplano Watch Collection 2011
Piaget Emperador Coussin Tourbillon Automatic Ultra-Thin
Piaget Limelight Garden Party collection
Piaget Valentine's day 2011 Special

Novelties 2010
Piaget Altiplano
Piaget Limelight Jazz Party Collection
Piaget Polo FortyFive 2010 Edition
Piaget Polo FortyFive Chronograph Titanium ( Ref G0A35001) Limited Edition
Piaget Dancer Watch Collection : Ref. G0A34053 (Ladies’ model) & Ref. G0A34054 (Men’s model)
Piaget - Limelight Magic Hour and Limelight Twice
Piaget Emperador Coussin Full-set Perpetual Calendar
Piaget Limelight City Boutique Exclusive Timepiece
Piaget Polo FortyFive Chronograph Marcos Heguy Limited Edition

Novelties 2009
Piaget Christmas Collection
Piaget Limelight Love Letter secret watch
Piaget Emperador coussin moon phase Ref G0A34021
Piaget Limelight Paradise Jewellery & Watch Collection
Piaget Polo 30th anniversary collection
Piaget Polo FortyFive
Piaget Emperador Coussin Moon Phase Ref G0A34021
Piaget Emperador Coussin Perpetual Calendar
Piaget Limelight Paradise Tropical Seas theme
Piaget Only Watch 2009 Emperador Coussin Large Moon
Piaget Limelight Twice Collection
Piaget Polo FortyFive iPhone Application
Piaget Limelight Exceptional Pieces (2009)-Haute Joaillerie Watch Collection
Piaget Emperador Coussin Regulator Ref.G0A34025
Piaget Altiplano Small Second Ref G0A34079
Piaget Protocole XXL Ref G0A34018

Novelties 2008
Piaget Limelight Paris New York Collection
Piaget Altiplano Orchid Watch Collection

Novelties 2007
Piaget Emperador 50th anniversary Collection
Piaget High Jewellery Watch Collection


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