Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Swiss Luxury Watch Brand DeWitt Announces Its Partnership with Raphaël Domjan for his North Pole Expedition in a Solar Powered Kayak

Raphaël Domjan, Swiss eco-warrior and a great friend of the Manufacture, will take a DeWitt watch with him on his next expedition to the North Pole, crossing the Northwest Passage in a solar powered kayak, in what will be a first, never attempted before. This expedition, supported by HSH Prince of Monaco's foundation, will take place from June to September 2015 in the company of the sailor Anne Quéméré.

Raphaël will wear a DeWitt watch on his wrist. This timepiece is currently in the testing phase as no mechanical watch has ever been confronted with such extreme conditions.

Raphaël Domjan is the man who invented PlanetSolar, the boat that runs exclusively on solar energy, and sailed it around the world. Raphaël Domjan is a multifaceted man. Both an engaged adventurer and an excellent speaker, the Swiss citizen, born in Neuchâtel, was reading Jules Verne’s adventures when he was a child. He has since chosen to make an adventure out of his own life.
Raphaël started his professional life by repairing motorcycles, and rapidly moved on to become a medical assistant, involved in rescue operations, before developing skills as a spelunker, an alpinist, a rescuer in extreme situations. Indeed, Raphaël, now aged 45, decided that the adventure in itself was not enough, and that the essential part was the message that he was to convey. In May 2010, he started a round the world trip on a boat equipped with more than 38 000 photovoltaic cells. He sailed more than 60 000 kilometers in 585 days, and accomplished the first round the world trip powered by solar energy.

Now officially a partner of DeWitt, Raphaël carries the colours of this prestigious watch brand. DeWitt supports Raphael and his foundation « SolarPlanet », and also follows Raphaël’s next project of crossing the northern passage, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, onboard a kayak powered -alongside Raphaels’ arms - by solar energy.
Accompanied by French sailor Anne Quéméré, Raphaël will paddle in likely very difficult conditions, and ambitions to use the opportunity to alert the general public about climate change. Indeed, due to the melting of the ice caps, this mythical passage is, since recently and not necessarily every year, accessible to international maritime traffic, which will further deteriorate it. The project « Arctic Passage » will start on July 15, 2015. 

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