Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Emile Chouriet Fair Lady MAGNOLIA

Modern and imbued with a poetic touch, the new Fair Lady from Swiss luxury watch brand Emile Chouriet is inspired of the pure white magnolia. The uniqueness of this flower is beautifully transcribed by attention paid to detail. Twelve natural diamonds are elegantly placed in the velvet soft blue dial, turning this timepiece into the most beautiful flower.
With a subtle touch of modernity, the magnolia combines all the elements of Emile Chouriet’s purest tradition: a voluptuously rounded, curved case, the MAGNOLIA double horns and their unique tapering shape as well as a precise craftsmanship of the dial. The delicate ripple brings an effect of light which illuminates the two magnolia blossoms at five and seven o’clock indicators.

This delicate creation leaves place to poetry while remaining faithful to its original codes. A refined and captivating watch in 29mm diameter. Its metal case houses a quartz movement.

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