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Breitling Navitimer 01 Limited : First Navitimer with a 100% in-house made chronograph movement

Breitling combines its two long-established passions - chronographs and aeronautics - by offering the legendary Navitimer model in a limited series equipped with its proprietary Caliber 01. Issued in 2,000-piece steel and 200-piece red gold editions, the "Navitimer Caliber 01" is distinguished by its slightly broader diameter and its transparent caseback providing clear views of its high-performance "motor". An eagerly anticipated model among devotees of the brand with the winged B, and a genuine collector's item for all connoisseurs of fine mechanical chronographs and aviation.
In 2009, Breitling laid a major milestone in its history by joining the exclusive circle of the rare watch companies to have their own mechanical chronograph movement. This was a logical culminating point for a brand that is one of the leaders in this complication and has played a crucial role in its technical development through several key inventions: the first independent pushpiece (1915); separation of the stop/start and reset functions (1923); creation of the second independent pushpiece for zero-resetting (1934); and the launch of the very first selfwinding chronograph (1969).

Caliber 01, the first movement entirely developed and produced in the Breitling workshops, was first used to power an exclusive new version of the leading Chronomat model, duly named Chronomat 01. Breitling now introduces it within another watchmaking icon, the famous Navitimer which proudly embodies the brand’s aeronautical vocation.

Breitling Caliber 01
A high-performance movement assembled in a revolutionary manner : Featuring an original architecture, the selfwinding Caliber 01 chronograph movement is the crowning achievement of the longstanding quest for precision and reliability that has consistently governed Breitling “Instruments for professionals”. Equipped with a column wheel, a vertical coupling clutch and an over 70-hour power reserve, it was designed to ensure maximum functionality and secure use. It features several innovative characteristics aimed at facilitating its production and its operation, including a patented self-centering device for the resetting hammers and an exclusive index-assembly system enabling swift personalized adjustment of the watch according to the wearer. This exceptional caliber is also distinguished by its pioneering production and assembly mode. Inspired by an avant-garde concept used in other cutting-edge sectors, Breitling has developed an industrial chain-production formula that revolutionizes traditional movement assembly.
Each caliber is individually monitored by an ultra-sophisticated computer program that automatically directs it towards the appropriate workstation, along a route alternating fully automated workstations with others requiring manual intervention. All the adjustment phases are integrated within this process, in such a way that upon emerging from the chain, each Caliber 01 is ready to face up to the stringent tests conducted by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) – a guarantee of authentic large-scale production reliability.

The cult watch of pilots and aviation enthusiasts: By immediately choosing to specialize in chronographs and timers, Léon Breitling, who founded the company in 1884, soon gained favor among aviation pioneers who needed sturdy, high-performance instruments. During the 1930s, the brand launched its first onboard chronographs, which were to equip World War II fighter planes, before accompanying the boom in air transport in the cockpits of the finest propeller planes, and later jets.

In 1952, the "official supplier to world aviation” created a “wrist instrument” specially designed for pilots and other aeronautical professionals. Equipped with a circular slide rule, the Navitimer chronograph serves to handle all calculations linked to airborne navigation: average speed, distance covered, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, conversions from miles to kilometers or nautical miles, etc.
Chosen as the official watch by the AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), the world’s largest association of its kind, the Navitimer has asserted itself as the most iconic Breitling model – and a cult object for all aviation enthusiasts. In its “Cosmonaute” version with a 24-hour graduation, it accompanied Scott Carpenter on his orbital flight aboard the Aurora 7 capsule (1962), thus becoming the first spacegoing wrist chronograph.

Continuously made since 1952, the Navitimer is the world’s oldest mechanical chronograph still in production. By now adopting an “in-house” caliber, it is writing a new chapter in a rich history of major achievements and thrilling moments.

Navitimer Caliber 01 Special Edition
The Navitimer Caliber 01 special edition is available in two limited series of 2,000 in steel, and 200 in red gold, each bearing an individual number engraved on the side of the case middle. The case features a diameter slightly broader than that of the series-produced Navitimer (43 mm compared with 42 mm).
The dial which is made using the “épargne” process on a solid silver or gold base – a sophisticated technique endowing the indications with peerless radiance and readability – is exclusively available in a classic black version with applied hour-markers. Breitling’s winged symbol in gold is slightly raised to stand out from the watch face.
The transparent sapphire caseback, a rare feature on Breitling models, provides a unique opportunity to admire the original architecture of Caliber 01 with its column wheel, its oscillating weight and its entirely performance-oriented design.
An impressive set of characteristics that are bound to delight devotees of exclusive models – before the series-produced Navitimer models equipped with 100% Breitling calibers take flight next spring.
Technical details
Breitling Caliber 01, officially chronometer-certified by the COSC, self-winding
High-frequency (28,800 vibrations per hour)
47 jewels
1/4th of a second chronograph, 30-minute and 12-hour totalizers

Limited series in steel or in 18K red gold
Resistance to 3 bars
Rotating bezel with circular slide rule
Cambered sapphire crystal, glare-proofed on both sides
Transparent sapphire crystal caseback
Diameter: 43 mm



Barenia leather, crocodile leather/Navitimer (steel version only), Air Racer

ARCHIMEDE DeckWatch with Black Dial

The ARCHIMEDE DeckWatch with the silver dial has been an instant hit: it's classic design appealing to customers from all over the world. Building on this success, ARCHIMEDE announces a black dialled version.

The design of the DeckWatch is based on early watches used by naval officers: known for their clarity and accuracy they were developed for use in navigation at sea.
This elegant design is now available with a black dial and white luminous hands. The other features are the same: 42mm stainless steel case; sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides; mineral crystal display back all encasing the renowned ETA 6498 hand-wound movement. The crown is signed with the ARCHIMEDE "A". Leather straps are available in either brown or black as well as a steel bracelet.

The DeckWatch is available directly from ARCHIMEDE for US customers for US$ 635 (including shipping and all US duties) and for International customers for Eur 425 plus shipping costs

Eberhard & Co New Tazio Nuvolari Edition Limitée Grand Prix TN

The historic association between the fascinating world of vintage cars and Eberhard & Co. continues this year with the Swiss Maison in the capacity of Official Timekeeper, recording the times of the Gran Premio Nuvolari 20th edition.

It is a legendary event, an international rally reserved to wonderful, historical cars, paying tribute to the greatest and most audacious racing driver of all times, Tazio Nuvolari, who won 7 Italian Championships and established 5 international speed records among which a speed of 330.275 Km/h. His extraordinary performances made him a legend and immortalized his name.

The 11-car Eberhard team (7 teams from Classic Team stable, 2 from Germany, 1 from Italy, 1 from Switzerland) was among over 300 historic cars which did battle on a spectacular and exciting track, including the Classic Team_Eberhard from the stable founded by Corrado Corneliani, Ottaviano Checchi and Marco Gandino, recently associated with the Swiss Maison, an exceptional partner for a collaboration combining passion for sport and elegance.

On the occasion of this legendary event, Eberhard & Co. is reconfirming the success of the Tazio Nuvolari Grand Prix Collection, launched last year precisely during the Gran Premio Nuvolari, by officially introducing its new steel limited edition, produced in 999 pieces.
From the cool, gutsy look, rendered all the more original by a striking colour play between white and red, the Maison’s new chronograph retains unaltered the distinctive technical features of its predecessor, the white details of the dial, perfectly matching the white ceramic bezel, illuminated by the brilliance of the selected colour combination. The contrast of colours continues on the strap, with its white background and red stitching. The case-back is tinged with whiten incisions, whilst the outer surface comes alive with its elegant, circular-grained finish, harmoniously reflected in the red tachymeter scale on the flange.

Technical detailsReference: 31061. Edition limited to 999 pieces

base ETA 7750 13 1/4”
Mechanical chronograph with automatic winding.
Two counters:
- counter “30 minutes” at 12 o’clock
- counter “12 hours” at 6 o’clock

Diameter of the case: 43,00 mm.
Thickness of the case: 13,00 mm.
Case-back: locked by 8 screws – polished inner zone, with white engravings; circular-grained bevel.
Strap attachment: 21,00 mm.
Water-resistance: 3 atm.
Crown: screw-in, personalised “E”.
Push-pieces: rectangular
Bezel: white ceramic, inlaid in a steel base.
Black tachometer scale in miles/h, engraved - miles per hour in red colour.
Crystal: sapphire, interior anti-reflective coating

black, Arabic numerals, luminescent, with red profile. The central seconds hand, the small, luminescent counters hands as well as the counters contour, the inscription.“Edition Limitée Grand Prix TN” and the carapace are all further details in red colour. “TN” initials are in white colour. Flange with black or treatment , with circular-grained finish and tachometer scale in km/h.
Hands: bâton type, luminescent.

Alligator, white or black, with red stitching; buckle personalised “E&C”.
Bracelet: Charme, in steel – clasp featuring the 18 ct. gold stylised reproduction of Tazio Nuvolari’s mascot tortoise.

Vacheron Constantin Creates a Limited Edition Timepiece to Celebrate Venezuela’s 200th Independence Anniversary

Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watch manufacture, has created a limited edition timepiece to celebrate Venezuela’s 200th independence anniversary. Production will be limited to 19 pieces: ten in rose gold and nine in platinum. The back of the watch bears an engraving, which includes the number 19 representing the day in which Venezuela declares its independence, April 19th, 1810.

