Friday, March 6, 2015

UTINAM exhibits for the first time at Baselworld

Specialising in conceptual, subversive clock-making since 1993, the Besançon-based company UTINAM sets itself apart in the art of creating singular timepieces with assertive designs. With this first time exhibit in the Watch Gallery, the brand will present its full range of creations and reveal its new PopUp collection. This is a unique chance to discover the contemporary clocks designed by their inventor, the designer and time explorer Philippe Lebru.

With a futurist vision, bringing the latest technological advances to the timeless object, UTINAM represents the renewal of a three-centuries-old clock-making tradition in the heart of its birthplace, Franche-Comté. Today, the grandfather clock has been revisited and uplifted, relinquishing its traditional wooden case for glass, stainless steel and composite materials.

Each of these numbered and signed mechanical works contain a patented self-balancing pendulum movement which received the Grand Prix in the Lépine competition and the Gold medal of watchmaking at the 2005 International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. These light, airy clocks are available in a rainbow of bubbly, fun colours: orange, red, lime green, plum, and so on.
The surprising Pop Up clock sculpts time, flirting with the magic of the present moment. This grand dame features a geometrical structure in a style reminiscent of the 1970s. The walls of its rot-resistant composite (resin and kraft paper) body are 10 mm thick. In fact, its dimensions are as unbelievable as its ultra-original look. The longcase version stands two metres high, while the wall-mounted version measures one metre and thirty centimetres; however, both are only fifty centimetres in width, making the Pop Up a slim gem. Each one has a ten-day power reserve. The clockwork and self-balancing pendulum movement are exhibited for all to see, contributing to the resolutely contemporary style of this "grandfather" clock with an extraordinarily offbeat appearance.

Brightly coloured or more subdued, the POP UP is available in a numbered, limited series of just eight examples per colour (of which there are eight) and 88 examples each of the aluminium, white and black versions. Collectors of one-offs may also order a POP UP in a custom colour.

A work of art ticking into infinity, this exceptional piece represents the fourth collection in the great family of UTINAM clocks. Each clock brings its own special poetry to the passing moment while remaining ahead of its time. Designed, developed and manufactured in Besançon, France, UTINAM clocks are 100% French, as are their components.

The brand is also presenting the Météorite watch series, an exceptional model designed and developed by Philippe Lebru. fragment of a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite which has been cut, polished and machine-finished to form a watch dial. The additional movement plate is manufactured in the Franche-Comté. The dial displays a big date calendar at 12 o'clock and the hours and minutes of a dual time zone at 6 o'clock. This perfect combination of the infinitely large meteorite and the infinitely small watch mechanism forms a metaphor for relativity.

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