Monday, May 18, 2015

Hublot Inaugurates Its New Boutique in Osaka

On May 13, 2015, Swiss luxury watch brand HUBLOT hosted an event celebrating the grand opening of Hublot Boutique Osaka.

Located  in  the  most  prestigious  area  in  Shinsaibashi,  Osaka,  among  luxury  boutiques,  Hublot Boutique Osaka is the 77th directly-operated boutique worldwide and is the second in Japan after Hublot  Boutique  Ginza,  which  opened  in  Tokyo  in  2011.  Similar  to  Ginza  Boutique,  this  new boutique  offers  an  assortment  unrivaled  in  Japan,  including  exclusive  models  that  are  not available anywhere else.
The grand opening event started with an opening ceremony with Jean-Claude Biver, chairman of Hublot and president of the LVMH watch division, and a special guest, Mr. Shido Nakamura, who is a famous kabuki actor and film actor. As a large audience and reporters watched, Jean-Claude Biver and Mr.  Shido  Nakamura  performed  kagami-biraki(breaking  open  a  sake  barrel  with  wooden  mallet;  ceremony  symbolizing  opening  and  good fortune)  with  a specially-designed sake barrel, mallet,  masu  (a traditional cup for drinking sake) and other ceremonial materials all in black, Hublot brand color. 
A private preview of the boutique followed,  complete  with  special  cocktail,  prepared  with  a  rare  black  sake  from  the  opening ceremony.  Many  guests  enjoyed  the  chic  and  sophisticated  atmosphere  of  the  new  Hublot Boutique Osaka.

It is a spaciously designed two-floor boutique with its exterior walls bearing a large “H” monograms in black.  HUBLOT logo glitters in white and is eye-catching even from a distance. The interior of the boutique is a chic and peaceful monotones  mixing  Hublot  Black, white and grey  with  “H”  monogram decorated fixtures which  harmonize  splendidly  with the chic  image of Hublot world.
In striking contrast, pop art of Hublot watches decorate the walls, and this fusion of  serene  monotone  and the colorful pop art brilliantly represents Hublot’s brand concept  ”the  Art of Fusion.”  The second floor features a VIP room where customers can comfortably spend time in an exclusive space.

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