Venezuela's war for independence (1811-1823) was the first in Latin America’s independence movement under the leadership of South American General, Simón Bolívar. It was part of a series of related emancipation movements throughout Latin America. The Venezuelan war was integral to other South American wars of independence as military and political collaboration among countries was common. It is in 1811 that the first paper bill is issued bearing a seal with the number “19” in the center, representing the signing of the independence in April 19, 1810.

Vacheron Constantin has a long history in South America. Already in 1835 the Maison sets up a business in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The brand's archives also indicate the first sales to Argentina around 1880. The bonds between Vacheron Constantin and Venezuela will tighten early 20th century, it is in 1922 that the Minister of the United States of Venezuela in Bern and delegate to the United Nations in Geneva asked Charles Constantin to become Venezuela's vice-counsul in Geneva. A position that Charles Constantin accepted with pleasure.
The timepiece chosen for this limited edition is the Patrimony Contemporaine. Designed and crafted according to the most demanding standards of Geneva horology at its finest, the Vacheron Constantin caliber 1400 hand-wound mechanical movement can rightly claim the title of "mouvement manufacture", i.e. a proprietary design born of the experience and expertise of the company's own team of master watchmakers and made on its own premises.

The caliber 1400 which equip this limited edition has received the Hallmark of Geneva certification. This exceptional quality certification is a guarantee of provenance, durableness, exactness and of century old savoir-faire. Here for instance, all appropriately flat areas of the movement are decorated with a ribbed "Côtes de Genève" pattern, sharp angles chamfered then, along with all flat screw heads, polished by hand.

On the Occasion of the AROP 30th Anniversary Gala, Vacheron Constantin Pays Tribute to the Opéra National de Paris with a Métiers d’Art Lmited Edition … to be Unveiled on November 20th 2010

In 2007, Vacheron Constantin became an official sponsor of the Opéra National de Paris. Confirming its firm commitment to the cultural field and its wish to become a full-fledged sponsor, Vacheron Constantin donated a monumental clock christened “Laudator Temporis”, a genuine work of art installed in the atrium of the Opéra Bastille.

As part of its ongoing partnership with the Opéra National de Paris, the Geneva-based watch manufacturer is serving as principal sponsor of the Gala Evening to be held on November 2010 in the Palais Garnier on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the AROP (Association pour le rayonnement de l’Opéra national de Paris).

For this jubilee event, Vacheron Constantin is presenting an exceptional Métiers d’Art limited edition paying tribute to the Opéra National de Paris.

About L’AROP 
  • Is a state-approved association created in 1980
  • Brings together more than 3,000 devotees of opera and ballet, including individuals, companies wishing to support the Opéra National de Paris.
  • Contributes to funding the projects of the Opéra National de Paris: over 20 million euros of production aid has been donated to the Opera over a five-year period (to support new productions, tours, exhibitions, publications by the Opera…)
  • Associates its members closely with the activities of the Opéra National de Paris.
  • Organises exceptional events
  • Promotes the projects of the Opéra National de Paris in France and around the world.

Christopher Ward C9 Harrison Chronograph Limited Edition

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the world’s first precision timepiece, John Harrison’s H4 Marine Chronometer, Christopher Ward has launched the C9 Harrison range of three watches inspired by the watchmaker who cracked ‘the Longitude Problem’.

Up until 1760, many lives were being lost at sea because ships were unable to navigate accurately. The losses were so great that Parliament passed The Longitude Act in 1714 in order to set up an award of £20,000 (equivalent to about £3 million today) to anyone who could come up with a solution. While the position of the sun, moon and stars allowed ships to plot their position relatively accurately when travelling north or south, it was impossible for them to navigate with any certainty when sailing east or west because of the earth’s rotation. The only way for a ship’s position to be calculated correctly was to know the time to within a few seconds – even a small discrepancy could lead to ship being several miles off course. Harrison’s H4 Marine Chronometer was the first timepiece that made that possible.

John Harrison was arguably the greatest horologist of all time and he played a major role in ensuring that Britain led the world when it came to watchmaking for many years after his death.
Christopher Ward’s subtle English styling is apparent in all three watches in the range. The C9 Harrison Automatic (£299) features an ETA 2842-2 movement, while the, the C9 Harrison GMT Automatic (£450) offers dual time functionality with its extra hand and an ETA 2893-2 movement.

The C9 Harrison Chronograph Limited Edition has been restricted to a total of 250 pieces worldwide – just one for each year since Harrison’s breakthrough. At £750 the watch will be the most expensive men’s watch ever made by Christopher Ward however still promises to sell out extremely quickly as its rarity will inevitably mean that it will be hugely collectible. Other features of the C9 Harrison range include exhibition backs, côte de Genève rotors and blue screws.

Suggested retail price
C9 Harrison Automatic (C9 – Auto – SST): £299
C9 Harrison GMT Automatic (C9 – GMT – SST): £450
C9 Harrison Chronograph Limited Edition(C9 – Chrono – SKT): £750

Tiret Supports Caudwell Children Charity

Luxury watch brand Tiret participates at FashART, the most exclusive and highly sought-after event on the eve of London Fashion Week, on 16th of September 2010 in the Natural History Museum.

With only a few tickets being released to the most select few amongst the elite ,this unmissable gala dinner is in aid of Caudwell Children. Caudwell Children Charity established 10 years ago by billionaire John Caudwell, a national children’s charity that provide equipment, treatment, and therapy for sick and disabled children across the UK.

Once a year, they organize a trip to Florida for up to 30 sick children and their families with 8 paramedics and 40 volunteers. They have donated over £12 million to over 4,000 children. 1 of 4 charities that also support autism in the UK. Every £1 donated, £2.09 is received.

Its ambassadors include Sir Elton John, Liz Hurley and Robbie Williams. Caudwell Children is a really wonderful charity doing some amazing work with all sick or disabled children. Both Tiret Timepieces sold in the auction with all profit going to Caudwell Charity.

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Grafenau (Germany) based Luxury Workshop GRIEB & BENZINGER presents a a new One-Of A-Kind-Watch: The Blue Wave, a Skeletonized Chronograph. GRIEB & BENZINGER’s unique workshop for high-end collectors has above all made its name with unique minute repeaters for connoisseurs.

As the worldwide demand for rare, high-quality chronographs has increased, Hermann Grieb—watchmaking genius and one of the three partners comprising GRIEB & BENZINGER—has opened his treasure chest to conjure up a masterpiece of watchmaking: a rare Minerva column wheel chronograph movement estimated to be from about 1925.
In its heyday, Minerva was one of the finest and best chronograph makers in the world. Chronographs had already been in existence since around 1800, however Minerva was one of the first chronograph makers to incorporate a minute counter. Minerva named its company after the Roman goddess Minerva. Traces of this Roman deity can be found again and again in fine watchmaking—even A. Lange & Söhne has immortalized various depictions of the goddess as a motif or symbol on its most exclusive pocket watch cases.
After countless hours of total restoration, hand skeletonization, hand-engraving and guilloché, the vintage base Minerva movement awakens to new life to become a characteristic new horological piece of art in typical GRIEB & BENZINGER style: the 18-karat gold monopusher skeletonized chronograph christened The Blue Wave.

The company’s typical blue platinum coating of the base plate has also found its way into the new unique piece. The base plate was first hand-skeletonized to its barest minimum in characteristic wave style and the case back hand-guilloché. All 34 steel screws were polished by hand and classically tempered a cornflower blue over an open flame. Today, steel screws are generally blued by use of galvanic coating. These hand-finished screws are not only a feast for the eyes; it comes as no surprise that they are a standard of quality at GRIEB & BENZINGER.

The Blue Wave is yet another outstanding one-of-a-kind-watch by luxury watch manufacturer GRIEB & BENZINGER. There will only be one lucky timepiece enthusiast worldwide to have the pleasure of wearing this exclusive watch on his or her wrist. Suggested price of this masterpiece is (€ 87,500).
Technical details
Model: GRIEB & BENZINGER Unique Timepiece: The Blue Wave: a Monopusher Skeleton Chronograph in Rose Gold.

Solid 18-karat rose gold
Sapphire crystal
Buttons and crown made of solid 18-karat rose gold
Guilloché on top of button
Screw-in sapphire crystal case back
Diameter:46 mm

Black alligator strap with 18-karat rose gold buckle

Based on a Minerva caliber from approx. 1920
Completely disassembled and restored
The base plate was hand-skeletonized to its bare minimum before being guilloché and coated with blue platinum
Winding:Mechanical with manual winding

Movement functions
Sweep hour and minute hands
Subsidiary seconds at 9 o’clock
Sweep chronograph second hand; chronograph minute counter in subdial at 3 o’clock

Bridges and cocks
Rhodium-plated and guilloché; the hand-engraved balance cock is rhodium-plated and rose gold-plated
Rose gold-plated wheels
Flame blued steel screws
Barrel: Hand-skeletonized spring barrel

Sweep chronograph second hand
30-minute counter in subdial at 3 o’clock
Monopusher chronograph with button in crown (Start-Stop-Reset using only ONE pusher)

Balance:Screw balance; 18,000 semi-oscillations per hour
Jewels: 17 jewels
Power reserve: Approx. 37 hours of power reserve

Steel hour, minute and second hands, rose gold-plated
Flame-blued subsidiary seconds hand
Flame-blued 30-minute hand with red tip

Sweep hours and minutes
Sweep chronograph second hand
30-minute counter in subdial at 3 o’clock
Subsidiary seconds (permanently running) at 9 o’clock

Hand-skeletonized Sterling silver with original Breguet frosted finish

Ex-factory price:87.500 €

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deepsea (2008)

The Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea is a product of man’s inherent desire to push the boundaries of his dreams and his potential. Waterproof to an extreme depth of 3,900 metres (12,800 feet), this new-generation diver’s watch confirms the supremacy of Rolex in the mastery of waterproofness and demonstrates an ever-present pursuit of excellence.

Entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex, the Rolex Deepsea is a totally new watch that benefits from important technical innovations. It is equipped with a Ringlock System, a new case architecture patented by Rolex, which allows the watch to resist the colossal pressure exerted by water at great depths. It is the first watch to feature a bracelet with a double extension system making it easily adaptable for greater comfort in wear over a diving suit. The Rolex Deepsea responds to the most exacting demands of professional divers in terms of robustness, precision and reliability.
With its intrinsic capabilities, the Rolex Deepsea takes a rightful place in the prestigious Oyster family. It illustrates the pioneering spirit that led Rolex to develop, as early as the 1950s, divers’ watches like the Submariner and the Sea-Dweller. Its name pays tribute to the Deep Sea Special, the experimental prototype that in 1960 plunged to a depth of 10,916 metres in the Mariana Trench.

A watch developed for extreme depths, guaranteed waterproof to 3,900 metres (12,800 feet), the Rolex Deepsea required the design of a case with a unique architecture, the Ringlock System. This innovation patented by Rolex consists of a combination of three distinctive features:

Special features of Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea

• The high-performance ring
Set inside the middle case of the watch between the crystal and the case back, the
high-performance nitrogen-alloyed stainless steel ring withstands the pressure exerted by water on the crystal and the case back. The middle case is made from 904L steel.

• The sapphire crystal
To resist pressure, the synthetic sapphire crystal is slightly domed and substantially thicker than the crystals of other Oyster models.

• The case back
The case back is made of a titanium alloy, an extremely resistant stainless material. It is held in place against the high-performance ring by means of a 904L-steel ring. The helium valve is made of high-performance stainless steel. Its size is adapted to the dimensions of the case to achieve optimal waterproofness. The helium valve is a safety feature which, during the decompression phase, releases the gases that infiltrate into the watch during caisson dives.

Indeed, between dives at great depths, professional divers use pressurised caissons in which they breathe high-pressure gas mixtures, notably containing helium, a very volatile gas that penetrates into the watch. As the diver resurfaces, the helium valve prevents damage to the watch.The Triplock winding crown, equipped with three seals and screwed onto the case, completes this ingenious waterproof system.

The bezel
The Rolex Deepsea is equipped with a unidirectional rotatable bezel with a 60-minute graduated black Cerachrom disc that allows the diver to precisely track his dive time. Engraved in the Cerachrom, the numerals and the graduations are filled with platinum through the use of a PVD technique patented by Rolex. The zero marker of the graduated bezel, represented by a triangle, is visible longer at night or in the depths of the ocean thanks to a capsule containing a new luminescent material that emits a blue glow.

The dial
To enhance legibility, the gold indexes and hands are wider and partially coated with the same new luminescent material and also emit a blue colour.

The movement
The Rolex Deepsea is equipped with calibre 3135, known for its chronometric precision, its reliability and its robustness; it also features a Parachrom hairspring with high resistance to shocks and magnetic fields. Certified as a chronometer by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), the movement has a 48-hour power reserve.

The bracelet
Manufactured from solid 904L steel, the Rolex Deepsea bracelet can be adjusted for wear over a diving suit up to 7 mm thick thanks to a double extension system:
• Fliplock extension links,
• the new Glidelock clasp, allowing fine adjustments.

A series of rigorous tests
Because deep-sea diving requires absolute reliability and safety, each Rolex Deepsea must pass Rolex’s rigorous waterproofness tests. To this end, special equipment has been developed with the help of COMEX (Compagnie Maritime d’Expertise), a world-renowned French company specialising in underwater engineering and hyperbaric technologies.

Special Functions

The Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea allows a diver to safely track his dive time thanks to the unidirectional graduated bezel featured on the watch.

At the beginning of a dive: Once in the water, before beginning his descent, the diver turns the bezel to align the triangle on the graduated bezel to the minute hand, thus indicating the start time of his dive.

During the dive: The dive time can be read against the graduated bezel. Since the Rolex Deepsea bezel turns only counterclockwise, any accidental rotation can only have the effect of shortening the dive time.

The new Glidelock clasp allows for fine adjustments to the bracelet length, up to 18 mm by increments of 1.8 mm, without removing the watch.

1 Pull up the clasp’s safety catch.

2 Pull up the centre panel of the clasp cover. The teeth located underneath it become visible.

3 Pull gently on the 12-o’clock side of the bracelet to lengthen it, or slide it into the clasp to shorten it. Adjustments can be made in 1.8 mm increments, up to a total of 18 mm.

4 Once the bracelet has been adjusted to the desired length, close the centre panel.

5 Close the safety catch.

Stacey Dash is the new face of Tiret Timepieces

Stacey Dash, the beautiful and talented model, actress, & designer can be seen wearing the latest Tiret campaign. The campaign is shot for 2 different collections. One featuring Gotham collection and the other featuring “Second Chance”. Stacey has become widely known for her role as Dionne Davenport in the 1995 hit film “Clueless.” She has recently appeared on CSI (Crime Scene Investigation.) Stacey Dash complements the classic, well crafted, & timeless masterpieces in a beautiful way that only she can portray.
Dreamt in New York and brought to life in Geneva, the latest masterpieces by Tiret New York not only adore time, but also worship it in all its glory through handcrafted creations that are beautiful to behold – from the inside to the outside. Tiret New York encompasses everything that America’s most famous city is made up of: energy, bright lights, finance, art, culture, theatre, lifestyle, radical thinking and more. Daniel Lazar, founder and creative director of Tiret, accomplished designer, takes all these elements and infuses them into his customized, exclusive diamond timepieces incorporating traditional Swiss watchmaking precision and engineering.

Founded in 2003 by Daniel Lazar and Damon Dash, Tiret “redefines luxury” by creating timepieces for those who have exceptional taste and who seek out the best in design, craftsmanship, detail and quality.

Tiret watches are a tribute to originality while maintaining the pure essence of luxury for those who settle for nothing less than the best in life. Tiret encompasses beauty, excellent craftsmanship, & timelessness all in one design.

Ulysse Nardin Monaco 2010 Marine Diver Limited Edition

Swiss luxury watch maker Ulysse Nardin conquers the oceans once again as an official sponsor of the 2010 Monaco Yacht Show – the World’s Luxury Yacht Showplace – and celebrates the superyacht exhibition’s 20th anniversary with the new, limited edition Monaco 2010 Marine Diver, to be unveiled at the opening.

Created exclusively for the monumental event occurring September 22-25 at Port Hercules, Principality of Monaco, the timepiece is ideally suited for those passionate about yachting and has been designed with the show’s most influential industry leaders and private clientele in mind. As well, it pays tribute to this historic city on the Mediterranean Sea, while honoring Ulysse Nardin’s nautical legacy in high horology. Since 1846, Ulysse Nardin has been expertly steering captains and their crews with faultless precision by way of its marine chronometers.
As the latest addition to the coveted Marine Diver collection, the Monaco 2010 – limited to 100 pieces and individually numbered – showcases Ulysse Nardin’s evolution in watchmaking technology, beginning with the Monaco’s specially treated stainless-steel case. Having undergone a complex vulcanization process, the case (45.8 millimeters in diameter) is revealed with a matte-black rubber coating, presenting a sporty aesthetic and comfortable feel. Its exhibition case-back reveals a self-winding movement.
Softening its styling is a calming elegance that washes over this watch in the form of a signature wave pattern decorating the black, structured strap and dial with its power-reserve indicator and the oversized small-seconds register. As well, it is water-resistant to 200 meters. Strengthening its already exceptional reliability is the Monaco’s rubber band including ceramic components and an exclusive black ceramic folding clasp.
For the second year, Ulysse Nardin is an official sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show. Therefore, it’s only fitting that the largest superyacht exhibition in the world be honored with a custom-designed timepiece to commemorate the celebration of its 20-year history. The new, limited-edition Monaco 2010 Marine Diver gives a nod to the show, as well as Ulysse Nardin’s own seafaring stories.

