Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ANPASSA Watches - Introduction

ANPASSA is a young haute horlogerie brand which offers exceptional and highly exclusive mechanical wrist watches that are solely created and designed in Hong Kong.

Fitted with complicated mechanical movements like Tourbillon, every piece of ANPASSA watch is hand-crafted, and with the use of various materials such as leather, hand-painted techniques, gemstones, 18K gold inlay technology, will inject a special spiritual charisma and create excitement to its amazing and complexity work.
18K White Gold Tourbillon watch with 511 diamonds (approximate weight of 3.5ct). The case, bezel, buckle and lug are paved with diamonds, together with the blue sapphires on the dial and the buckle, the timepiece epitomizes a level of elegance. Fitted with a blue aligator leather strap, it is an exquisite testimony to Anpassa's excellence.
ANPASSA takes the name from the Swedish word for "custom-made" and "adjusted", thus tactfully implying the concept of the brand. Its watchmakers are specialized in hand making of exquisite craftsmanship in wristwatches, strive to pursue for its customers in accomplishing their personal and cultural tastes in life.
Customers can also create his or her ANPASSA watch by putting together materials according to their personal preferences. The watches can be mixed & matched from inside out based on customers' personal choice.
ANPASSA's custom-made this marathon concept watch with having the sand from Sahara put into the watch as well as the winding crown. Furthermore, with the photo placed in the back marks the uniqueness of the watch. 
The concept of the dial came from the medal received from the participated marathon at Sahara in April, 2015, together with their personal name attached to the tourbillon, which trusted to be the world's most unique and thoughtful design.
The ANPASSA watch brand was founded by Mr. Gary Ching and Mr. Frankie Lam. Gary, was one of the winners in the 2010 WPPI International Photography Competition, striving to integrate the advanced photographic art with personalized watch together and through its individualized design, bring out the uniqueness of each watch. As such, everyone will have a personalized watch, each displaying their own personal preferences.
With profound understanding on diamonds, gemstones, pearls, jade and watches, Frankie served mainly in the retail operations and staff training in the jewelry industry for over two decades. Frankie started his own business in 2007, specializing in Jewelry, Watches and Diamond business and with his own workshop, providing services in Jewelry design, mosaic setting, watch repair and GIA trading.
Hand-painting dial of "Peony" together with 36mm stainless steel case set with Zirconia, winding crown set with 0.5ct ruby fitted with white alligator leather strap.
Frankie and Gary jointly established ANPASSA, their own brand watch. With the hope of making a breakthrough in the conventional horology industry, they put the concept of merging the design of watch with personalized jewelry together thus creating a unique and individualized product for each of their clients.


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