Friday, March 13, 2015

Chinese jewellery house ZHAOYI makes debut in Baselworld fair with its Jadeite Jade Jewellery Collection

China’s top jadeite jade jewellery brand, ZHAOYI, joined the world's top names in watches, jewellery, and precious stones, when the 43rdedition of Baselworld gets underway in March. Head to Stand A17 in Hall 2.2 to feast your eyes on sumptuous designs and exquisite craftsmanship that is the hallmark of ZHAOYI’s jadeite jade jewellery masterpieces. Occupying a strategic place at the junction of halls 1 and 2, ZHAOYI’s stall - a combination of oriental elegance and Western modernity - cannot be missed. On March 19, ZHAOYI invited the media to a preview of its new-product launch, at which the spotlight was on the 2015 jadeite jade jewellery collections.

Since its inception, ZHAOYI has been working to make China’s ancient gold-jade culture a part of its brand DNA. As a self-proclaimed inheritor of Chinese cultural heritage, ZHAOYI has been exploring the rare art of filigree inlay work, a national intangible cultural heritage, by working with Bai Jingyi, a master craftsman and representative inheritor of the art. ZHAOYI’s haute couture collection is a result of this partnership that aims to restore this millennium-old heritage to its former glory.
ZHAOYI’s “Imperial Classics” collection shined the light on not just its most representative filigree inlay haute couture works but also its new filigree inlay haute couture collection of 2015.The superb craftsmanship of these filigree works reminded European visitors of the jade robes of ancient China. A case in point is the piece entitled “Butterfly Dancing among Flowers.” The image of a butterfly dancing amid luxuriant flowers represents the beauty of nature as well as the pursuit of love. The “Y” shape of the jewellery piece speaks to a soothing yet vivid visual experience. Each individual element expresses the vigour and force of nature and infuses the piece with a wonderful dynamism. This is a jewellery piece that combines traditional aesthetics with modern design and international fashion.

ZHAOYI’s filigree inlaid jewelry pieces embody not only royal style but also boast an avant-garde sense. A perfect combination of gold and jade, they are sure to amaze and open a new chapter in Chinese haute couture jewellery.

In addition to the more popular green jadeite and black jadeite, with the latter popular with celebrities and the new rich, rare, colourless icy type jadeite is one of the most coveted jewellery types that ZHAOYI has on display at Baselworld.

As originator of the craze for colourless, icy type jadeite, ZHAOYI has created the classic “cabochon” design of multi-colour gemstone inlays. Influenced by Western design philosophy, oriental jadeite is no longer an inanimate object. A pure, sparkling central stone surrounded by outstanding jewellery designs and inlaying techniques speak of a fashionable style of delicacy and liveliness.
ZHAOYI took the “Transparent Jadeite (Colourless) Grading” scheme to the world stage for the first time. As China’s leading jadeite jade jewellery brand, ZHAOYI is committed to fulfilling its responsibility as a member of China’s jewellery industry. The traditional jadeite market was disordered and confusing, especially with the old saying that gold has a price but not jade. To standardize the grading of colourless jadeite, ZHAOYI put forward the “Transparent Jadeite (Colourless) Grading” scheme, jointly developed with the National Gemstone Testing Center and China’s Ministry of Land and Resources, in 2009. The national standard for “Transparent Jadeite (Colourless) Grading”(Standard No.: GB/T 29155-2012) was officially approved and published by the Standardization Administration of China in December 2012, and took effect on October 1, 2013.

With its unique translucence, colourless icy type jadeite deserves recognition by the Western world in the same way that diamonds, coming from the West, have been accepted and recognized in China as a symbol of great beauty. In this edition of Baselworld, ZHAOYI showcased a collection of exquisitely crafted and elegantly designed colourless jadeite pieces. It is not only a showcase of products, but also a great opportunity to illustrate the quintessential spirits of the brand.
ZHAOYI has long been committed to the strategy of internationalization and innovation. It has attracted China’s jewellery industry and focused attention on its product design and brand management. ZHAOYI was once ranked among China’s top 10 emerging luxury brands by the luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report. Its premium design “Star of ZHAOYI” was selected for inclusion in the “Best of the Best 2012: Chinese Jewelry.”

At present, ZHAOYI has five boutiques - in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Hong Kong. More new stores are being planned for key Chinese and overseas cities in its efforts to enter the global market as a leading Chinese brand. ZHAOYI is committed to picking the finest raw jade to craft top jadeite jade jewellery with a view to spreading the gold-jade culture of the Orient. To promote China’s national culture and bring oriental jadeite to the world, ZHAOYI goes beyond traditional jadeite jade jewellery design by embracing a broad perspective, a world-class vision, and an innovative spirit. Infact, the brand has earned a reputation in the world of jewellery for being able to use modern design to interpret a mysterious oriental culture. Jadeite is no longer a jewellery type for the elderly. It has gone mainstream on the international stage, attracting interest from younger consumers as well as admiration from Westerners.

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