Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gallet Announces Online Crowd Funding Campaign to Launch New Editions of Iconic Flight Officer Chronograph

Founded in 1466, Gallet is the world’s oldest Swiss watch making house. Since its establishment, the Geneva based brand is synonymous with excellence and innovation in professional, military, sports, and aviation timekeeping. Now, after 500 years of timekeeping excellence, the brand announces a crowd funding campaign to introduce the latest and most technologically advanced version of the Gallet Flight Officer Chronograph, one of the most iconic and historic aviation timepieces. This campaign will also support the prestigious National Watch and Clock Museum, one of the world’s most respected public institutions.

The brand has recently launched a promotional campaign to raise a minimum of $100,000 at Fundable, a popular online crowd funding platform. Through this crowd funding campaign, the company is offering a signed and numbered limited collector series of the very first examples of the newest Flight Officer Chronograph.

The Gallet Flight Officer Chronograph was originally commissioned in 1939 by then-Senator Harry S Truman. First issued to pilots of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II, the Gallet Flight Officer quickly became the most renowned military aviation timepiece of the 20th century. After the war, the watch became a favorite accessory for civilian pilots, yachtsmen, and race car drivers due to the timepiece's accurate time recording and multiple time zone features. An indispensable aviation timing and navigation device, the original 1939 Flight Officer was the world's first wristwatch capable of calculating the current time during flights across multiple time zones. It was also the first wrist-worn timepiece with a rotating bezel, and one of the first chronograph watches protected within a water-resistant case.
In 2014, to mark the 75th anniversary of this iconic and historical timepiece, Gallet announced two special limited edition versions of the Flight Officer, both technologically updated for the 21st century. The 75th Anniversary Edition Flight Officer - Produced in a series of 9000 examples and retailing for $14,500, will be available through upscale jewellery stores starting in 2015.

The Truman Edition Flight Officer - Containing all of the same advanced features of the 75th Anniversary version, this special collectors version of the first 1000 signed and numbered examples, is reserved exclusively to Fundable backers and Museum Association members. Provided at $8700 (40% off the $14,500 retail price), proceeds of the sale will be used to benefit America's National Watch and Clock Museum and to begin production of the 75th Anniversary Edition Flight Officer.

With the new 75th Anniversary Edition Flight Officer chronograph, Gallet has revived the same impeccable craftsmanship that made the original Flight Officer a true legend, and combined it with state-of-the-art new technology that will be setting an industry standard for years to come.

Gallet has partnered with the high end movement manufacture Lunesa to develop a state of the art movement for the new edition of timepieces. The state of the art Lunesa automatic calibre V1925 is the power house of both 75th Anniversary Edition Flight Officer and the Truman Edition Flight Officer. These Gallet timepieces are the very first releases to feature this revolutionary and highly accurate automatic chronograph movement that features a unique vertical clutching system.

Technical details
Models: 75th Anniversary Edition Flight Officer and the Truman Edition Flight Officer
Lunesa automatic calibre V1925, Jewels: 39
42mm diameter stainless steel case w/ enhanced “combat ready” durability
Water resistance to depth of 100 meters (330 feet)
Rotating outer cities dial (face) for setting the wearer’s home time-zone
Calculation of the time across all 24 world time zones
Rotating unidirectional time zone bezel in both 12 and 24 hour formats
Telemetry index for calculating the relative distance of visual occurrences
Tachometry index for calculating the relative speed of moving objects
Ability to record elapsed time from 1/5th of a second to 12 full hours
Highly efficient automatic self-winding system
Official Swiss Government (C.O.S.C.) certified chronometer accuracy
Water resistant screw-lock winding crown and chronograph buttons
5 year full-service warranty

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