Technical details
Model: Ulysse Nardin Monaco 2010 Marine Diver Limited Edition
Ref. 263-93-3/MON

Caliber UN-26, 11 ½’’
28 jewels
Power-Reserve: Approximately 42 h
Winding: Self-winding

Power-reserve indicator at 12 o’clock
Small seconds and round date window at 6 o’clock

Stainless steel treated by vulcanization process with a matte-black rubber coating
Unidirectional rotating bezel, wave-pattern decoration with diving scale
Crown: Screw down security crown
Diameter: 45.8 mm
Water-resistance: 200 m
Crystal: Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Case-back: Open case back with sapphire crystal

Rubber bracelet with two elements and deployant clasp

The award winning TimeZoner® watch from VOGARD announces a new release of its iPhone app

VOGARD announces a new release of the TimeZoner® app for iPhone, iPod and iPad. VOGARD's iPhone app works exactly the same way as the real timepieces. Simply open the lever with a finger tip and change the time zone via turning the bezel. It is a highly useful tool with many features for world travellers who want to be on track day and night, anywhere in the world.

Key Features
CONFIGURATOR: Create your own Vogard watch and select your favourite case, dial and strap combination.

WATCH: The world clock allows you to change your time zone with a finger tip and to read the time of the location selected at 12 oclock. The watch indicates as well day or night and daylight savings time (summer time).

More Features
- Get instantly the time of over 500 cities
- Time zone alert when you enter a new time zone
- Summer time alert
- Send a price request for your favorite model
- Locate the closest retailer
- Learn about watch making

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House of VOILA American WOOMAN Collection

Coinciding with the Fourth of July celebrations, the House of VOILA in conjunction with American fashion photographer James Gabbard premièred its "American WOOMAN" collection at M1NT - Hong Kong’s exclusive members only night club. Dressed in appropriately themed costumes, models posed as gas station attendants and rock-n-roll stars and partied with invited guests making it summers hottest A-list event.

Stars-n-Stripes, the ultimate American classic, is Roger Khemlani’s inspiration for his seductive American WOOMAN collection. Although the watch face is designed more to resemble a Vegas show girl’s costume, the collection is a tribute to the liberal and patriotic women of the US.

Designed as an inverted heart around the letter 'V' (for VOILA); WOOMAN is an intriguing new collection that draws imagery from a female silhouette. Hints of both innocence and enigma are plentiful, with suggestions of a veiled meaning. The collection is designed to tantalize the viewer and literally bring a 'wow' to their lips.

The original WOOMAN collection is intentionally designed as a blank canvas in order to personalize collections to suit our clients discerning tastes. In my twenty odd years of creating watches, never before have so many women come up to me and requested to be an inspiration for my collection - so definitely expect a lot more variations to follow” claims Roger Khemlani.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident GMT

Christopher Ward, the luxury online watchmaker, has joined brands such as Omega and Longines in paying homage to one of the most iconic watches of the last 60 years – the Rolex GMT Master, launched in 1954. Rolex created the watch at the request of Pan Am Airways to help its pilots when they were crossing multiple time zones.

The C60 Trident GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is Christopher Ward’s first dual time automatic watch and represents another milestone for the brand. Pilots, frequent travellers and anyone else who regularly needs to know the time in another part of the world can check two time-zones simultaneously thanks to an extra hour hand. Better still, Christopher Ward has added an anodised aluminium uni-directional bezel, which allows the wearer to check the time in a third time-zone, too.

The C60 Trident is water resistant to a depth of 300m and comes with a hand-crafted crocodile pattern leather strap, complete with a deployment clasp. Christopher Ward’s legendary attention to detail is exemplified by the trident design on the second hand counter balance and a Cote de Geneve engraving on the rotor. The watch has blue screws and is powered by a specially customised ETA 2893-2 movement.

Suggested retail price:
C60 Trident GMT SKKO: £450
C60 Trident GMT SKS: £490

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harry Winston Premier Perpetual Calendar Edition 2010

In 1989 Harry Winston introduced the first Bi-Retrograde Perpetual Calendar, sparking a revolution in contemporary mechanical watchmaking. Two decades later, this iconic design returns to center-stage with a blend of strength and sophistication. The 41mm white gold case has been reinvented with even more refinement, adding a subtle groove in the side to highlight its elegant contours, while maintaining the three signature arches.

The highly dimensional dial articulates the quality of craftsmanship and places the focus firmly on the complications. Surrounded by a snailed black base, the silver colored Côtes de Genève pays eloquent tribute to fine watchmaking tradition. The anthracite color contrast highlights the various indications: off-centered hours and minutes, retrograde months at 10 o’clock, and retrograde dates at 7 o’clock are arranged in a contemporary manner, while the understated leap-year and moon-phase apertures are set opposite each other.

Touches of Harry Winston’s signature blue shade further accentuate the design and enhance the readability of the dial. Driven by a mechanical self-winding movement with a 45-hour power reserve, the Premier Perpetual Calendar is also available with a silvered dial.
Technical details
Type: Mechanical with automatic winding
Power reserve: 45 hours

Excentered hours and minutes
Second time-zone
Perpetual calendar bi-retrograde (date and month) and leap year
Moon phase indicator

K1: Anthracite dial with vertical silver “Côtes de Genève”
Three sunray finish counters for hours, date and month

Material: White gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Diameter: 41mm
Water resistant: 3 ATM

Black alligator
Buckle: Type: Folding, Material: White gold

Note: Harry Winston Premier Perpetual Calendar is also available in rose gold

Harry Winston Premier Lady Chronograph Edition 2010

Radiating an elegant, yet seductive charm, the new Premier Lady brings an ultra feminine feel to the chronograph by combining horological tradition with fine jewelry design.

Framed by an exquisite 39 mm gem-set white gold case, the dial is meticulous and delicately detailed, adding a modern refinement without compromising the readability of the design. The off-centered diamond-set mother-of-pearl chronograph counters, each with its own personality, are discreetly juxtaposed. The materials are crafted using a magnificent marquetry-like motif to catch, hold and reflect the light.

The inner bezel ring is adorned with a brilliant crown of diamonds that appears to melt into the watch in such a way that only the wearer can admire its full radiance. The innate refinement of the applied hour-markers creates a subtle contrast with the carefree numerals on the sunburst satin-brushed dial. The date appears at 6 o’clock in an ultra-simple round window. Meanwhile, the Harry Winston signature set with a single diamond gracefully follows the curve of a counter.
This dynamic approach to gem-setting is further expressed on the case. The gently beveled bezel is embellished with a double row of diamonds. The sides of the cabochon-set crown are paved with diamonds, and the folding clasp sparkles with the fire of the glittering gemstones. And finally, to match a variety of feminine tastes, the Premier Lady Chronograph is also available with anthracite or blue satin-brushed dial versions.
Technical details
Type: Mechanical with automatic winding
Power reserve: 42 hours

Hours and minutes
Small second

3 versions:
  • WD: Silver sunray finish set with 54 brilliant cut diamonds, Pale pink mother of pearl counters set with 72 brilliant cut diamonds
  • KD: Anthracite sunray finish set with 54 brilliant cut diamonds, Black mother of pearl counters set with 72 brilliant cut diamonds
  • BD: Blue sunray finish set with 54 brilliant cut diamonds, White mother of pearl counters set with 72 brilliant cut diamonds
Material: White gold
Crystal: Sapphire
Diameter: 39mm
Water resistant: 3 ATM
Setting: Set with 143 brilliant cut diamonds (3.8 cts)

Folding buckle in White gold
Setting: 48 brilliant cut diamonds

Total diamonds
 317 brilliant cut diamonds (4.4cts)

Hublot opens its first two boutiques in the continental United States in Boca Raton and Bal Harbour, Florida.

Hublot, the Swiss luxury watch brand that brings the “Art of Fusion” and the passion for unexpected combinations and innovation to watchmaking, is proud to announce the opening of its first two boutiques in the continental United States in Boca Raton and Bal Harbour, Florida.

Timepiece connoisseurs visiting from Latin and South America, as well as the American clients will particularly appreciate the convenience of the Bal Harbour luxurious location. Boca Raton is also ideally situated to cater to the local clientele in this exclusive area.
The “Art of fusion”, the way of thinking and creating at Hublot, permeates the stores featuring high tech display cases and a diverse range of architectural materials including carbon, metal, glass, wood, leather and rubber. In addition, the Boca Raton boutique hosts a luxurious secluded VIP area - Hublot World - in keeping with the high-end atmosphere of Mizner Park.

“The two spaces reflect the brand’s DNA of innovation and tradition, luxury and design, past and present, all combined within its vision of fusion”, says Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver. “It is an important step for us as it aims to further our relationship with U.S. clients by providing the best service as well as a more in-depth and rounded Hublot experience”.

The boutiques feature a welcome lounge where clients can experience the latest Hublot timepieces in a very relaxing ambiance and with the highest level of customer service as well as elite access to the Vendôme Collection – a selection of unique pieces available exclusively at Hublot boutiques. The Bal Harbour boutique, in particular, showcases a 44mm Aero Bang and a 48mm King Power. Both designs will be limited editions of only 25 pieces each.

Hublot and WISeKey digital brand protecton soluton showcased at the Annual Meetng of New Champions 2010 Tianjin, People’s Republic of China

Hublot – the Swiss luxury watch brand which brings the “Art of Fusion” and the passion for unexpected combination and innovation to watchmaking - and WISeKey, a 2010 World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Growth Company, announced the successful deployment of their unique breakthrough ant-counterfeiting solution, demonstrating the highly proactive collaboration amongst Global Growth Companies to develop concrete solutions to important issues facing society.

