Thursday, April 2, 2015

Frères Rochat “1001 Diamonds” Singing Bird

Frères Rochat’s exceptional “1001 Diamonds” Singing Bird is inspired by the wonderful stories in One Thousand and One Nights it celebrates the love, which by dint of patience and ingenuity conquers the most hearts.

The precious case comes in the shape of a solid gold box with full, gentle curves imparting a mysterious enchantment. The powerful magnetism emanating from its gleaming surface draws you closer. Its extremely sensual rounded angles instantly enrapture the hand that dares stroke them. But the “1001 Diamonds” Singing Bird is not easily tamed. Because it is so rare and precious, it hides at the bottom of its nest concealed beneath a gold cover, gemset with a sophistication that pays tribute to the splendour of eastern courts. Like the noonday sun, it shines with the magnificent sparkle of nearly thousand round diamonds, enhanced by 80 baguette diamonds for as many dazzling rays.
But if you manage to capture its heart, an incredible thing happens: the bird appears on the top of its case and twirls gracefully while it sings. It’s a magic moment. The inexpressible emotion of its melody and the wonder produced by this unique work of horological art are entirely absorbing. Like the sultan Shahryar, beguiled by the tales of the delightful Scheherazade, you find yourself wishing that the birdsong will never end.

Among the unique pieces, the “1001 Diamonds” Singing Bird is certainly the most lyrically romantic. Crafted in an enduring metal and adorned with precious stones of legendary hardness, it symbolises the promise of an eternal love that is reborn each day in unmatched brilliance.

For more than 200 years, the Frères Rochat Singing Birds have ranked among the most complex, the most precious and the most sophisticated works of horological art. To achieve this level of perfection, Frères Rochat has always worked with the most talented craftsmen, who are alone capable of such exploits. The unique “1001 Diamonds” Singing Bird attests to their immense skills.

The mirror finish of the case in solid 18-carat gold is all the more extraordinary for being applied on a surface of hills and hollows, when the difficulty of the operation normally confines it to flat surfaces. The cover, also in 18-carat gold, is enhanced by a magnificent setting of stones worthy of the greatest jewellers: almost a thousand round diamonds in claw settings are set on fire by 80 invisibly set baguette diamonds, amounting to a total of 8cts. 

The nest, fashioned in gold, is cleverly openworked and patiently engraved by hand in a “Fleurisanne” motif. The bicolour bird, which is perfectly smooth to the touch, combines the refinement of white gold with the low weight of titanium. Its eyes are set with round black spinels of great clarity. For the delight of music lovers, it performs three melodies: two birdsongs and an extract from Mozart’s 40th symphony, demonstrating its mastery of the 12 semitones of its vocal range. These constitute a unique mechanical treasure in which refinement vies with sophistication.

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