Saturday, March 7, 2015

Isabelle Langlois Triple Trèfle Collection

The “Triple Trèfle” design range is the new collection unveiled by Isabelle Langlois at the end of January.Plant structures – plants in fascinating shapes or bouquets of flowers created by man – are the main source of inspiration used by the Isabelle Langlois firm, and one of its clearest stylistic characteristics. Even the humblest plant is, when observed carefully, when one knows how to contemplate it, a treasure of beauty, a masterpiece created by Nature herself.
“Triple Trèfle”: 18 carat white gold ring (6.5g), set with an amethyst and sapphires representing 4.57 carats
Isabelle Langlois sees the clover as a résumé in itself of the plant world. With its three leaves, placed asymmetrically but in perfect balance, it evokes a floral motif of great elegance.
“Triple Trêfle”: 18 carat white gold ring, (5.5g), set with diamonds representing 0.09 carat, yellow sapphires in 2 shades and pink sapphires representing 1.18 carat.
So fragile yet so graceful, the clover is a plant one keeps, using it as a lucky charm. The Ancients were not duped by appearances; they believed that the clover has magical properties, beneath its modest look. Associated with white magic, in the Middle Ages clover was used in numerous love potions and protective elixirs. White gold, diamonds and sapphires from Ceylan in purple, yellow or pink, adorn this spring-like range.
 “Triple Trêfle”: 18 carat white gold ring (6g), set with diamonds representing 0.13 carat and blue sapphires in 2 shades representing 1 carat.

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