Monday, April 13, 2015

SARCAR - Carrousel Micro Painting Goat & La Magic Moon Goat

Switzerland is world renowned for its chocolates, cows, milk, mountains and lakes. Surprisingly, even among the Swiss themselves, not many are aware that in the highlands are rare species of birds and animals that had, over decades, managed to survive and live through the harshness of the severe winters, further worsened by climate changes.

One significant animal that caught the awareness of the Swiss Preservation Foundation – the Pro Specie Rara, is the Mountain Goat which originated in the highlands of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Near extinction, the domesticated breed of the Mountain Goat known as “Stiefelgeiss” is under on-going conservation managed by the Booted Goat Breeders Club of Switzerland. Although its endangered population is still small, the conservation effort is producing positive results.

Paying tribute to this animal and in respect to the conservation effort of the Booted Goat Breeders Club, SARCAR’s master artisans created two models of the “Goat”: the “Carrousel Micro-Painting Goat” and the “La Magic Moon – Goat”.

The Carrousel Goat in Micro Painting
SARCAR presents again a very beautiful piece of pictorial art with this delicate Carrousel Goat. The dial is micro painted with a mother and her baby on a green pasture against a backdrop of a nice Swiss view. With three rotating Solitaire of 0.50ct each, a diamond-set bezel and lugs and a Solitaire-set crown, this timepiece of luxury in Red Gold is indeed a mesmerizing wonder.
Carrousel Micro Painting Goat
Reference: A63009.001R
Movement: Frédéric Piguet Automatic
Case material: Red Gold 5N 18K
Case dimensions: Diameter 40 mm & Thickness 11.20 mm
Dial: Micro Painting
Crown: Set with a Brilliant
Gem setting: 205 Brilliants, 7.66 Carats, with 3 Solitaires of 0.50ct included
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Strap: Crocodile leather with a gold folding clasp set with Diamonds

La Magic Moon Goat
Continuing its animalist round, SARCAR adds an emblematic animal to his collection La Magic Moon. This magical self-winding luxury scintillates when its pavé gold engraved emerald-eyed goat rotates on yet another rotating semi-pave dial. With its diamond-set bezel and lugs and complementary dual-sided croco strap with gold folding diamond-set clasp, it exudes an exhilarating experience.
La Magic Moon - Goat
Reference: A63006.001R
Movement: Frédéric Piguet Automatic
Case material: White Gold 18K or Pink Gold 5N
Case dimensions: Diameter 38 mm & Thickness 10 mm
Dial: Pavé, with a rotating Goat set with Diamonds and an Emerald
Crown: White Gold 18K or Pink Gold 5N
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Strap: Crocodile leather with a gold folding clasp set with Diamonds.

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