Friday, March 6, 2015

Giorgio Fedon 1919 Space Explorer

Italian fashion house, Giorgio Fedon 1919 which has designed a Space Watch for use by astronauts on board the SpaceTek Space Station will introduce the watch to the European market during Baselworld 2015. The watch had technical input by former NASA Astronaut, Clayton Anderson, who also serves as Brand Ambassador. Clayton, who retired from NASA, spent 152 days on the International Space Station as well conducting six spacewalks totalling 38 hours and has his book coming to publication this year.

Space Explorer is designed for use by the crew on board SpaceTek’s Private Space Station, therefore accuracy, durability and “easy on the eyes” are the most important considerations. The Space Explorer gleam brightly and yet is premium and refined, it combines design and technologies. Space Explorer adopts the remarkable premium chronograph movement with up to 60 min. In 1/5 sec measurement and 24 hour and date indicator.
The innovative case design uses 316 stainless steel with high quality polishing and the case is combined with 3 individual pieces, it uses sapphire glass to ensure the durability of watch. The Swiss super luminous on the dial index and hands are continuously visible for up to 8 hours, it will be easy to see even in the space environment. The Space Explorer is also water resistant to 20atm/200m, an excellent feature for space mission. It uses genuine leather strap with butterfly buckle. The design of the dial expresses the visual of galaxy and the case back carries Clayton Anderson’s name and signature engraved beneath.

Giorgio Fedon 1919
Giorgio Fedon 1919, a luxury Italian leather goods house, established in 1919, has branched in to the watch segment. Giorgio Fedon 1919 time pieces are manufactured by MCW Limited, headed by Ramesh Jhnunjhnuwala, a Hong Kong based businessman.

Giorgio Fedon 1919 operates in over 30 countries and has seven flagship stores around the globe. The brand is synonymous with elegance and practicality, a union often desired but rarely achieved. Since 2011, Giorgio Fedon 1919 has expanded its luxury line to include high quality watches.

SpaceTek Corporation
SpaceTek Corporation, is an aerospace firm based in metropolis of Phoenix in the United States. Under a joint venture agreement, SpaceTek has acquired the rights to operate an Almaz Space Station. Currently in the United Kingdom for systems upgrading, the module is the equivalent to the Russian Mir core or the International Space Station (ISS) Zarya module. With a proven history of Low Earth Orbit, SpaceTek’s Private Space Station is positioning itself to be the private sector’s answer to the International Space Station.

SpaceTek was founded by CEO, Stiphan Beher, to open space for private enterprise and is developing key systems, infrastructure, and technologies that are essential to rapidly accelerate the commercial space industry and its applicability to the global marketplace. With the belief that opening space to the commercial sector is critical to the future prosperity of the Earth, SpaceTek is uniquely positioned to bridge the historical successes of the space industry, while at the same progressing with the commercial speed and agility more commonly seen in private enterprise.

Technical details
Premium chronograph movement (VK63)
Stopwatch function (up to 60 min. In 1/5 sec )
Fly back stopwatch function
24 hour indication & date
316 stainless steel case
Case Size: 48mm (3-9hr)
Big crown
Screw down case back
Sapphire glass
Swiss super luminous (hour & minute hands)
Leather strap with butterfly buckle
Water resistant: 20atm/ 200m

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