Thursday, February 26, 2015

DeLaneau sharpens focus on exclusivity and appoints new Managing Director

From 2015, Swiss luxury watch brand DeLaneau will focus on creating exceptional made-to-measure timepieces for ladies. This focus is a pledge to the high-end luxury niche that DeLaneau successfully filled in the past. The newly appointed Managing Director Jessica Walther is the right person to implement it.

Starting in 2015, DeLaneau will invest all energies in its key signature of Grand Feu enameling at the highest level. Doing so, the independent, high-end luxury watchmaking brand underlines its niche expertise and core competence in this rare form of artistry. This focus is paving the way for more exceptional creations to be brought forth in high-end luxury watchmaking. DeLaneau gives its clients the opportunity to co-create their own unique masterpiece.
Jessica Walther
The DeLaneau Board appointed Jessica Walther as new Managing Director to implement the focus. Jessica Walther has worked for several national and international luxury brands in the past. Her last position as Partner and Head of Business Unit at the largest branding consultancy in Switzerland made her understand what “no compromise across all touch points” means. 

DeLaneau is an independent, high-end luxury watchmaking brand bringing forth exceptional made-to-measure creations. Founded 1949 in Biel, Switzerland, its heritage is in jewellery watchmaking for women. DeLaneau manufactures inspiring and outstanding made-to-measure timepieces. The key signature is the mastery of Grand Feu enameling at the highest level. DeLaneau inspires independent minds with profound stories and outstanding craftsmanship.

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