Saturday, March 14, 2015

FIYTA, the luxury watch maker based in China, participates at Baselworld 2015 Watch Show

On March 19th, 2015, BASELWORLD, popularly considered as the Oscars of watch industry, will have a grand opening and this year, and Chinese luxury watch maker FIYTA is participating at Baselworld Watch Show Pavilion 1 for the 5th time.

This year, FIYTA brought numerous new items from its 2015 collections to showcase at Baselworld. Exhibits included the 12 Zodiac Sign Animal Head limited edition, the Red Dot 2014 Product Design Award winner 3D-Timekeeping Modern Watch, Aeronatics Collection Tourbillon limited edition, the Extreme Collection, a classic masterpiece design integrating sports car elements in high-end watches, as well as the ingeniously designed happiness symbolizing Clover Collection.

With all these extraordinary masterpieces, FIYTA had a grand reception from the audience, and had the spotlight, standing out among other dazzling international brands at Pavilion 1. As part of its brand promotion, China’s current popular model-actress Mi Lu (Viola Mi), who played the role of Princess Gaoyang in The Empress of China, this year’s most popular Chinese TV series, and acted as the insufferable model Xiao Xiao in the hit drama My Sunshine, was present at the show pavilion, and showcased FIYTA’s 2015 new collections with a fashionable and stylish street photoshoot.

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