Friday, May 1, 2015

TF Est. 1968: The Belt Inspired By Watchmaking

The new belt from TF Est. 1968 is finely crafted of thick, natural leather, solid, with a cut edge and beige topstitching. Plus, it is reversible. The brand TF Est 1968 created it to exhibit a unique gem of a buckle in the form of the rotor from a Swiss-made mechanical watch. Everything about the belt has been thought out perfectly, so that fans of high-end watchmaking will be thrilled and, in their wake, all the influencers in the world of male elegance: blued screws, côtes de Genève finishing, alternate matt and polished surfaces. And then, there is that mega-rotor, which spins with each of the wearer’s movements, giving one's costume a playful touch.

This very original belt buckle, which emulates traditional watchmaking aesthetics with an oscillating mass in plain steel or rose gold plating, comes with a wide range of matching items, like the TF Est. 1968 cufflinks, or a complete line of roller pens that all fit perfectly into the horological and micromechanical spirit of the brand.
They are original, playful, and always in motion: The TF Est. 1968 accessories are the product of excellence in Swiss manufacturing. And they are present in the world's most prestigious watch and jewelry stores, as well as in specialty shops. They are all surfing on a powerful wave known to watch aficionados, manufacturing voyeurism, as it were. Having been a familiar figure on international markets as a representative of numerous high-end watch brands, Freddy D. Tschumi remained in the horological fold when he founded the global TF Est. 1968 brand. In 2015, he created the Rotor belt, which picks up the codes that made his success, the playful spectacle of gear wheels in motion. It's an item that is perfect for anyone with a passion for horology as well as a strong sense for refined and original masculine elegance.

Premium leather, reversible, brown and black, with beige topstitching on both sides
Typical buckle with gear teeth, with a diameter of about 48 millimeters, fully in tune with the codes of traditional watchmaking: logo on the oscillating mass, blued screws, guilloché finishing in côtes de Genève style.
Two materials: gold plated or steel.
The oscillating mass is mobile; it revolves just as it would in the caliber of a Swiss-made automatic watch movement.
The buckle comes in a case with the warm colors of TF Est. 1968

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