Since 2010, all Hublot Big Bang, Classic Fusion and King Power watches have been protected by WISeAuthentic®, an authenticity-certification system using WISeKey technology. Operational in over 350 Hublot boutiques over all continents and praised by the reseller network and Hublot’s management, the risk of counterfeiting is greatly reduced and sales are monitored in real time, allowing quantifiable direct marketing activates and control of the gray market.
The technology consists of creating an electronic guarantee certificate with an algorithm, which contains the watch identity code and enables privileged access to a reserved space on the Hublot website. Hublot sales outlets and clients are able to use the Smart Card to check instantly online if the watch is genuine. This combination provides a fail-safe solution, impossible to replicate, at a fraction of the amount lost in sales due to counterfeits. ” said Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot’s CEO.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II Regatta Chronograph (2007)

The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph spells uncompromising adventure. Inspired by the winds of change, this model sets new sights in the art of watchmaking.

Intended for experienced skippers as well as yachting enthusiasts, this regatta chronograph is born of the longstanding relationship that Rolex enjoys with the sea, sailing and the mysteries of the deep. It perpetuates the supremacy of the Oyster, designed to resist water and conquer the elements. Featuring an unprecedented horological complication, the Yacht-Master II and its programmable countdown memory signal a new generation that draws on a wellspring of know-how and innovation.The Yacht-Master II is much more than the culmination of Rolex technology or that indispensable instrument at the starting line of a regatta. It is a moment of pure pleasure to be savoured both on land and at sea.

The Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph is the first watch to have a programmable countdown feature with a mechanical memory, which gives it the advantage of being able to be set according to the countdown time of each regatta. Intended for lovers of yachting as well as for experienced skippers, it is an indispensable tool at the starting line of regattas.

With the Yacht-Master II, it is possible to program a countdown of 0 to 10 minutes. During the starting sequences, it can be synchronised to the official countdown. This horological complication is heir to all of Rolex’s watchmaking know-how and benefits from the vertical integration carried out by the company over the last 10 years. A unique interaction between the movement, the case and the bezel makes the Yacht-Master II a completely new creation, a new generation watch. The various functions of this new Oyster professional are designed to be executed easily using only one hand.
The Yacht-Master II is equipped with a new movement, the 4160 calibre, consisting of 360 components, entirely designed and manufactured by Rolex. The heart of the movement beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour. Its blue PARACHROM® hairspring with a Breguet overcoil is up to 10 times more resistant to shocks and insensitive to magnetic fields. This Rolex innovation endows the watch with excellent chronometric performance certified by COSC (Contrôle officiel suisse des Chronomètres – Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute).

The countdown mechanism is constructed using a column wheel and a vertical clutch. The choice of this exclusive architecture is clearly characteristic of the Rolex new-generation chronograph movements. Rolex engineers and watchmakers achieved an impressive technical feat by developing a new mechanical programmable countdown function. A mechanical memory system makes it possible for the wearer to program, in advance and permanently (unless it is intentionally modified) the countdown time for the start of a regatta. The watch can be used in regattas with various starting sequences. Fully automatic, equipped with a Perpetual rotor, the Yacht-Master II movement has a power reserve of 72 hours.

Crafted from a solid block of 18 ct yellow or white gold*, the Yacht-Master II case has diameter of 42.6 mm. Equipped with a Triplock winding crown protected by shoulders, it has two pushers, one on either side of the winding crown. The start/stop pusher located at the two o’clock position starts and stops the countdown. The reset pusher located at the four o’clock position has three functions: programming, synchronising and setting the countdown. The innovation involves the interaction between the case and the movement, thanks to the Ring Command bezel, which is used for programming the duration of the countdown. The Yacht-Master II is guaranteed waterproof to 100 metres.

The Yacht-Master II is equipped with a Ring Command bezel designed and developed by Rolex. Rotatable 90°, this innovation allows access to the programming function of the countdown, then to the locking of this programming. Although it is very complex from a watchmaking point of view, this interaction between the bezel and the movement makes the Yacht-Master II extremely easy to use.

The Ring Command bezel is available in two versions :
– with a blue ceramic disc having numerals engraved in yellow gold for the 18 ct yellow gold version* ;
– in one-piece platinum with raised numerals for the 18 ct white gold version*.
The hour and minute hands are fixed in the centre of the Yacht-Master II, while the seconds hand is at the six o’clock position. The countdown counter located between eight o’clock and four o’clock positions and the countdown seconds hand (red hand in the centre) show the time remaining before the start of the regatta. Particular attention was paid to its legibility so that it can be easily read at a glance.

The Yacht-Master II features an Oyster bracelet with an Oysterlock clasp and an Easylink comfort extension link.

The functioning of the Yacht-Master II is very simple. With one hand, the user can rapidly programme the countdown. Likewise, he can start, stop, set or synchronise it, while it is in progress, to the official countdown with a simple press of a pusher.

1. TIMING THE START OF A REGATTA:  Press the start/stop pusher to start the countdown. At the end of the countdown, the minute hand stops by itself at 0. The seconds hand continues to turn.

2. SYNCHRONISATION OF THE COUNTDOWN (IF NECESSARY): At the time of the official signal, sound or visual : Press the reset pusher briefly and firmly. The minute countdown hand repositions itself to the nearest minute, while the seconds countdown
hand returns to 0. When the reset pusher is released, the minute countdown hand and the seconds countdown hand are automatically activated.

3. STOPPING THE COUNTDOWN: Press the start/stop pusher.

4. SETTING THE COUNTDOWN: Make certain that the countdown is stopped. Press the reset pusher. The minute countdown hand returns to the minute programmed at the last setting and the seconds countdown hand returns to 0. The countdown is ready to be started.

5. PROGRAMMING THE COUNTDOWN: First, make certain that the countdown is stopped. Turn the bezel 90° counterclockwise. The inscription Yacht-Master II should be aligned with the winding crown. This locks the start/stop pusher.

Press the reset pusher. You will hear a click. The pusher remains depressed. Unscrew the winding crown to position 1, without pulling on the stem. (The same as for manual winding) Position the hand at the desired minute by turning the winding crown in the winding direction. The minute countdown hand moves from 0 to 10 minutes by increments of one minute. At 10 minutes, if the user continues to turn the crown, the hand returns to 0.

Return the bezel to its initial position by rotating it 90° clockwise. You will hear a click. This returns the reset pusher to its initial position and unlocks the start/stop pusher.

Push down and screw down the winding crown. The countdown is ready to be activated according to the time programmed.

CONSUL Heritage Chronograph 7315-01AG Limited edition

CONSUL Heritage Chronograph 7315-01AG Limited edition

Technical Specifications
-High resistant polished stainless steel case
-42 mm case diameter
-Swiss made automatic movement ETA 7750
-43 hours power reserve
-Water resistant to 30 M - 3 ATM (100 feet)
-Curved sapphire crystal
-Screw-in crown
-Chronograph with 2 push buttons
-Display by means of hands, hours, minutes and seconds, 60 seconds, 30 minutes, 12 hours
-Day – Date
-Stainless steel bracelet with double butterfly buckle and 2 safety pushers or assorted leather band with double butterfly buckle
-Screw-in back cover
-See-through back sapphire crystal with medallion
-Swiss made
-Limited edition to 888 pieces
-12 months international warranty

Breitling Blackbird Red Strike Limited Edition

Fitted with the famous black dial that inspired its name, the Blackbird cleverly combines readability with originality. It radiates a distinctive personality for people who love powerful designs. Breitling is now offering it in a new limited edition featuring vivid red accents that accentuate the technical and sporting nature of this exceptional model which brings a complete instrument panel to the wrist.
The totalizer rims, the chronograph central seconds hand and the tachometric scale on the inner bezel are all red, as is the outsized calendar display at 12 o’clock with two separate indicators for the tens and units.
To highlight this daringly modern dial, Breitling has treated the Blackbird Red Strike Limited Edition to a full-polished or satin-brushed finish encompassing the case, the rotating bezel with its 360° graduated scale, and even the “Blackbird special” Pilot bracelet with its faceted profile.

Water-resistant to 300 meters (1,000 ft), this chronograph endowed with a steely character is powered by Breitling Caliber 44, a selfwinding chronograph movement that is chronometer-certified like all the brand’s movements. It is issued in a 2,000-piece worldwide limited edition.

Technical details
Breitling Caliber 44, officially chronometer-certified by the COSC, self-winding
High-frequency (28,800 vibrations per hour)
38 jewels
1/4thof a second chronograph, 30-minute and 12-hour totalizers

Polished or satin-brushed steel
Water-resistant to 300 m (1,000 ft/30 bars)
Screw-locked crown and push-pieces
Cambered sapphire crystal, glare-proofed on both sides
Ratcheted bidirectional Rotating bezel
Screwed in caseback
Diameter 43.70 mm

Black with red indications

Polished or satin-brushed steel Pilot

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in 18ct yellow gold on a leopard-skin style strap

A legendary classic of watchmaking undergoes a startling transformation thanks to an exotic flight of fancy. This Cosmograph Daytona shows no restraint at all.
Feline and sensuous, the Daytona leopard model is set with diamonds and yellow sapphires, spiriting us away to new adventures. For the woman who knows how to blend elegance with extravagance, the most demanding taste with the most unusual, nothing could be more daring.

