Saturday, March 7, 2015

HARTMANN TRESORE presents Signature Safes by HARTMANN at Basel World

HARTMANN TRESORE will be presenting their new high-end brand Signature Safes by HARTMANN for the first time in Europe at Basel World, the world’s most famous trade fair for watches, jewellery and precious stones.

This new sub-brand of the traditional company – one of the leading safe manufacturers in Germany, Europe and the Middle East – has been specifically designed to cater to the luxury sector. The Signature Safes are designed in partnership with the customer to suit their individual wishes. Everything is made using the finest traditional craftsmanship – from the paintwork to the tiniest detail in the interior fittings. Only materials of absolutely the highest quality such as special high-gloss varnish, top quality wood, finest leather and gold or platinum-plated metal fixtures are used to create the safe’s exclusive finish.
And so, a true masterpiece is lovingly crafted by hand, one that reflects the owner’s style and personality and that can be deliberately integrated into the atmosphere of a home or office as an eye-catching showpiece.

The different design possibilities are virtually endless. This starts with the exterior: whether it’s a two-tone leather cover with chrome ornamentation and chrome-plated mountings or a high-gloss varnish in elegant black, combined with gold-plated metal fittings or an outer casing in dynamic original Lamborghini orange or pearlescent white with contrasting dark Makassar wooden elements – personal style is what counts. The same is true for the handles and fittings that can be plated in gold or platinum as chosen, as well as the locking system. Whether it’s a “classic” mechanical combination lock or an innovative modern finger locking system that can only be operated with one finger is also a question of personal preference.

And finally, the interior is what allows the safe to truly become something that is both special and completely individual. For example, depending on personal taste, it can be made from an exquisite type of wood such as oak or walnut – combined with filigree glass elements by request – and can contain drawers or shelves. The inside of the safe can be completely upholstered with the finest leather or painted in any colour. Any number of watch winder devices can be installed for passionate watch collectors; these can even be removable. LED lighting sheds the perfect light on the safe’s contents.

Countless different options are available for the design of the smaller details such as drawer handles. The interior of the drawers can be upholstered in coloured velvet and furnished with ring holders, a cross-drawer divider for rings and other items of jewellery or with necklace compartments – anything is possible.

For example, one safe has been created for a customer with a powder pink pearlescent varnish and brushed platinum fittings. With an exquisite oak finish, the drawers were lined with pink velvet to match the outer casing and fitted with ring holders and watch pillows. Interior LED lighting ensured the perfect light for the jewellery.

However, it is by no means required to have a clear picture of the perfect safe –HARTMANN safe specialists are also happy to work with the customer to help create their “dream safe”. Furthermore, the Signature Safes by HARTMANN also include a range of safes that have been created by designers and whose features can be configured individually. But no matter which design and which interior you might prefer, there’s one thing that HARTMANN customers don’t need to worry about and that’s security.

HARTMANN customers profit from the experience of a company steeped in  tradition, a company that was founded over 200 years ago as a blacksmith’s and cartwright’s and which has specialised in safes since 1983. From the very first nonbinding conversation to the conception and manufacturing of the safe all the way to its delivery and professional mounting –HARTMANN safe specialists are always on hand to offer customers their competent expertise.

From the 19th to 26th March, HARTMANN TRESORE will be presenting a number of new and completely different Signatures Safes by HARTMANN at their stand H47 in Hall 2.0 of the Basel World trade fair.

HARTMANN TRESORE AG is one of the leading manufacturers of safes in Germany and Europe with branches in Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. The company can look back over a long tradition of skilled craftsmanship. The company, that was originally founded over 200 years ago as a blacksmith’s and cartwright’s, in 1983 turned to specialising in safes. With Signatures Safes by HARTMANN, the company’s premium sector now has its own high-end brand. The new sub-brand was first launched in Dubai, an important market and the headquarters of HARTMANN TRESORE Middle East. With over 80 international star quests, the event was held at The Vault, an exclusive bar on the 71st floor of the tallest hotel in the world, the HW Marriott Marquis.

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