Thursday, April 23, 2015

SCHWARZ ETIENNE Roswell Manufacture

The brand new Roswell from Swiss watchmaker SCHWARZ ETIENNE is a sophisticated watch, with an innovative design that cannot be confined within established forms. Its curves seduce the most audacious, those who have no fear of travelling from one light year to another. Its majestic case of arched sapphire crowns a unique manufacturing movement, ISE (Irreversible Schwarz Etienne). When the movement is turned over a wide opening in the dial it plunges you into the heart of the mechanism, allowing you to glimpse the micro rotor and the balance wheel, adorned with the SE logo developed exclusively by and for Schwarz Etienne. The Roswell’s lines guarantee that it will be recognised at first sight. The horns at the indented angles, cut so as to highlight the reign of the crown, lend a new dimension to this exceptional watch. This watch is available in two deep but muted shades. A graphite alligator skin strap combined with a silver dial, or a charcoal strap with a black dial.

Presented in an out-of-this-world case originating from the furthest flung galaxies, the Roswell will guard its secrets until the moment of touchdown. Constructed in wood and taking its colour and form from spacecraft, its box is the first indicator of the adventure which has inspired the latest Schwarz Etienne creation.
The ISE (Irreversible Schwarz Etienne) movement presents its new face to the watchmaking brand of La Chaux-de-Fonds. An asserted desire to advance ever further, to exceed the sphere of the possible in renewing its creative universe. Like time which passes and life which crumbles, the turning of the movement is irreversible and breathes a fresh breeze on which Schwarz Etienne soars.

ISE was conceived on the basis of the ASE manufacturing movement (Automatic Schwarz Etienne), as an extension of it. When inverted, the automatic movement permits certain subtle cogs in the mechanism to be highlighted, such as the decentred micro-rotor, the small second hand shifted to 11 o’clock, the escape wheel and the balance wheel. A large opening in the cage gives the calibre and its components life.

The calibre exclusive to the ASE was conceived from a multifunctional perspective and a practical logic. It is endowed with a power reserve of four days. Its most notable innovative functions include a decentred microrotor which is also found in the ISE. It is an uncommon complication, as it requires very complex setting. The deviation from the traditional centred model provides enhanced visibility of the mechanism, which is usually masked by the rotor. But the ISE (Irreversible Schwarz Etienne) doesn’t unveil itself completely. The Roswell still maintains an ounce of mystery.

The oscillating mass of the bidirectional micro-rotor is personalised. It is more scalloped and includes a polyblock wheel mounted above. Finally, the balance wheel maintains the stylised incorporation of the manufacturer’s SE logo at its centre, a technical feat which is itself an evidence of the expertise of the Schwarz Etienne manufacture. The Automatic Schwarz Etienne ASE was designed to accommodate various complications, anticipating future variations in movement, a philosophy of modularity which culminates today in the creation of the ISE.
The Roswell is an audacious watch with an innovative design that refuses to conform to the established norms. The 45mm steel case bears a slightly curved antireflective sapphire. Its lines deliberately rounded but clean, contrast with those which are jagged between the horns and their inward corners escaping towards the buckle.

The Schwarz Etienne designers have succeeded in creating a deft combination of materials and lines to cloak the mystery in timeless, sophisticated elegance. The high-flying result is an invitation to a fascinating voyage towards the borders of creative genius.

The strap of stitched alligator skin also has some wonderful surprises. Sober in hue, it forms a delicate accompaniment to its case, but vibrant colours have added their vivid forces to a reversal of affairs. Underneath the strap shines an intense orange or a deep blue, depending on whether the colour of the leather above is charcoal or graphite.

The Roswell, therefore, holds the promise of a very long journey,  because  the  watch  offers  infinite  possibilities  to explore. Indeed, the dial can be stripped to allow a glimpse of other parts of the movement.

Technical details
Reference: WRW20TJ1601AA
Movement: Schwarz Etienne manufactured automatic micro-rotor movement ISE-100.00
Power reserve of 4 days
Functions:  Hours, minutes and small second at 11 o’clock
Case:  Stainless steel (45 mm), screwed crown
Dial: Galvanic silver
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Strap: Grey graphit alligator strap and intense blue lining
Buckle: Stainless steel folding buckle with Schwarz Etienne logo
Water resistance: 5 atmospheres (165 feet | 50 meters)
Price: CHF 12'500.00

Reference WRW20TJ01SS01AA
Movement: Schwarz Etienne manufactured automatic micro-rotor movement ISE-100.00
Power reserve of 4 days
Functions: Hours, minutes and small second at 11 o’clock
Case: Stainless steel (45 mm), screwed crown
Dial: Galvanic black
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Strap: Charcoal-black alligator strap and intense orange lining
Buckle: Stainless steel folding buckle with Schwarz Etienne logo
Water resistance: 5 atmospheres (165 feet | 50 meters)
Price: CHF 12'500.00

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