Friday, March 6, 2015

Italian Jewellery House Fraboso Argento celebrates thirty years of business

Fraboso Argento is celebrating the company’s thirtieth birthday. The company began producing silver jewellery in 1985, demonstrating immediately its passion for this material through the creation of exquisite jewellery, increasingly appreciated by their many customers.

The adventure began with Paolo Fraboso, Marco’s father and expert guide and mentor, who successfully handed down his passion for silver. Marco was part of the company at an early age and grew with it, watching his enthusiasm grow, too, from day to day. He joined the family business officially at age 20, and the teachings of his father proved to be crucial, as they became the grounds for Marco’s expressive creativity today.
Over the years, the Fraboso style has become increasingly popular in Italy, contributing to the success of the company that, today, is now ready to bring the Italian love for silver into international territory. "These thirty years are just the beginning. Just as in a person's life," says Marco Fraboso, convinced that the time has come for Fraboso to make its appearance on the international stage and to participate in major trade fairs. Fraboso Argento will be present this year in fairs in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Basel and Las Vegas. The goal is not only to show off the company's products, but convey the intensity of Italian passion and creativity.

To do this, Marco has decided to open the doors to the Fraboso Argento showroom in Vicenza and stage there the photo shoot of the new collection. The creativity of renowned photographer Michele Marchesini from Vicenza and the beauty of the Sicilian model Margot represent Italy from north to south. The encounter of these professionals with Marco and Fraboso jewellery inspired the photo shoot that more than any other before it successfully conveys Marco's lifetime passion for silver. From the windows of the showroom, it is possible to admire the view of the snow-capped Little Dolomites and the blue dome of the Palladian Basilica, which have both been sources of inspiration for Marco, along with female beauty.

The jewellery's design originates in the spirit of observation, attention to detail and in the beauty of women, whose charm and elegance have inspired Marco for many years. His creations, entirely made in Italy, reflect his passion through their quality and their variety. It is this passion that Marco wants to take abroad to jewellery fairs: this feeling is transmitted even more strongly by the jewels themselves, which, when seen in person and touched by hand, speak more clearly to the public than any picture could.

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