Friday, March 6, 2015

Italy based SWIFTCOMPANY to unveil Speedometer Official accessories at Baselworld

Everything began by a design inspiration coming from the ring detail of the sports watches. It was that small rotating watch bezel, boasting calibrated markings, one of the most known features for a diver’s watch of any brand.

Over the years the bezel ornament changed a watch specifically designed for diving into a "must" to be worn in every occasion. Last year, Speedometer Official and its designer Marco Gatti from Turin took the challenge of transferring the concept outside of the watch sector. They extrapolated the concept of “Unidirectional Bezel".

Speedometer Official will exhibit at Baselworld 2015 at booth J46 Hall 2.0 the renowned bangles in stainless steel reproducing the theme taken from the most popular bezels. Furthermore Speedometer Official will present variations of the bangles made by specific treatments and different materials such as rose gold and precious stones. Speedometer Official has gone even further by exploring the concept in other items belonging to different sectors such as garments and various accessories.

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