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Calvin JR VELOCITA Chronograph Collection

Today we introduce Calvin JR., a young and innovative watch brand that recently storms into the world of online crowd funding with exceptional chronograph watches. Head quartered in Hong Kong, the brand was established in 2014 by Kalvin Ng, a manufacturing engineer in order to create a unique brand in the watch industry by offering are bold and original timepieces.
CJR employs unconventional design concepts and utilize cutting-edge materials for producing timepieces that offers uncompromising quality and affordable to pocket. For its debut collection VELOCITA, the brand took inspiration from triangular geometry of iconic architectural structures and motorcycles chassis. Featuring fresh and innovative designs, every timepiece from VELOCITA collection combines originality, boldness, and fashion without sacrificing quality.
With this collection, Calvin JR re-interprets one of the most sought after complications: Chronograph.  The exterior of VELOCITA boasts skeleton wall design patterns. The skeleton wall is cut and polished from 316L stainless steel, and then assembled in excruciating detail to ensure a precision fit for every watch. The stainless steel case measures 45 mm and is water resistant up to 50 meters. The case and the dial of VELOCITA are purposely positioned at a 30 degree upper angle at the 12 hour position for an ergonomically time read while showcase the unconventional appearance that differentiates VELOCITA.
Crown and pushers are positioned on the top of the watch, like a classic pocket watch. This bold design, referred by watch connoisseurs as ‘bull head’ and incorporated by many iconic brands, gives the VELOCITA timepiece an outstanding look.

The VELOCITA Collection of chronograph timepieces offers 3 series with 2 options in each series. A total of 6 timepieces are offered each incorporating unique design elements, materials, and visual features. Timepieces are available in both quartz and automatic variations.

The VELOCITA collection is comprises of:-
  • VELOCITA Automatic Series: 2 Versions
  • VELOCITA Series 1 (Quartz): 2 Versions
  • VELOCITA Series 2 (Quartz): 2 Versions

For VELOCITA Automatic Series, Calvin JR has picked up the ETA 7750 movement, a Swiss made high precision chronograph movement renowned for its reliability and performance. CJR Automatic Series are available in two models: C3P0-1 & Carbon model. The Automatic Series is highlighted with a skeleton sidewall that is precisely machined and polished with the utmost attention to detail and clean, polished finish.
 VELOCITA Model C3P0-1 Automatic
Model C3P0-1 Automatic comes with yellow gold plated case, yellow gold plated dial with sand dust finish, blue accent colour and dark brown leather strap. VELOCITA Carbon Automatic model features black plated case, carbon fibre dial, red accent colour and black leather strap.
 VELOCITA Model Carbon Automatic

Other features of the automatic models include skeleton side wall designing, sapphire glass and see through case back. Both automatic models carry prestigious SWISS MADE label.

Chronograph watches from Series 1 and Series 2 incorporate the highly reliable Swiss Quartz Chronograph Ronda 3520D movement. Timepieces from VELOCITA - Series 1 features a precision machined sidewall with a fine polished and platted skeleton side structure. Series 1 are available two models: Spacecraft & USO.
VELOCITA Series 1 (Quartz) Spacecraft
The Spacecraft model features grey case, grey polished dial, green accent colour and grey leather brand. The USO model comes in blue coloured case, blue sunray horning dial, red accent colour and navy blue leather strap.
VELOCITA Series 1 (Quartz) USO
The Series 2 timepiece features a solid skeleton sidewall with sandblasted finish. It is available in two versions: Army & Fire Red. The Army model features silver coloured case, matte black dial, green accent colour and green leather strap.
VELOCITA Series 2 (Quartz)Army
The Fire Red model featured black plated case, black dial, red accent and dark brown leather strap with red stitching. The Fire Red model's solid sidewall will be filled with red enamel. All quartz models are fitted with sapphire crystal and solid steel case back.
VELOCITA Series 2 (Quartz) Fire Red
Each VELOCITA timepiece will be shipped in a customize design black case, which will both protect the product and convey the sense of style for the timepiece within.

Calvin JR has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote the VELOCITA collection. The backers can pre order the watches by visiting the following Kickstarter page:-

Price details
  • Quartz Series 1 – Spacecraft: $399 (Early bird price: $299)
  • Quartz Series 1 – USO: $399 (Early bird price: $299)   
  • Quartz Series 2 – Army: $249 (Early bird price: $199)
  • Quartz Series 2 - Fire Red: $299 (Early bird price: $239)
  • Automatic Carbon: $1299
  • Automatic C3P01: $ 1299

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