Tuesday, June 30, 2015

SAINT HONORE - Parisian spirit and Swiss quality since 1885

Established in 1885 by watchmaker Victorin Frésard in the Doubs region of eastern France, close to the Swiss border, this traditional yet innovative company has been handed down through successive generations of the same family. Thierry Frésard, the founder’s great-grandson, is now responsible for maintaining SAINT HONORE’s worldwide reputation, cultivating Parisian style and Swiss quality.

This 130 year-long history has been marked by iconic collections (Orsay, Opéra, Lutécia, Haussman, Euphoria and more) as well as many inventions such as the EclairTM effect, the rotating monogram, the panoramic glass and one of the first tourbillon watches for women.

Over the decades, numerous international awards have recognised the elegance and watchmaking expertise of this rapidly expanding brand, loved by connoisseurs of contemporary timepieces. For example, the Manhattan collection obtained First Prize in the New York Luxury Design Competition.

Today, as in the past, SAINT HONORE continues to marry longstanding tradition and fresh passion at its production site in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. This spirit is encapsulated in its limited series, Tour Eiffel, an exceptional watch featuring the first bezel to be carved from a steel girder taken from the famous monument.
With its Parisian spirit and Swiss Made quality, prestigious materials and innovative creativity, SAINT HONORE makes watches, jewellery and accessories for men and women, always staying abreast of the tastes of the times.

Since 1885, SAINT HONORE has been synonymous with the famous “Paris style” and has been manufacturing collections of unrivalled designs.

The world over, its elegant style and watchmaking expertise attracts lovers of contemporary creations. Offering all the assurance of Swiss Made quality, its timepieces have a unique character and are crafted in the finest materials with eye-catching details. SAINT HONORE offers watches, jewellery and accessories that continue to fulfil the desires of the day. At its two manufacturing sites, SAINT HONORE brilliantly combines craftsmanship and a passion that remains as fresh as ever.

With a strong emphasis on innovation, SAINT HONORE has created the “Éclair EffectTM”, the Rotating Monogram, the Panoramic Glass and one of the first Tourbillon watches for women. These innovations feature on the leading timepieces in the collection: Opera, Euphoria, Lutecia, Caroussel, Coloseo and Haussman.

Celebrating its 130th Anniversary in 2015, SAINT HONORE is a global brand, recognized for its distinctive style and represented in more than 60 countries.

SAINT HONORE’s latest creations celebrate with brio the brand’s byline, “A style to remember”, as well as its unique values: elegance, tradition, innovation and passion.

Website: http://www.sainthonore.com/en

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