Saturday, May 23, 2015

Montblanc Meisterstück Blue Hour Writing Instruments

Anyone who has travelled from city to city has experienced the “blue hour”, that moment of twilight each evening when the horizon is basked in a deep blue hue. This hour is particularly magical in an urban setting, as the interplay of city lights and reflections creates an atmosphere of mystery. Montblanc has captured the magic of the special moment with Meisterstück Blue Hour, a collection of writing instrument inspired by the captivating blue light.
The design of the Meisterstück Blue Hour Doué Classique brings the fascinating mood of the blue hour to life. The instrument’s barrel is engraved with a hexagon pattern coated with blue lacquer to mirror the subtle refractions of early evening traffic, while the platinum-plated cap inlaid with the Montblanc emblem echoes the silver tones that dominate every city skyline as the day reluctantly moves into night.
Like the blue light that takes over the city and engulfs it with mysterious splendour, both the cap and barrel of the Meisterstück Blue Hour Solitaire LeGrand feature the blue hexagon pattern that reflects nocturnal city life with its traffic, skyscrapers and atmospheric skies. The platinum-plated fittings contrast with the blue, like refractions of metallic urban light against the deep blue backdrop. Both Blue Hour Doué Classique and Blue Hour Solitaire LeGrand are available in Rollerball, Ballpoint and a Fountain Pen with a handcrafted rhodium-plated Au750 (18 K) gold nib embellished with a special design and featuring a piston converter to allow use of cartridges or ink.
The Blue Hour Skeleton 149 Fountain Pen emphasizes the beauty of the blue hour in the city with its gradients of twilight blues, bright streetlights and scintillating buildings. Through the delicately skeletonized and platinum-plated cap and barrel with its camouflage pattern, a bluish light playfully emerges to create the early evening atmosphere, while the platinum-plated fittings and the Montblanc emblem in quartz enhance the reflection of the white light.

The blue theme is carried from the design of the writing instruments to the ink specially developed to accompany the collection. The Meisterstück Twilight Blue, available in an Ink Glass Well as well as cartridges, will leave a lasting trace of this special urban moment on paper, long after the city lights have disappeared and the night has set in.

The Montblanc Meisterstück Blue Hour is available from Montblanc boutiques worldwide from June 2015.

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