Saturday, March 7, 2015

MELLERIO dits MELLER “Secrets de Lys” Collection

In 2013, in celebration of its 400th anniversary, the legendary French jewellery firm created a high jewellery collection inspired by lilies, in honour of Marie de Médicis, the Queen it was celebrating that year. As an extension of this collection, Mellerio is again honouring the lily – the Queen of flowers and the flower of Queens – with three high jewellery pieces named ”Secrets de Lys”.

The “Dentelles de Lys” long necklace is a play on lily stamens with chiselled edges and generous volumes.  Delicate, stylised leaves are scattered over all. The necklace can be worn in various ways: the tails formed by the stamens can fall down the back or be brought over the corsage around the diamond or, conversely, the stamens nestle between the breasts and slide over the belly. The thousands of diamonds, the supple joints and motifs, the light that plays on the platinum arabesques, the lines both curving and barbed confer on this high jewellery necklace an elegance that is both stated and free.
MELLERIO dits MELLER “Secrets de Lys” Collection – “Dentelles de Lys”: Platinum necklace with diamonds representing 51.36 carats
This motif is also available on an earcuff. The same stamens cover the entire ear with voluptuous swirls, with the base perfectly finished by a delicately suspended lily leaf.
MELLERIO dits MELLER “Secrets de Lys” Collection – “Dentelles de Lys”: Platinum earcuffs with diamonds representing 8.97 carats
The third piece of High Jewellery interprets the lily in a more architectural, more graphic version, clear cut and with daringly unstructured lines. The cascades of chains and the angular shapes of the lilies, facetted like diamonds, reflect the light infinitely with strength and radiance. This nomadic necklace also hides, in the heart of the lilies and leaves, clever systems enabling it to be worn in at least 8 different ways: as a long necklace with the two flowers, a chain necklace without the flowers, as a short necklace with or without the flowers, as a bracelet, as a bracelet with a flower, as a brooch, as earrings......
MELLERIO dits MELLER “Secrets de Lys” Collection – “Eclats de Lys”: Transformable necklace in grey gold with pink sapphires representing 12.52 carats and diamonds representing 167.54 carats
In addition to these magical and surprising pieces, the three themes “Florissante”, “Evanescente” and “Luxuriante” of the Médicis Collection are reinterpreted infinitely, with more models, variations and colours. Tanzanites and opals take over from the delicate white and grey pearls, rings become cuff bracelets, lilys flowers set entirely with diamonds are scattered along a velvet ribbon, a wedding ring motif decorates hoop earrings, pearl buds deploy in the hollow of an ear or on a pendant …

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