The Cosmograph Daytona in 18ct yellow gold on a leopard-skin style strap. Leopard-skin motif on the dial, set with 8 diamond indices. Bezel set with 36 yellow baguette sapphires and diamond end pieces.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arcadia AC01

With its modern, virile look, the first re-edition of the Arcadia collection strides confidently into the 21st century – while retaining the utmost respect for watchmaking’s greatest traditions.

This can be seen in the powerful design of this audaciously restyled retro model. While retaining its DNA – rounded shapes for the watch and displays within a tonneau case – the Arcadia AC01 has been entirely redesigned in line with today’s technical codes. This new design approach is one of extremes: the watch combines harmonious volumes with aggressive elegance, with visible screws and push-pieces reworked to appear part of the case.
The watch is made from such avant-garde materials as titanium (for the case), carbon (for the split-level dial), and anti-allergenic technological fibre (for the strap), married to watchmaking functions that evoke the awesome savoir-faire of the Fleurier Watch Company: the hour-and-minute display in the centre of the dial is surrounded by four skillfully juxtaposed sub-dials with original, extra functions (including chronograph, date and 24-hour time-zone index). The automatic movement, with 18-carat pink gold rotor, can be admired through a transparent case-back.
The watch is edited in a limited series of 275, and offered for sale with a revolutionary concept ideally suited to the era of new technologies: much in the manner of an iPhone or iPad, all data linked to the model (guarantee, aftersale service, orders for further timepieces) is entered on a USB key given to the owner and activated on-line at time of purchase.
Another novelty: each Arcadia model comes with a travelling case in supple, ultra-resistant neoprene for easy transport and maximum protection.

Technical details
Case, dial and strap
Shape : cushion
Dimensions: 42.00 x 40.00 x 14.60 mm
Opening: 29.40 x 29.40 mm
Between lugs: 22.00 mm
Bezel & case-back: sapphire crystal
Dial: split-level, carbon fiber
Mobile lugs
Strap: technological fibre
Clasp: folding, with security

Dubois Dépraz module (base ETA2892-A2)
Winding: automatic, two-way
18 k rose gold rotor
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour
Power-Reserve: 40-44 hours
Diameter: 26.20 mm
Thickness: 6.80 mm
55 jewels (21+34)

Time Display: center hours & minutes hands, small seconds hand at 3 o’clock
Chronograph: center seconds hand, 30-minutes counter at 9 o'clock, 12-hours counter at 6 o’clock
Date at 4 o'clock
Time zone: 24-hours index at 12 o'clock

Arcadia Watches - Brand Info

Swiss watchmaking has continued to reinvent itself throughout the centuries as Swiss craftsmen, inspired by their passion and love of tradition, strive to enhance their precision expertise.

Maison Bunter, one of the leading specialists in major complications and jewel-setting, has been fired by such passion for some 155 years. Bunter, presents Arcadia: an innovative watchmaking concept that rises to the challenge of reviving one of the greatest emblems of Switzerland’s watchmaking heritage.

During the 19th century the Arcadia brand was the symbol of Swiss watchmaking excellence and the standard-bearer of the celebrated Fleurier Watch Company, whose creative approach would inspire generations of watchmakers. Now, after falling victim to the ‘quartz revolution,’ Arcadia, and its incredibly avant-garde models, are being reborn under Bunter President Claude Sanz - a passionate devotee of watchmaking history.

This new adventure, imbued with unfettered imagination, offers a fresh approach to communicating the values of traditional Swiss watchmaking around the world.

In the early 19th century Swiss watchmaking - hitherto a craftsman’s activity - enjoyed one of its earliest industrial booms. Thanks to Edouard Bovet, one of the first watchmakers to target the Far Eastern market, the number of watchmakers in Fleurier (a village in the Val-de-Travers near Neuchâtel) more than tripled inside 30 years. Jules-Samuel Jequier, who was born in the village in 1835, chose to devote his life to watchmaking from an early age. He joined Bovet in 1856 after training as a jewel-cutter and, thanks to his enthusiasm and entrepreneurial zest, rose swiftly through the firm’s ranks.

Later, helped by his five sons, Jules-Samuel Jequier founded the Fleurier Watch Company, a manufacturer devoted to jewel-cutting and designing watch calibres. The growth of the watchmaking industry would inspire the Jequiers to launch a number of different watchmaking brands.Arcadia was one among them.

Arcadia was founded in 1858 and became the flagship of the Fleurier Watch Company. The classically-inspired Fleurier brand enjoyed great renown among connoisseurs of quality watches, epitomized by names like Breitling and Rolex. Arcadia watches displayed amazing creativity for the time.

This avant-garde brand produced some particularly stylish collections, typified by some of its early 20th century models - symbols of Swiss ancestral tradition imbued with modern, indeed contemporary, vision.

But the arrival of quartz was to be the downfall for many Swiss watchmakers, who failed to realize the importance of the 1970s electronic revolution. Swiss mechanical watches were left behind by cheap, mass-produced, electronic watches from abroad. The resultant economic crisis lasted 15 years and threatened the entire sector, coming close to completely destroying traditional Swiss watchmaking.
Many Swiss watchmaking firms were forced to close, taking with them the brands which had underpinned their success. Arcadia was no exception and, over a century after its launch by the Fleurier Watch Company, sank into oblivion.

Arcadia represents the crowning glory to an exceptional career and the fulfilment of a dream for a man to whom watchmaking is far more than a job. Claude Sanz cuts a unique figure in the watchmaking world: a trained geologist and mineralogist, as well as an expert in setting and mechanical complications.

Nearly forty years ago Sanz acquired Bunter, a firm specializing in the cutting of industrial stones and rubies needed for watchmaking. Today, thanks to their mastery of invisible settings and de luxe, made-to-measure projects, Bunter are recognized by all the pre-eminent Swiss watchmaking firms.

For Sanz, work is a passion: a passion for timepieces, for horological savoir-faire and for watchmaking history. It is also a dream... one he has secretly entertained for many years, to blend his skill and experience with the launch of a watchmaking brand that would write the final chapter of a story that began 35 years ago.
“When you make watch components, you inevitably think about creating your own brand,” says Sanz. But his ambition goes further. As a keen historian, he dreams of pursuing the mission of a Swiss watchmaking firm in the purest mechanical tradition - albeit one adapted to the contemporary era.

In the 1990s Claude Sanz learnt about the incredible story of the Fleurier Watch Company and its star brand, Arcadia. He was fascinated by this forgotten watchmaking venture, and promptly decided to take over the Arcadia brand – which had fallen into the public domain - and revive its century-old traditions. “Arcadia calibres were highly innovative for the time, and the Fleurier Watch Company was considered an international ambassador of Swiss watchmaking,” he explains. Today the industry is witnessing a return to small mechanical movements, so Arcadia is perfect for the 21st century! It’s the start of a whole new adventure.

The Arcadia renaissance is underway. With Bunter’s structural and technical support, Claude Sanz has set about renovating each Arcadia calibre in the purest watchmaking tradition, inserting them into modern cases with sleek designs, made using the latest avant-garde technologies and materials.

A combination of the richness of the past and the boldness of the future, Arcadia aims to showcase and perpetuate an exceptional, time-honoured, heritage on the international scene - and restore the prestige of a watchmaking symbol that was the pride of Switzerland for over a hundred years.

Official website :

Montblanc Presents John Lennon Edition Writing Instruments

This year, Legendary writing instrument maker Montblanc celebrates the 70th Anniversary of John Lennon, one of the most talented artists ever to write music history. With the launch of the John Lennon Edition Montblanc is ensuring that Lennon´s legend not only lives on in his verse, his music, and his artistic legacy, but in the beauty of a timeless writing instrument. In this masterpiece, Montblanc has captured Lennon´s incredible soul and philosophy.

Born in Liverpool, Lennon, the musical wizard achieved international recognition as a member of The Beatles performing to adoring fans all over the world. However, it was his solo work after the band dissolved which established him as a cultural icon in his own right. Not only was John Lennon admired for his music contribution, he was also considered a great thinker, an independent mind and a true visionary whose influence shaped the intellectual mood of an era.

John Lennon´s overall vision was to do good for mankind and harness the power of love. With his wife Yoko Ono by his side, the couple became the embodiment of the peace movement and a powerful catalyst for social, ideological and artistic change. Songs like "Imagine" and "Give Peace a Chance" still resonate in the hearts of fans of all ages.

Montblanc John Lennon Special Edition 2010
Reflecting his genius as a musician, the John Lennon Special Edition incorporates several design elements evoking the music of the 1950s and 1960s. The gentle grooves chiseled into the black precious resin of the barrel mimic those of an old-style vinyl record, and the clip is shaped like a period guitar head completed with tuning pegs and etched strings on the neck.

Hand engraved on the 18 K gold nib is the symbol of peace. At the focal point of the instrument, where the cap meets the barrel, is a silver plaque engraved with John Lennon´s self-portrait - the sketch he scribbled so often in place of a signature - which pays tribute to the memory of the edition´s namesake.

