Monday, May 11, 2015

Roland Iten R782 Fly Back Mechanical Belt Calibre

The R782 “Fly Back” mechanical belt buckle calibre, named for its semi-automatic deployment mechanism, allows the wearer to effortlessly “charge” the buckle to the active-wear position and with one-click,  releasing  the de-cock trigger lock,  to send it thrusting back  to the relaxed position—an expansion range of 40mm within two positions.
The principle upon which the R782 functions is tension. With one smooth movement, the charging lever transports the fixed ardillon vertically “over the axis” from the relaxed position to the active wear position.  The buckle calibre can be secured in this position by activating the trigger lock. Once released, however, all that is needed is a simple nudge to kick the charging lever back to a comfortable relaxed position. The rapid speed at which this action is performed has inspired its name “fly back”. 
Followers of the brand will recognise this new release as a simplified version of the R82 mechanical buckle calibre—which employs, without a doubt, the most complicated calibration mechanism ever created by ROLAND ITEN to date with over 150 engineered parts. The R782 Fly Back, incorporates 88 purpose-made components, 37 of which are principally different from each other, and comprise the unique way that this  buckle calibre functions. 
Released in a limited edition of 30 pieces in gold/titanium/steel,  and 250 pieces in aluminium/titanium/steel  with 5N red gold accents,  the R782 Fly Back is as comfortable in the Board Room as it is on the Polo field, Baseball Field, or on the Golf Course,  and is issued in three different sizes and a variety of colours and finishings.  

R782 Calibre Anatomy:
  • The Ball-Bearing controlled Charging Lever in Titanium/Gold or Titanium/Aluminium:  Transports the leather strap inside the Trigger ardillon clip to the charged (active-wear) position. (Four axel)
  • The Release Magazine in Titanium:  A multi tooth enhanced, dual-axel revolving grip mechanism for the fastening and release of the leather strap, allowing a simple and rapid exchange.  (Dual axel)
  • The Ball-Bearing controlled De-Cock Crown in Titanium and Red Gold:  Locks the charging lever into the active (charged) position and assists in the backward momentum “fly back” discharge of the
  • The Trigger Guard in Titanium/Gold or Titanium/Aluminium: Secures the leather strap in place for transportation by the Charging Lever (Dual axel)
  • The Trigger Ardillon Clip in Gold or Aluminium: Houses and stabilises the patent-pending anti-deformation ardillon hook-clip (Duel axel)
  • The Trigger Lock in Steel: Locks the Trigger Ardillon into the leather strap
  • Side by Side Chasis in Titanium: supports the action of the Charging Lever (Dual axel)
  • The Friction Control Leather Strap Glide in Gold/Steel/Titanium or Aluminium/Steel/Titanium to orient the strap in and out of the buckle calibre.
  • The Stability Pin in Steel: Stabilises the leather strap within the Trigger Guard
R872 Calibre Features:
  • Patent-Pending semi-automatic “fly-back” de-charging mechanism
  • Unique “over the axis” transportation of leather strap
  • Expansion range of 40mm
  • Light-weight for active sports (aluminium models lighter than the leather strap)
  • Issued in three different widths: 35mm, 30mm and 25mm
  • Issued in two different materials; White or Red Gold/Titanium/Steel w/ 5N Red Gold accents or Aluminium/Titanium/Steel with 5N Red Gold accents
•    88  components / 37 individual

Approximate total weight:  
In Gold/Titanium/Steel: 90G
In Aluminium/Titanium/Steel: 50G

Approximate Gold content:  
In Gold/Titanium/Steel: 45G
In Aluminium/Titanium/Steel: 3G 5N RED GOLD

Number of Pieces in Collection:
In Gold/Titanium/Steel: 50
In Aluminium/Titanium/Steel: 250

•    Origin of Manufacture: 100% SUISSE
•    Evolution: 1ST EDITION

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