Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dietlin – Raptor 2 Display Case for Luxury Watches

During Baselworld 2015 trade fair, the brand new exceptional timepieces from Hublot captured the hearts of onlookers in a “catch if you can” style, thanks to the new Raptor2 display case developed by Dietlin. For one week at the world most celebrated luxury watch and jewellery fair, an impressed audience had the chance to discover this new creation including a new design, synchronized animations and increased reactivity without a sound.
Created by Dietlin Artisans Métalliers, which develops and produces display cases for the watchmaking industry with a strong emphasis on innovation, Raptor is one of the most in demand luxury watch display cases ever made.

In 2005, Xavier Dietlin launched the Raptor display case without glass, boasting a system which can retract within a tenth of a second in the event of intrusion. This display case caused a sensation and 200 units were produced and sold around the world. Ten years later, it has been given a total makeover, from its design to its functions. It is now an intelligent display case capable of communicating with the public. It invites you to approach, asks you to step back and checks that you have done as you have been told. It can put itself on standby for the night and can program itself for asynchronized ballet with or without intrusion mode.
IR motion capture: the IR (infra-red) detection system recognizes movements (sweep of hand from left to right) then runs a specific program (scrolling the collections like on an iPad). By moving your hands together, you zoom in and by moving them further apart, you zoom out.

R2D2: the visitor tracker. This module placed in the R2 (or any other display case) knows how many visits it has received, how many people have played and how long they stayed. The daily statistics it provides indicate whether or not a display case is successful, if it is located in the best place and if the investment is justified. Based on IR scanning, this system facilitates total anonymity with regard to the visitors.

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