Montblanc John Lennon Commemoration Edition 1940
Limited to 1940 pieces, marking the year of Lennon´s birth, the John Lennon Commemoration Edition 1940 boasts a blue tansanit that crowns the guitar-inspired clip in allusion to Lennon´s famous blue glasses. The instrument features a number of symbolic engravings including the release date of the song "Imagine": 02.10.1971, as well as his self-portrait signature. In addition, the rhodium-plated, 18K gold nib bears the sign so often traced in flowers: the peace symbol.

Montblanc John Lennon Limited Edition 70
The most unique of the editions, the John Lennon Limited Edition 70, is a prestigious collector´s piece limited to only 70 pieces celebrating his 70th birthday. Echoing his most recognized solo hit, the word "Imagine", rendered in a skeleton of 750 white gold, encircles the writing instrument. The blue tone of the transparent precious resin on the cap and barrel makes a fond reference to Lennon´s trademark round blue glasses. The colour is repeated in the sapphire set on the clip alongside three diamonds that mark out the chord for the song "Imagine". His music talent is celebrated again in the writing instrument´s cone, expertly lacquered to resemble a piano keyboard. Also with this edition, the 18K gold nib bears John Lennon´s self-portrait signature.

For more than 20 years, Montblanc has actively been involved in nurturing, preserving and developing artistic talent through its numerous initiatives across the world. With such a history, Montblanc, also known as the "cultural brand", is proud to honor John Lennon´s life, his music and his dreams by contributing to selected cultural projects which support music education and collaborating with John Lennon Education Tour Bus, a US non-profit organization providing young people with the means to learn how to compose, play, perform, record and produce songs and music videos. The Montblanc John Lennon Edition will be available in Montblanc Boutiques worldwide from September 2010

Graham-London Chronofighter Oversize Diver Turbo Tech & Chronofighter Oversize Diver Deep Black

Graham-London Chronofighter Oversize Diver Turbo Tech & Chronofighter Oversize Diver Deep Black are specially designed for serious divers. When  a diver descend below 250 feet under ocean he enters the so-called twilight zone where the light becomes faint. Here, bioluminescent creatures live and do their stuff, along with many other weird and wonderful creatures too. For any serious diver this is a great place to explore, and that is why GRAHAM has designed a professional watch especially for these depths. So here is the Chronofighter Oversize Diver’s watch, with its sapphire crystal with double-sided anti-reflective coating, which will help you track time in this amazing environment. The watch is 47 mm in diameter, resistant to 1000 feet / 330 metres and designed around the needs of the professional diver.

The professional diver usually requires a built-in helium escape valve, which allows for a prolonged deep water trip. Needless to say this features on the Chronofighter too. When coming up from the depths after days in a diving chamber breathing Trimix or Heliox (a special divers gas for deep water work), this valve will equalise the pressure difference between the trapped gases inside the case and the surface.

Helium, as you may know, is the world’s second smallest molecule, it will inevitably find its way into your watch if you spend some time in a diving chamber. The solution to this is to include a pressure release valve integrated into the 2 o’clock part of the case. But pressure isn’t the only consideration behind the design of this watch.
The Super-LumiNova coating on the dial and hands will also help you read time in the dark, as clearly as you can see a firefly squid. Even with diver gloves on, the use of the trigger to activate the stop watch is dead easy and intuitive. The same goes for the unidirectional rotating bezel for measuring dive and decompression time.

Other features include: Calibre G1734, self-winding bi-compax chronograph, 27 jewels, 28’800 A/h (4Hz), 48 hours power reserve, and on integrated hypoallergenic black rubber strap. By the way, if you are not a professional diver and you use your watch in water no deeper than your bath tub, that’s also fine.

You might want to consider the Chronofighter Oversize Diver Deep Black. Of course waterproof to the same depth and with exactly the same features, it uses grey Super LumiNova on the dial. Elegant and with a nod to fashion, it still is the same professional divers’ watch. Whichever watch you choose, it should make as big a splash when you go out to dinner, as when you tilt backwards and begin a deep water dive into the deep.

Technical features
Chronograph (seconds, 30 minutes counter)
Date at 7 o’clock
Helium escape valve
Hours, minutes, seconds from the centre
- Central chronograph second hand
- 30 minutes counter at 9 o’clock
- 60 seconds counter at 3 o’clock
Left-hand side fast-action start/stop trigger and reset pusher

Calibre G1734, automatic bi-compax chronograph
Frequency: 28’800 A/h (4 Hz)
Incabloc shock absorber
27 jewels
Power reserve: 48 hours

Steel (2OVEV.B15A) / Steel with black PVD (2OVEB.B38A)
Diameter: 47 mm
Thickness: 17 mm
Steel with black PVD left-hand fast-action start/stop trigger and reset pusher with “Clous de Paris” high grip pattern
Steel with black PVD bezel, rotating rim to measure decompression time
Steel (2OVEV.B15A) / Steel with black PVD (2OVEB.B38A) case back with steel Royal Marine crown-symbol secured by 8 screws
Glass: Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both faces
Water resistance: 1000 feet / 330 metres

Black dial with yellow contour, black minutes counter with silver ring, black and yellow seconds counter with silver ring (2OVEV.B15A)
Black dial and counters (2OVEB.B38A)

(2OVEV.B15A): White Super-LumiNova hours, minutes, chronograph seconds hands and indexes. Minutes hand with orange contour, Silver minutes counter hand with Super-LumiNova tip,Black seconds hand with red tip, Silver with white Super-LumiNova chronograph second hand with red tip
(2OVEB.B38A): Black nickel hours, minutes hands and indexes with grey Super-LumiNova.Black minutes counter hand, Black seconds hand with red tip, Black skeleton chronograph seconds hands with red tip

Integrated black rubber
Buckle: Pin buckle

2OVEV.B15A (Chronofighter Oversize Diver Turbo Tech)
2OVEB.B38A (Chronofighter Oversize Diver Deep Black)

Public price:
Chronofighter Oversize Diver Turbo Tech: 9’300 CHF (2OVEV.B15A)
Chronofighter Oversize Diver Deep Black:10’500 CHF (2OVEB.B38A)

Christopher Ward C70 Aston Martin DBR1 Limited Edition

Christopher Ward, the maker of affordable luxury watches, launches a limited edition watch, celebrating Aston Martin’s famous victory at Le Mans in 1959. Details inspired by the winning Aston Martin DBR1’s livery, have been faithfully incorporated into the design of the watch, which is limited to just 500 pieces worldwide.

The two co-drivers, Roy Salvadori (British) and Caroll Shelby (American), completed 323 laps (about 2,700 miles) in the 24-hour race – finishing just ahead of a second Aston Martin DBR1, and some distance ahead of four Ferraris 250 GTs an AC Ace and a Lotus Elite. Of the other 45 entries only 13 cars finished the race. Although Aston Martin has never managed to win Le Mans again, the marque renewed its quest for a second victory in 2009.
The striking design of the C70 DBR1 reflects many of the details of the winning car. The British Racing Green bezel mirrors the colour of the car and the dark charcoal trim of the winning Aston Martin provides the background colour for the face and three dials. Even the watch’s hands pick up on the DBR1’s white needles on the speedometer and fuel gauge and its red rev counter. The large numbers on the dial reflect the giant numbers in white circles that were on the side of every 1959 Le Mans car.

Christopher Ward’s C70 DBR1 is powered by a three eye ETA 251.272 movement and has the year of victory and the name of the winning car and both drivers engraved on the reverse of the case. The highly collectible watch will launch in late September 2010 at a price of just £325, replacing Christopher Ward’s C70 GB which sold out in record time!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hublot King Power F1 Monza

Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot presents a new exclusive model named after the legendary Italian circuit of Monza.The King Power F1 Monza, inspired by the world of motor racing, combines a pioneering, sporty and distinguished design with extremely fine know-how in the use of hi-tech materials. A world first is there to be discovered on this chronograph: the red tinted sapphire crystal … the colour is incorporated into the translucent material, which confers on the watch a unique and unprecedented brightness.

Red tones dominate the decoration of this timepiece: indices, hands, the stitching on the strap and the FORMULA 1 MONZA inscription on the bezel all represent a nod to the colour of the prestigious world of motor racing Italianstyle...To add to the depth of this man-sized piece, its openworked dial is skilfully covered with a crystal enabling the hour markers and the F1 logo to be applied, giving the illusion that they are floating weightlessly in the case.
Technical details
“King Power”, diameter 48 mm in micro-blasted black ceramic
Bezel: Micro-blasted black ceramic with moulded black rubber, and 6 relief black PVD H-shaped titanium screws, FORMULA 1 MONZA inscription in :red
Crystal: World 1st Sapphire, solid red tinted
Bezel: Lug Black composite resin
Lateral Inserts: Black composite resin
Case-back: Micro-blasted black ceramic
Crown :Black PVD titanium with black rubber insert
Push-pieces :Black PVD titanium with black rubber insert
Screws :Black PVD titanium
Water resistance :100 m or 10 ATM

Sapphire with anti-reflective treatment, multi-layered, with additional matt black counters, red indexes, white SuperLuminova™, metal-plated F1Ô logo at 9 o'clock, red and white minute track
Hands: Micro-blasted red with white SuperLuminova™

Mechanical skeleton chronograph with automatic winding, carbon bridges, Hublot calibre HUB4400
No. of Components: 252
Jewels: 27
Bridges: Micro-blasted black chrome
Screws: Black PVD
Oscillating Weight: Tungsten carbide with black PVD treated dimpled surface
Main plate: Micro-blasted black chrome
Barrel :With reinforced spring
Escapement: Glucydur hairspring
Power Reserve :42 hours

Adjustable black rubber and Nomex strap with red stitching
Clasp: Micro-blasted black ceramic and black PVD steel

Limited to 200 pieces numbered from 01/200 to 200/200

Swiss watch brand Hublot becomes the Official Timekeeper of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York

Hublot, the luxury Swiss brand which brings the "Art of Fusion" and the passion for unexpected combinations and innovation to watchmaking,announces its partnership with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which will take place from September 9th through September 16th, 2010 in New York Cityʼs Lincoln Center.

