Friday, March 6, 2015

Italian Jewellery House Stefan Hafner Announces New Couture Collections

In the year of the EXPO, the universal exposition that will open in Milan in May, Stefan Hafner, a source of excellence in Italian jewellery, synonymous with extraordinary creative originality, presents four collections inspired by the places and cultures of four different continents. Exotic creations that trace their origins to the visionary imagination of the founder of the maison: Stefan Hafner, a man of great culture and aesthetic sensibility who strongly characterized the creative legacy handed down to designer Francesco Cosentino who, with his great talent, continues to express his values, his refined tastes, his in-depth technical abilities and craftsmanship in the brand.
Jasmine Collection
When the imagination has no boundaries, a voyage of fantasy begins that crosses through territories retaining their essence. This collection is inspired by the rich decoration of ancient Moroccan palaces, enveloped by the citrus scent of the royal gardens. Repeating patterns in constant intervals create a lace design made of light and dark. Jewellery for dignified women that choose white gold and diamonds with the purest light to give rise to haute-couture jewellery in which you can easily perceive the expertise of the brand, exclusively made in Italy.

Oceano Collection
An extraordinary expression of fine jewellery by Stefan Hafner, which embodies the fascination of the sea, the mystery of nature and the dream of the crystalline waters of Caribbean oceans.Pieces with a lot of character conjure the eternal return of waves as a sequence of solid filaments in white gold on which differently sized diamonds shine with their own light, like the stars reflected on the sea, scattered, just like in nature, in a single apparent, fortuitous, disorder.

Chopin Collection
The jewellery in the Chopin Collection by Stefan Hafner are pieces of sophisticated elegance created to exalt the precious stones in all their beauty and expressiveness and to insert them into pure, harmonious lines. An homage to nineteenth century Romanticism, to harmonious beauty, to the most intense and moving music movements such as Chopin’s piano preludes, compositions of great emotion that, like in a sonata, unite linear rigor with fantasy and sinuous forms. The protagonists are the diamonds, sometimes paired with sapphires in the most intense blue, like a Chopin nocturne.

Aria Collection
This is the second in a trilogy dedicated to natural elements. Following on from the Acqua collection, this collection is also distinguished by the strength of the colours of its stones and its contrasting combinations. A dynamic line, whose distinctive feature is the oval cut of the gems, among which diamonds, smoky quartz, blue sapphires and precious topaz stand out. It is the extremely contemporary use of colours that characterizes all of the Aria jewellery. The master goldsmiths of the maison have been able to highlight them by the use of a simple and light structure.

Turandot Collection
The rich, sumptuous clothing of Princess Turandot inspired these statement rings, expanding over a fan-like structure of precious stones. An imperial but extremely modern tone, almost graphic. The diamonds, rubies, sapphires and precious stones that are combined or alternated are the absolute stars, enhancing the ring’s structure in polished or burnished gold, very current as a trend so as almost to create a more clear-cut feature to outline the jewellery’s original design.

Pillow Collection
A subtle blend of volume and vacuum, a series of sparkling diamonds stripes like corduroy velvet matched with vibrant and intense colored precious gemstones. The rings of Pillow collection confirm once again the meticulous attention for the details, the goldsmith's art in realizing jewels and the great attention of the Maison for the combination of the colors used.

Dalida Collection
The Dalidà ring impresses and charms because of its obvious preciousness, as well as for its being as light and delicate as a flower. Layers of diamonds and sapphires mounted on pink gold overlap and form the petals of a dahlia in shaded tones that go from deeppink sapphires to white diamonds, passing through soft pink. This piece has a unique personality that emphasizes the great savoir-faire of the master goldsmiths of Stefan Hafner: the manual expertise that has made the brand world famous for that elegance which marks all its collections.

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