Wednesday, March 4, 2015

CLERC partners with Sub Aviator Systems, maker of Orcasub Personal Luxury Submersible

CLERC, the Swiss watch maker renowned for their luxury dive watches, has entered into a multi-level partnership with Sub Aviators Systems, producer of the Orcasub personal luxury submersible.

Both CLERC and Sub Aviator Systems make what they call “exploration machines”. While CLERC’s powerful and luxurious dive watches fit handsomely on the adventurous male wrist, Sub Aviator Systems’ mini-subs fly swiftly at 2,000 feet under water. In both cases, these creations are meant to be used in the most extreme of conditions. With this new partnership, both companies will also share the sort of technical and R&D resources which until now had never been available to traditional Swiss watch companies.
Based in USA, Sub Aviator Systems is actually manufacturing partners with a company called Nuytco Research, a global leader in underwater exploration. Established by Phil Nuytten, Nuytco‘s regular clients include prestigious Naval forces across the world, the US Navy Seals, NASA, Hollywood moguls, scientists, researchers, rescuers and amateur adventurers. For example, NASA astronauts train at Nuytco’s underwater facilities in Vancouver.

A commercial diver since the 1960s, Phil spent his life pioneering new underwater technologies and tactics. Nuytco has been involved in almost every major underwater operation for science, research, rescue, construction, entertainment, and military application known to man.

For CLERC, the ability to tap into this experience and expertise is an industry game changer. The advantages from a product development, research, manufacturing, and testing perspective are limitless.  Improved construction, new materials, greater depths, added safety features, and resilience are some of the key benefits. And no other dive watch companies will be able to test their product for corrosion, legibility, air and water pressure, extreme temperatures, and shock all at the same time and all under real-life extreme depth conditions.

Something Nuytco does routinely for all its equipment, and will now do for every new CLERC model starting with the 2015 Hydroscaph GMT model. In many ways, thanks to this partnership, CLERC gets access to the most revered and prestigious “underwater exploration laboratory” in the world.

For Sub Aviator Systems, it’s about accessing 140 years of CLERC experience in the demanding field of luxury, as CLERC will now market and promote the Orcasub personal luxury crafts on a global scale. CLERC will also advise on interior finishing, customization, and comfort features of the cockpit area. These super-fast, easy-to-use, and manoeuvrable submersibles can fly two pilots in atmospheric comfort and safety down to 2,000 feet.

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