Saturday, April 25, 2015

Silvana Watches – Introduction & History

Established in the Jura Mountains for over a century, Silvana ranks among brands which have contributed to watch making legacy of Switzerland. The first watches to bear the Silvana name were made by Victor-Eugène Bahon in 1898 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking. The brand was officially registered in 1921 and quickly went on to success all over the world. Alongside watches for men, Silvana's founder imagined new styles especially for women. Silvana is now positioned chiefly in the women's segment, although men certainly aren't forgotten.

After decades of uninterrupted growth, the advent of quartz in the 1980s dealt a blow to the brand. This would be shortlived, as a group of passionate, caring individuals has picked up the thread of Silvana's illustrious past. New collections form a carefully cultivated link between the brand's heritage and today's trends. In, 2015, Silvana made its return at the Baselworld international watch and jewellery show.

The collections
Silvana puts special emphasis on timepieces for women. Diamonds and genuine mother-of-pearl on the outside, Swiss-Made movements on the inside, these are the hallmarks of the brand. Collections inspired by classicism and attention to detail match traditional and modern expertise to perfection.
These are refined, completely feminine timepieces that gently embrace the wrist. For men, Silvana offers soberly elegant watches with harmonious proportions. The sculpted or skeleton dials bear witness to the particular care extended to them.
Third family of watches, dubbed Outlaw, revisits styles from the men's and women's collections. Genuine conversation pieces, they are uninhibited interpretations of existing designs.

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