In its mission to inspire all designers to make a grand entrance, Hublot will display five wall clocks representing top fashion cities around the world including New York, London, Milan/Paris, Tokyo and Geneva, where Hublot originated. Hublot will also present the digital clock announcing all shows and their times; Hublot will be timing how close each show truly is to the official start time in a daily feature titled “How Late is Fashionably Late”. The brand will additionally be a part of the “Accessories Exhibition” featuring a selection of its latest styles in state of the art interactive displays that will both astound and entertain guests.
“The fusion of beauty and luxury with such detailed craft is one of the greatest passions for Hublot”, says Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver. “We are very happy to support the showʼs designers on their unique vision, a dream that only they are able to embody through their exceptional art”. As the official timekeeper of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011 and with many vibrant choices to tempt anyone, Hublotʼs collections offer the perfect timepiece to follow all shows while inspiring to make a fashion statement without having to be “fashionably” late.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Marin 2 Mk1 "Thalassa" by Peter Speake-Marin

The Marin 2 Mk1 "Thalassa" displays the extremely rare talent of master watch maker Peter Speake-Marin. Every single component of this watch’s case, its dial and its movement is designed by Peter Speake-Marin himself.

Thalassa is a timepiece of transcendental harmony of form and function, aesthetics and technique. . It follows very closely many of the features first seen in his original Foundation pocket watch, e.g. the topping tool inspired wheel (displaying the seconds), bridges in German silver, circular graining and large sweeping curves.

Peter Speake-Marin will launch the Marin 2 "Thalassa" with a world tour beginning early September, taking in Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Australia Singapore, Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia. One of the tour highlights in the USA will be the Jeff Kingston/WatchTime Inside Basel/Geneva events.
Hours, minutes, seconds and date powered by a manual winding movement – the words almost belie the complexity of a timepiece whose each and every element has been thought out, designed, fabricated and hand-finished with functional purpose, holistic unity and long-term reliability in mind.

While the eye is immediately attracted to the visually striking blued-hardened steel outer dial and the iconic Speake-Marin wheel displaying seconds, the superb hand-finished movement visible through the transparent sapphire inner dial soon draws the viewer's gaze ever deeper, hinting at the complexities within. The juxtaposition of blued-steel between the warm German silver bridges of the movement and white gold of the case highlights every aspect of this uncompromising watchmaker's watch.

Turning the timepiece over, a panoramic display-back filling the whole diameter of the case is revealed. The breathtaking vista of the calibre SM2m manual-winding movement encompasses the hand-finished, sweeping gothic curves of the German silver bridges, over-sized jewels and screws and the elegant, double-ended swan's neck for the regulation. It also showcases the sublime artistry of the movement’s architecture. However, the fact that this apparently "simple" movement comprises 146 parts – more than many tourbillons – all of which have been manufactured specifically for this calibre is evidence that there is far more to it than meets the casual observer's eye. From the sublime allure of its hand-finished components to the over-engineered quality of its mechanisms, the SM2m will provide both accuracy and pleasure in equal measure for generations to come.

The nautical ambience generated by the blued-steel of the outer dial, hands and seconds wheel inspired the name "Thalassa", a primordial sea goddess from Greek mythology and the personification of the Mediterranean Sea.The Marin 2 "Thalassa" is a limited edition of 30 pieces in 18K white gold.
The Marin 2 "Thalassa":  The overwhelming impressions on viewing and handling the Marin 2 "Thalassa" are those of complete harmony, between all of the elements both inside and out, and of solidity. As elegant as it is, the Marin 2 feels like, and is, a watch designed from the ground up to give reliable, accurate service for many generations.

Case: The 18k white gold "Piccadilly" case is an iconic Peter Speake-Marin design. The basic shape was inspired by the working cases used to house prototype movements he worked with early in his career. The name "Piccadilly" is in honour of the formative years Peter spent working in restoration at Somlo Antiques in Piccadilly, London. The lugs holding the strap are designed to assure a solid connection to the case, with a screwed solid stainless steel bar attaching the strap to the lugs.

Dial:  The dial comprises two parts: an outer dial of laser-pieced hardened blued-steel hand finished with hand-applied Super-LumiNova for the hours and minutes flush with the surface (rather than the more common method of printing the luminova on the surface), and an inner dial of transparent sapphire crystal allowing appreciation of the hand-applied circular graining and micro-mechanics of the top of the movement. Watching the wheels turn as you wind the watch is an interactively rewarding experience.

Hands and seconds wheel : Three-dimensional blued-steel Super-LumiNova-filled foundation-style hands indicate the hours and minutes and impart an instantly recognisable Speake-Marin element to the dial. The shape of the highly distinctive seconds wheel echoes that of the mystery winding rotor found on automatic Speake-Marin movements and is inspired by the wheel found on antique watchmaker's topping tools. Just hand-bevelling the hardened-steel seconds wheel takes over two hours and that care and dedication is typical of every component in the timepiece. While the second wheel is large, opting for small seconds over a central second hand allowed the movement to be slimmer (as well as incorporating the signature wheel shape).

Date ring : While largely hidden under the blued-steel outer dial, except for the current date, every single number of the "Poor Richard" font has been individually sized and orientated by Peter Speake-Marin to maximise and optimise its position and legibility in the date window at 4 o'clock.

Calibre SM2m
Motivation:  Developing a completely new movement like the SM2 is a massive undertaking, especially for an independent watchmaker , but he took the plunge in 2007 and after more than two years of development, the SM2 became everything he hoped it would be and more.

Philosophy and design:  The SM2 is a totally original calibre with 100% cent of the components specifically made for this movement. It is the result of an Intransigent approach to movement architecture focusing on ease of servicing and maximum reliability and longevity, as well as beauty. An important criterion of the SM2m architecture was consideration for the watchmaker assembling the movement. For example, a window around the balance allows it to be easily viewed and manipulated. Myriad details like these, although technical in nature, add to the beauty and harmony of the design. This exceptional calibre is the result of enormous thought about every bridge, lever, wheel and jewel.
Fine Finishing:  The movement is hand-assembled and finished. Unless for technical reasons all surfaces, visible or not, are finely decorated with an attention to detail usually reserved for very high-end complications. Sensual, long-flowing gothic curves form the untreated German silver plates, a material that is more demanding to work than conventional plated brass, but offers increased rigidity. Furthermore it slowly oxidises over the years to a high contrast patina highlighting the large jewels and polished steel surfaces.

Features:  Calibre SM2m benefits from Peter Speake-Marin's over-engineered approach to design, in which every element, right down to the jewels and screws, are selected with a view to maximising longevity. All wheels are made from a beryllium-copper alloy, which has inherent self-lubricating properties and higher tensile strength than the usual brass wheels. The balance beats at 21,600vph, providing higher precision than the traditional 18,000vph, while allowing both a lower mainspring tension (less wear) and a higher power reserve than the current standard of 28,800vph. The escapement has both fine and coarse adjustments of beat and rate, which is extremely complicated and expensive and will perhaps only be appreciated by watchmakers, but it is indicative of the movement as a whole. Like virtually every other component in the movement, the large diameter (10.9mm) chronometer balance was designed by Peter Speake-Marin as the part he wanted did not exist.
While the calibre SM2m shares the underlying architecture of the SM2a automatic movement, it required the development of a new mainspring, mainspring barrel, new barrel bridge, new train bridge, new main plate and a new setting mechanism combined with the calendar mechanism.

Technical Specifications
Model:  Marine 2 Mk1 "Thalassa" , limited edition of 30 pieces in 18k white gold

Case and dial
Case: White gold
Dimensions : 42mm X 12mm
Dial: Outer dial laser-pieced hardened blued steel with hand filled Super- LumiNova filled hour and minute markers; Inner dial in sapphire crystal
Hands: Flame-blued steel with Super-LumiNova centers
Sapphire crystals : anti-reflective treatment front and display back

Hours, minutes, seconds (wheel), date; manual winding

Calibre  SM2m manual winding
Frequency : 21600 v/h (3Hz)
Power reserve:80 hours
Number of jewels : 23
Total number of components : 146
Chronometer balance : Masslots; Breguet over-coil; 0118gr inertia 25mg.cm2
Bridges/main plate : German silver
Shock protection Incabloc
Movement assembled by hand.
All bridges, levers and mainplate hand-finished with circling, spotting, straight graining and polish.
All pivots burnished

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