Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ditis Watches – Brand Info

Ditis watch brand was created in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1894. It was one of the Ditishein Paul’s signature (1868-1945) whose name derives from a contraction of his surname Ditis(heim). After graduation, he perfected abroad and then collaborates in his father’s business before creating his own manufacturing in 1892. He is particularly known for his work on atmospheric pressure and magnetic fields which led him to produce chronometers more efficient than ever previously. He was rewarded by many observatories prices including, in 1912 by the « World Record Time » awarded by the Royal Observatory at Kew, London.

Today, Ditis brand was acquired by Mario G. Nargi also owner of Magellan Watch known for its amazing mechanical watches domes, highly characterised. It has for new objective to propose precision watches exclusively with quartz movements (Swiss made) at affordable prices (from 500 to about 1'300 CHF).
This challenge, places him under the sign of the lotus flower which was inspired to draw a dark purple and red logo. This flower, sacred in many cultures, symbolizes creation, rebirth, purity, elegance and is becoming the driver of all watches for women.
Declined in both masculine and feminine, some wristwatches give a wink to pocket watches wearing the crown at 12 hours. The first is personalized by the logo in the shape of lotus flower, the second by a D-shape borrowed from old Ditis creations.
Other steel cases, with or without surface treatment, is distinguished by a sapphire crystal and a background toothed edges as well as an engraved plaque Ditis embedded in the middle. As for the dials, they explore a variety of settings, sometimes very original as those of floral inspiration, by wearing systematically the red Ditis on the T of the brand and on the second hand. With a set of characteristics duly studied, the new Ditis watches have a contemporary style that should quickly be among the most recognisable.

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