Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Golden Dreams unveils the world's most luxurious iPhone 6 collection

Golden Dreams, the Geneva based Luxury Company renowned for creating the world’s most luxurious iPhones, unviels a stunning new collection. The iPhone 6 is re-engineered by the Swiss company using the finest luxury materials. Alligator, carbon fiber, gold and diamond are only some of the materials on offer by the Swiss company to embellish your iPhone 6 and 6Plus. The collection can be seen in the 3 Golden Dreams flagship stores in: Geneva, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as well as in selected retailers worldwide.
Golden Dreams Dragon Edition
The Desert Edition: The iPhone 6 Desert edition with its genuine alligator back and 24 ct gold rim can be highly customized. The rim is available in all the luxury materials such as rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Golden Dreams offers a choice of over 150 colours of the finest luxury leathers such as alligator, shark and ostrich.

Carbon Fiber Edition: The Carbon Edition iPhone 6 is re-engineered with a 4KB hightech carbon back and the rim is embellished with a choice of gold or deep matt black . It is available with black, silver and gold carbon fiber.  The ultimate Carbon edition the "carbon gold" is as the name suggests real carbon fiber coated with 99.9% pure gold. This process is process is in house developed by Golden Dreams in Geneva.

Dragon Edition: The hand engraved Dragon Edition iPhone requires over 35hours of craftsmanship. The stunning 18ct solid gold hand engraved dragon is inserted on a beautiful alligator complimenting the ruby eyes to perfection. This Swiss Made masterpiece is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful phones.

Skull Edition: The solid 18ct gold skull with a mirror polished finishing impresses by the fusion of premium alligator and the incredibly powerful skull design.

Hand Painted Edition: Golden Dreams created a range of hand painted masterpieces using a specially developed paint. All the creations are hand painted by a renowned French artist and all paintings are on demand. It is the fusion between art and luxury at its best.

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