Saturday, March 14, 2015

Andersen Genève to reveal new World Time Watch and some unique pieces during Baselworld 2015

Independent luxury watch atelier Andersen Genève has been creating high end watches for watch collectors for more than 4 decades. Svend Andersen launched his own workshop in the late 70’s after having spent 9 years at Patek Philippe in their Atelier des Complications. He started his career as independent watch maker by first manufacturing cases for Italian collectors. Satisfied with the high quality of the work, the watch collectors started to ask for their own bespoke time pieces (called “pièce unique”). Since then Andersen Genève has been developing complicated watches like the annual calendar, perpetual calendar, and jumping hour calendar.

One of Andersen Genève’s most complicated watches developed is the Secular Perpetuel Calendar. It is a watch that accommodates a quirk of the Gregorian calendar; three secular years, not divisible by 400: 2100, 2200 and 2300, are not leap years. In these years regular perpetual calendars require manual correction, i.e. it doesn’t need an extra day in February. The complication developed by Andersen Genève will show the date without adjustment every year up to and beyond 2400.

Andersen Genève gained recognition not only from watch collectors but also from his peers. Svend Andersen cofounded the AHCI – Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants - in 1985. He was awarded world records from the Guinness Book. In 1989 he developed the smallest calendar watch (6.5 x 17.4mm) ever produced; roughly the size of a match head. In 1994 one of his world time watches was awarded the thinnest world time watch ever made.

While working at Patek Philippe in the early 70’s Svend Andersen had the chance to work on the world time complication developed by the Geneva based watch maker Louis Cottier. Mr. Cottier created the first pocket watch in the 30’s and then the first wristwatch with an indication of different time zones. In commemoration to Louis Cottier’s first world time wristwatch, Andersen Genève designed its first World Time watch in 1989. It was a great success and the watches were delivered to watch collectors in 1990. Since then, Andersen Genève has been developing different series of World Time watches and pièces uniques. World Time watches are indeed part of Andersen Genève’s DNA.

Andersen Genève will present at Baselworld its 5th Edition World Time watch with indication of different time zones –The TEMPUS TERRAE. It will celebrate 25 years (1990-2015) of World Time watches developed and assembled by Andersen Genève. This very special edition will commemorate the first world time watch with two crowns developed by Louis Cottier in the 50’s.

The AHCI that Svend Andersen co-created will celebrate its 30th anniversary, starting Thursday 19th March at Baselworld.

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