Saturday, June 27, 2015

Swedish watch brand GoS introduces new exclusive and exotic watch straps in Elk (Moose US/Canada)

GoS has announced its new selection of straps that are made from locally produced Elk-leather (Älg in Swedish). The leather is sourced from a well known third-generation family business, which produce high-quality leathers for high-end leather products.

The GoS straps will be available in two qualities, Premium and Sarek, both handmade and equally soft and comfortable to wear. Straps in Premium leather have a smooth and finely grained surface while Sarek leather has a unique character with a shrunken grain and lustrous surface. Elk leather is known to be very durable and becomes even more beautiful in hard use.

The Sarek National Park in northern Sweden is an area abounding with wildlife and extraordinary geography including glaciers and high peaks. The area is famous for its unusually large elk of which the largest ones can weigh close to 800kg. It is easy to imagine why it is called "the king of the forest". Elk leather is rarely exported and is mainly used in local products both for practical and decorative use. Scandinavian elk is neither endangered nor a threatened species and the hunting is controlled by the government to keep the elk population at sustainable levels.

GoS Elk strap - Black Premium
This strap was developed to replace the Nubuck straps fitted on nearly all GoS watches for the last three years. The Premium black elk strap will be the main option for the all-steel GoS watches.
GoS Elk strap - Brown Premium
This strap was developed to match the GoS bicolor watches, as the chocolate brown nuance works equally well together with stainless Damascus steel as with our 18K pink gold. The Premium Brown strap will be the main option for the bicolor watch and fitted an 18K pink gold buckle.
GoS Elk strap -Black Sarek
The Sarek Black strap has all the qualities of the Premium straps and was developed to offer customers a more exotic and exclusive strap. The additional leather treatment shrinks the grain to make the patterns more visible while also making the surface more lustrous. The Sarek Black strap is a good alternative to a dress watch such as the Bifrost model.
22mm width
Rounded padding
Lining in thin black leather
Stainless steel GoS buckle or 18K pink gold buckle when delivered for bicolor watches
Handmade with folded seams
Production to start in July 2015

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